You have been asked to lend to an initiation twenty-four hours for new staff. You have been asked to fix a presentation about Health and Safety. It must include the undermentioned

Undertaking a presentation
A list of the key of cardinal statute law associating to Health and Safety in a societal attention puting

* The equality act 2010
* Health and Safety work act 1974
* The coverage of hurts. disease and unsafe happenings ordinances 1995
* Health and Safety ( first assistance ) ordinance 1981
* Manual handling operations ordinances 1992
* Care criterions act 2000
* Food safety act 1990
* Food hygiene ordinances 2005
* Environment protection act 1990
* Control of substances risky to wellness ordinances 2002
* The proviso usage of work equipment ordinances 1998
The regulative reform ( fire safety ) ordinances 1981

An account of how Health and safety policies and processs protect people utilizing societal attention puting

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Policies and processs associating to wellness and societal attention are put in topographic point to protect persons. All societal attention workers must hold an apprehension of what is safe and what to make if they feel something isn’t safe. By jurisprudence the environment should be kept up to a good criterion and unbroken clean and safe for the persons who live and work at that place

An account of how wellness and safety policies and processs protect people who work in societal attention puting

All employers are responsible to do certain there staff members are safe whilst at work. If a member of staff was to describe insecure equipment or uneven flooring it would necessitate to be dealt with consecutive off. Training like traveling and managing – any equipment used for this should be decently maintained by a competent character it is being used on a day-to-day footing. This will understate the hazard of injury to the societal attention worker and the service user.

A comparing of the differences in the chief wellness and safety duties of each of the following

A societal attention worker should ever do certain they report any unsafe equipment and guarantee wellness and safety cheques are carried out and reported and recorded. This should go on on a rigorous regular footing ( normally one time a hebdomad ) . Social attention workers should ever guarantee fire issues are kept clear in instance the undertaking needs to be vacated rapidly and safely. doing certain service users are kept safe from injury at all times.


It is up to the director to cover with any wellness and safety issues every bit shortly as possible. Always guaranting to enter results and communicate with other staff members on the results.

Persons utilizing societal attention services and others in the scene such as visitants. protagonists. voluntaries or contractors – Any equipment or machinery used in a societal attention puting should be safe and non in any manner risky to any persons who live or work in that scene. The individuals utilizing the equipment must be competent and to the full trained in utilizing it. They should ever supply exposure designation on reaching and mark in and out when come ining or go forthing the edifice. Any work being carried out should be antecedently arranged and put in the diary to do staff members aware that it will be go oning.

An illustration of a state of affairs where duty for wellness and safety lie’s with the person receiving attention

If a service user used an electrical point in the bathroom and refused to take it during personal attention ( bathing ) etc… A service user may self medicate and could go forth their medicine around. they could them be picked up and taken by person else which could do them injury. Rugs or carpets being uneven on the floor. doing a individual to trip or autumn over. All of the above would be the duty of the service user.

An account of why each of the undermentioned undertakings should merely be carried out with specific preparation and the possible effects if undertaken by staff that is non trained

( a ) Use of equipment

If a societal attention worker had non been trained to utilize equipment decently e. g. traveling and managing and still went in front with traveling an person. they would be seting themselves and the service user at hazard of injury. This could ensue in disciplinary action and or dismissal.

( B ) First Aid

All societal attention workers should have first assistance preparation and experience confident in utilizing it in exigency if necessary. If a societal attention worker had non had the relevant preparation and still gave first assistance in a societal attention puting this could ensue in disciplinary action or dismissal. They would be seting a service user at great hazard which could besides ensue in decease. It is the employers/managers duty to do certain their societal attention workers all have first assistance preparation and that it is up to day of the month.

( degree Celsius ) Medicine

All societal attention workers need to be trained before they are able to administrate medicine. If a societal attention worker were to make so and gave a service user the incorrect medicine or the incorrect dose this could do the service user serious injury or decease. A societal attention worker could be disciplined or dismissed.

( vitamin D ) Helping traveling and managing

Social attention workers must be trained in all facets of traveling and managing. If a societal attention worker was to utilize traveling and managing techniques without full preparation they would be seting themselves other societal attention workers and the service user at hazard. A societal attention worker should ever see the persons attention program before traveling them. Traveling and managing is really alone to the persons demands. If a societal attention worker used traveling and managing without developing they could be disciplined or even dismissed.

( vitamin E ) Emergency processs

All societal attention workers should hold fire safety preparation. A societal attention worker should ever cognize the safest and quickest manner out of the edifice in an exigency. They should besides be trained in any moving or handling that would be required in instance of fire. If a societal carer was non trained in this they could do serious injury to other societal attention workers and service users. This would ensue in disciplinary or dismissal.

( degree Fahrenheit ) Food managing readying

If a societal attention worker were non trained in nutrient handling readying and still prepared nutrient in an insecure manner. this could do serious injury or even decease to a service user. The societal attention worker could be disciplined or dismissed.

