Unit 1- communication Reflect on my one-to-one interaction During my one-to-one interaction I played the role of a nurse working in the A&E department of a hospital, my role was to find out the cause for my patients abdominal pains, to find out the cause of my patients pains I did a series of tests that would give me possible answers to her problem, in the end as a nurse it was my duty to inform the teenager that she is pregnant, but to do so in a calm and supportive manor.

At the start of the role play as a nurse I had to make my patient feel welcome ND comfortable in order to have a trustworthy and relaxed atmosphere, I did so by welcoming and introducing myself to the patient in a calm and slow tone, I feel I did this very well and made me patient feel nice and relaxed which made it better for the both of us, next time I could maybe I could shake hands with the patient which might maybe make the patient feel more comfortable around me and look up to me more as a professional more which will encourage the patient to trust me.

After I felt I had et a calm and relaxed surroundings, I then asked the patient what the problem was and how I could help them, from that I found out that the patient was suffering from severe abdominal pains, it was then my duty to ask the teenager a few questions which could then give me an idea of the possible outcome’s to my patients problem, one of the questions I also asked the patient was if she was comfortable where she was sat or if she would like to lie down the stretch out the pain in her abdomen.

I feel I played my role well as a nurse to make the patient feel confident and comfortable, hilts I was asking my patient questions I feel I made good eye contact and a calm tone of voice I also used appropriate language and asked specific modified questions. I felt I didn’t inform the patient very well about what was going to happen next, next I could inform the patient I am going to ask her questions and then run a series of tests which would have made her feel more relaxed about the situation and what was going to happen, as at the time she may have been feeling worried or scared.

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When I had finished asking my patient questions, I checked her well-being such as err pulse, blood pressure, temperature, and urine sample, before each test I made sure I told the patient what was going to happen for each test and how it was going to feel, as the patient may have been feeling quite anxious about the tests as she didn’t know if it was going to hurt or give her a shock, but at all times whilst I was carrying out the tests I was continuously making sure she was okay and that I wasn’t hurting her, during the tests I made sure I made eye contact with the patient and made sure when I touched her I did it softly so I didn’t hurt her or make her feel uncomfortable, when doing the tests I feel I didn’t communicate with the patient as much as I could have to keep her occupied and not worry, next time when handling a patient I could maybe make a conversation with the patient. When I had finished doing the tests I had to inform the patient of the results, as her results came back for a positive result for pregnancy, I had to let the patient know of this out come in a calm and appropriate tone, so that it didn’t come as quite a shock . Health and Social Care Level 3 By muskellunges


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