Lee’s fictional novel, To Kill a Mocking Bird, takes place in the 1930’s
in a small town called Maycomb, Alabama. It’s about a trial that was about a
black man named Tom Robinson being accused of raping a white woman named
Mayella Ewell who is the daughter of the town drunk Bob Ewell. The book is also
about finding out more about what happened to Boo Radley and why he decided to
stay hidden for almost 20 years in his house while the whole book is through
Jean-Louis Finch’s perspective. One themes this story suggest is that
assumptions can have unexpected effects.

Assumptions can lead to disbelief about anyone including Mr. Finch
and Boo Radley even as scary as he has been portrayed. Jem and Scout at first
thought their father was an old lazy person because he never wanted to go play
outside or really anything that involves more than walking as an activity. Later
they found that they both were god wrong when there was a mad dog coming in
their street of the town, when Calpurnia called Atticus, the sheriff and
Atticus got there not just a few minutes after. What surprised jem and scout is
that the sheriff (Mr. Tate) asked Atticus to take the shot. Mr. Tate in fear
“almost threw the rifle at Atticus and said “”I’d feel mighty comfortable if
you did now,”” he said (Lee page 109). When Atticus took the shot, jem and
scout realized that he was not the type that was old and didn’t want to do
anything, they realized he was hiding so it wouldn’t seem like he is boasting.
Assumptions can even blind someone of what a person is feeling based on their
actions without having the smallest feeling of what that person went through,
like Boo Radley. Boo Radley was known in Maycomb according to kids as the
scariest thing to come by in their town and anyone who goes on their property
will have serious consequences. Jem and Scout found once again that they were
far wrong. When Scout was walking home with Jem from her dance Bob Ewell came
out of know where and attempted to stab Jem and Scout but then Boo came out of
know where and saved the kids by stabbing Bob, and Scout couldn’t thank Boo

 Harper Lee’s story also shows us that assumptions
can lead to wrong decisions. This happened when Mr. Cunningham and his group of
farmers came to the jail house to lynch an innocent black man. The assumptions
are leading to their wrong decision because they have no idea if Tom did commit
the crime they are just assuming that he did because he is a black man. “”You know
what we want,” another man said. “Get aside from the door, Mr. Finch”” (172).
This scene illustrates that a group of people were going to inside the
jailhouse that night to get a hold of Tom Robinson and lynch him. They were
doing It because Tom was accused of raping Mayella Ewell with big evidence
opposed to that and just assumed that he did do it without really thinking
about what the true story was. 

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