An account of the process to be followed to forestall and in the event of each of the following


Service users should all be provided with to the full working fume dismaies. which they are able to hear. understand and respond to suitably. This would assist them to be safer from the consequence of fire. Regular fire dismay trial should be carried out so that service users and societal attention workers are cognizant of assembly points. A registry can them be taken to guarantee everyone is accounted for. Daily cheques on service user’s belongingss to guarantee all electrical contraptions are in good safe working order. Making certain to turn electrical points off when they are non in usage. Social attention workers should take any electrical equipment if it isn’t working right with the service user’s consent and so to record and study it. Always guarantee any flammable liquids are stored right.


It is easier to cover with a gas leak by halting it from happening in the first topographic point. Always doing certain any gas contraptions are installed by a gas safety applied scientist and besides to guarantee the contraptions are checked on a regular footing for marks of were and tear. If any contraptions should necessitate care. this should be carried out by a qualified individual. Service users should hold an hearable C monoxide dismay in their places. If in the event there is a gas leak you would necessitate to turn off the gas at the brinies metre. There should be processs in topographic point for this. Next you should open all of the doors and Windowss to let a good air flow into the belongings to air out. You must non utilize any plug sockets or light switches as this could do flickers. You should non smoke or utilize lucifers. If you are unable to open Windowss or doors so you should go out the belongings. Once you are safe you should name a qualified gas applied scientist to come and help with the job.


To forestall flooding guarantee lights-outs are turned off properly. In the event of a inundation and you are unable to turn the lights-outs off due to them being broken you would necessitate to turn the H2O off from the brinies. There should be processs around this in the societal attention puting stating you precisely where the brinies are and how to turn the H2O off. You would necessitate to name out a professional to repair the job and put the H2O back on when it is safe to make so.


All societal attention workers should keep a photo designation badge. If service users are traveling to be having visitants from household members or friends it would be good if they could allow you cognize in progress and this could so be put in the journal. Key codifications on doors would be a good bar to halt people come ining edifices when they are non permitted excessively. The codifications should be changed on a regular footing. Intercoms being fitted into service users belongingss so they would non hold to open their front doors without cognizing precisely who is at that place first. Social attention workers ever inquiring and look intoing designation badges when other practicians or contractors visit the belongingss.

Security breach

Checking designation badges. seeking to guarantee societal attention workers are cognizant of anyone who may be sing the belongings so it can be noted in the diary. Changing the codifications on the chief entryway doors on a regular footing particularly when staff members leave at that place occupations.

An account about the importance of holding an exigency program in topographic point to cover with unanticipated fortunes

It is ever of import to be every bit prepared as possible. Having an exigency program in topographic point helps societal attention workers to cover with unanticipated incidents. it lays out precisely what should be done and how things should be handled. reported and recorded.

An account of how you could promote others to follow processs in topographic point for environmental safety

Regular squad meetings and preparation. explicating the benefits it could hold on societal attention workers and service users.

An account how you could entree extra support and information associating to wellness and safety

You could speak to your director or co-workers. looking through policies and processs. Or you could travel to the library or via the cyberspace.

Undertaking B

James is 19 old ages old ; he lives with his parents. twice a hebdomad he goes bowling or to the film with his support workers. They besides go with him to the local college where he is analyzing Horticulture. At his last attention be aftering meeting James expressed a wish to populate independently with person of his ain age. His female parent is against any alteration ; she has dedicated her life to caring for him since he was diagnosed as holding Asperser’s Syndrome. She is peculiarly disquieted that James will be at hazard because he has limited experience of life independently. She is concerned he will do himself ill because he has limited experience of general wellness and safety in the kitchen and has no understanding approximately nutrient safety. She will non discourse it with James or the societal attention workers. James is really angry with her.

Explain how a hazard appraisal might assist turn to dilemma’s between James’s rights and wellness and safety concerns expressed by his female parent A hazard appraisal would let James’s female parent to see what could be done around the wellness and safety concerns she has. It could be arranged for James to take some nutrient safety classs to seek to cut down the hazard of nutrient taint. Guaranting James knows that he will be responsible for rinsing his custodies etc. With the right support in topographic point for James around cooking this would besides understate any other hazard. This would besides demo that James has the right to take hazards around his ain wellness and safety. Regular meeting with James’s female parent would be put in topographic point to discourse how James is come oning and besides to assist with any other concerns his female parent may hold. Describe the chief points of nutrient safety in societal attention puting

* Storing nutrient right
* Fixing nutrient right
* Temperature controlling and recording for the electric refrigerator and deep-freeze
* Basic hygiene rinsing custodies utilizing right PPE
* Using right utensils ( chopping boards knives )
Using the tabular array below depict how James should

Shop nutrient safely

Natural nutrient should ever be kept at the underside of the electric refrigerator in nutrient bags or covered up. This would cut down the hazard of any meet juices dripping onto other nutrients and perchance polluting other points in the electric refrigerator. Some of the meets could be frozen. James would necessitate to guarantee they had non been frozen before and when he wanted to utilize the meets make certain they are to the full defrosted before cooking them.

