Psychology and health go hand In hand. When one has something wrong with their health then they may turn on to something else to make them think they feel better. Negative mental affects can cause one to take up bad habits and cause poor health when doing so. Ones health can cause one to turn to either bad or good habits. When one is told their health is bad, they pick up good habits such as running or eating healthy. If one is sick or in poor health, they may turn to smoking or feeling depressed, It can also happen the other way around.

When one is feeling depressed they may make choices that can affect their health. One may also decide to start making healthier choices and in return their mental health will be affected as well. Making decisions can affect how one reacts In their lifestyle. If one chooses to smoke or take drugs then it can affect their work because they may not be able to focus or concentrate on their job or they may lose their job because to their decisions. They can also make the right decisions and advance In their Job.

Health plays a role In the ark place because If they are In good health and make the right mental decisions then their job will show positive outcomes. If one becomes injured and cannot work and provide then they may become stressed and have low self ;esteem. If one is depressed then having a good support system can have a positive Impact on their well -being and cause a chain reaction of good effects in their work place. They will feel better about themselves; their job and their performance in the work place will show a better outcome, Choosing not to smoke can be a great healthy Epistyle hooch.

It makes one healthier and psychology healthier. There would be less illness and less depression. Exercising and eating healthier will improve your health and mentality. Eating healthy and exercising can also help treat depression and start improving one’s health. Feeling stressed can cause headaches, nausea and loss of appetite so trying to meditate or finding healthier ways to cope with stress can relieve those bad symptoms. Therapy sessions can also help to sort out ones emotions and give them useful tips on how to deal with them in a good way.

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Support yester or groups can be one of the biggest helps In learning how to emotionally deal with anxiety, stress and/or additions. While we may not be able to stay emotionally healthy all the time, finding certain things or ways to cope with stress, anxiety and physical well- being can help improve your emotional health as well as your physical health. Only we have the power and ability to make the right and healthy decisions. Also remembering to separate person life from the work place can be less stressful and create a less stressful day Putting too much stress on yourself n one day can wear on a person emotionally.

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