he virtue
theory, which pursues virtuous principles, strategies and actions, can lead
companies to understand their values, including mission, purpose, profit
potential and other objectives. Virtuous employees tend to perform their roles
consistently and competently in the direction of the company’s goals. Virtues
are the kind of thing you allow someone to take action to appreciate. Business
people increase their likelihood of reaching their values ??and goals when they
reach Objectivist virtues. Virtues emphasize the importance of each employee’s
valuable contribution. The virtues that are valid to explain what a perfect
manager, leader, manager or employee mean necessary. The virtue theory argues
that ethnicity is a natural part of the work and that it is necessary to
integrate morality theory into governance theory and practice. The role of
virtues in business is that behavior is motivated and directed by business
success. Strategic management and business ethics converge because each area
has a clear interest in the nature and goals of the business. In the business
world, these virtues facilitate successful management and collaboration and
ensure that a company achieves its goals.

The virtues connect
ethics to business positively and provide a sound logical foundation for
business ethics. There is a set of virtues that fit reality and that will most
likely lead to success and happiness in business. The personal virtues that
have direct impact on work: rationality, honesty, independence, justice,
integrity, productiveness, and pride. These virtues can be used as a guiding
force in a business career and in the management of a business. They define the
excellent managers or employees and provide the principles that a corporation
should adopt with respect to investors, employees, customers, vendors, and

 In most business problems, being virtuous will
be sufficient for leading in the business life. Virtue theory is more
comprehensive and practical than traditional approaches to business ethics
because it is about the type of person. Virtue theory is concerned with the
cultivation of character and it provides happy life. Moral growth comes from
choice rather than rules. Virtue ethics emphasizes the process of individual
moral character development.

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Virtue theory helps to
develop principles, tactics and procedures of business. Virtues can play a big
role in achieving economic success. Virtues-driven firms are more likely to
maximize profits. However, acting virtuously does not always result in high
profit because there are also many factors in business life.

To accomplish a success,
there needs to be number of goals within a business. Each and every goal should
be analyzed to determine the potential impact on firm value.

Virtuous actions can
lead to better customer service, gains in productivity and efficiency,
improvement in employee morale, better communications, honest and reliable financial
reporting, the easy adaption to market conditions, increased innovation, higher
sales and profits, sustainability, greater happiness for employees. Virtuous
managers need to be energetic, productive workers who focus on reality. They
need to act objectively, rationally, and logically. Their communication skills
need to be improved to have a good relation with employees and customers. When
they evaluate business situations, they need to be objective. They need to use
time efficiently to be well-organized. Virtuous managers should begin by
understanding what the facts are. Much of morality in business falls under the
rubric of honesty. Honesty means being fit on reality. Dishonesty means
self-delusion and in the long term, business will collapse.Honesty is closely
related with success and it is one of the business virtues that managers should
have. For example a trader, earns what he gets and does not give or take the
undeserved but virtuous trader must make sure that customers get what they pay
for. Virtious manager honestly appraise based on their contribution toward
achieving a firm’s mission, values, and goals. The right form of management
over an employee’s staff is crucial because it requires a lot of management
skill to make sure that the employee moves in a single vision and mission. But
the flexibility to be provided to employees is the most important factor in
enabling employees to demonstrate their skills.

Every employee is
responsible for the positive or negative consequences of a role in which he or
she defines responsibilities as a specific role and where this role occurs.Positive
change and development in an organization depends on the inventiveness of
adaptable and free masterminds. That is the reason an official must add to the
accomplishment of every representative’s want to make. Honesty does not permit
infringement amongst thought and activity. It intends to act reliably with
sound rule that will prompt achievement and satisfaction. In the business
world, the plans and estimations of a representative objectively coordinated
with their activities so as to exist.

Productiveness, the
temperance of making material esteems, is the demonstration of interpreting
one’s contemplations and objectives into reality. Efficiency contains a vital
existential segment as far as ideals and is under the obligation of each
ethical individual. It includes a pledge to making esteem and being in charge
of what one need and needs to live. Specialists at a working environment are
focused on making riches and bringing success by avoiding potential risk to
understand the mission of the organization.

The pride, likewise
called moral ethics, is conferred by a man to the best in his life, in this
manner affecting his ethical flawlessness. The represent the accomplishment of
an agent is a consequence of his life being glad for his activity. Each worker
should work in a way that they can be pleased with what they do. Work is vital
for allowing as well as for the mental prosperity of the individual. With
business, you can get the most elevated potential for somebody. Functioning
admirably as per the targets of an organization can prompt the representative
having a positive confidence.


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