All dairy nutrients would necessitate to be kept in the icebox guaranting the day of the months are checkered every twenty-four hours. When James does his shopping he would necessitate to convey all older nutrients to the forepart of the electric refrigerator and set the new points at the dorsum. James would necessitate to look into his electric refrigerator temperatures on a regular basis Dried and canned nutrients would necessitate to be kept in a cool dry closet. James would necessitate to look into the day of the months on a regular basis guaranting when he buys new points he puts all new nutrient to the dorsum and brings the older nutrient to the forepart to do certain he uses it up foremost.

Handle nutrient safely
Guaranting custodies are ever washed before and after managing nutrient would cut down the hazard of cross taint.
Using right coloring material coded chopping boards for different nutrients E. g. Red – natural meets
Blue – natural fish
White – staff of life
Green- veggies
Brown – cooked meets

Colour coded knives would besides assist to guarantee nutrient was handled safely and right Making certain James had the right equipment for taking hot nutrient out of the oven ( oven baseball mitts ) .

Dispose of nutrient

James would necessitate to dispose of nutrient in the correct bins. Guaranting none of the nutrient in the bins falls out or the bin over spills. Bins would necessitate to be emptied day-to-day and washed out.

Explain the possible effects of non following nutrient safety criterions in a societal attention puting

Persons could go really unwell from nutrient poisoning if the criterions are non met. This could hold a immense impact on a service user as it could ensue in them holding to be hospitalised or could even do decease. Social attention workers responsible for nutrient safety and if service users become ill the societal attention workers could be disciplined or dismissed.

Task D

Describe three common marks or indexs of emphasis

A individual may be unable to concentrate on things and have no patients. A individual may non be able to kip really good. acquiring up and down during the dark. A individual may shout a batch for no evident ground. go argumentative quieter than usual.

Describe two illustrations of fortunes or state of affairss that cause you to experience stressed

A individual may be in debt and hold money jobs. This would do them to experience stressed if they are unable to pay measures. rent.

In a work environment there could be staff deficits due to staff members naming in ill. This could be nerve-racking for direction or seniors as they would necessitate to cover the displacements. Often due to funding some work topographic points are non allowed to utilize bureau unless it is exigency.

Measure the effectivity of three different schemes for pull offing emphasis

A individual may necessitate to hold person to speak to. This could be friends or a household member. Sometimes they may necessitate to be referred by their GP to see a healer to assist pull off their emphasis. They may besides order medicine.

A individual may necessitate to loosen up. Have some clip off work and remainder with their households

Exercise is a good manner of let go ofing emphasis along with a healthy life style this would be really good to a individual enduring from emphasis.

Describe three different types of accidents or sudden unwellness that may happen in a societal attention puting

Vulnerable grownups are really susceptible to virus. ill bugs and colds. coughs or grippe. These are frequently brought into a societal attention puting by societal attention workers. household members or visitants. They are frequently spread around a societal attention puting really rapidly. Service users can frequently be unsteady as their mobility may non be really good. This could be for a assortment of different grounds such as epilepsy. confusion or from merely being unwell. This could ensue in a service user falling or stumbling over and aching themselves or others.

Explain the process to be followed in the event of an accident or sudden unwellness

Equally shortly as an accident has happened you would necessitate to look into the service user for any obvious hurts. If you require aid you would necessitate to name for an ambulance instantly. If the accident is more minor you would give first assistance ( retrieving your preparation ) using any plasters or dressings needed. Guaranting the service user is safe at all times. You would necessitate inform your director of the accident and fill in the relevant incident signifiers. And make full out any organic structure map charts. with every bit much item as possible.

If a service user were to go ailing you should reach their GP to acquire the right advice on any medicine they could take. This would depend on whether they were already taking regular medicine on a day-to-day footing. Medical record sheets should be filled out with every bit much item about the unwellness as possible. You would besides necessitate to enter it in the day-to-day handover sheets and message books. You should besides manus this over to other members of staff verbally guaranting all staff members are cognizant that the service user is unwell. On some occasions accidents or unwellness will necessitate to be reported to RIDDOR or SOVA.

Explain why it is of import to measure wellness and safety hazards

Health and safety hazards should be assessed on a regular footing to guarantee service users and societal attention workers are ever protected. Amending any alterations to wellness and safety hazards as and when they happen.

Explain the different phases of a hazard appraisal

The hazard appraisal would include any state of affairss where hazard where possible injury could be caused. First you would necessitate to measure the activity and what hazards could be involved. You would so necessitate to believe about how the hazards could be minimised plenty to guarantee the activity was safe for the service user to take topographic point in the activity. Hazard appraisals are about doing it possible for service users to make things safely. They are non about curtailing service users from making what they want. bask making. Hazard appraisals are normally rated for illustration 1 – would be high hazard 2 – would be medium hazard and 3 – high hazard.

Explain three different ways of advancing good wellness and safety pattern in an grownup societal attention puting

All societal attention workers should hold up to day of the month developing around wellness and safety and other statute law. Social attention workers should experience confident that they can measure any information they require. Always guaranting hazard appraisals are reviewed and up to day of the month. Good communicating between societal attention workers and directors. seniors around any concerns they may hold. Making certain fire drills are completed on regular footing guaranting societal attention workers and service users know how to go forth the edifice safely in instance of fire.


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