The purpose of this essay is to reexamine and larn about the positions of wellness and wellbeing. perspective steps and occupation functions. factors impacting wellness and good being. and to make a wellness publicity run. To make this we will look in books and on the cyberspace to research each of these so one time we have a good cognition of them we will bring forth a run to learn to people on a wellness publicity subject.

Specifying Health

I am making first portion of the essay on wellness and how people define it. To make this I will be passing out questionnaires and looking through my category notes and reexamining them.

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There are many definitions of wellness. but the manner you define it depends on the individual e. g. “Being without unwellness. ” this means to hold no unwellnesss or diseases. “Health is a province of complete physical. mental and societal wellbeing and non simply the absence of disease or frailty. ” this statement is seeking to state you don’t merely have to hold an unwellness to be ailing it besides depends on your societal and mental province. and how you feel about yourself ( W. H. O. 1948 ) . “Just being happy. ” this statement is merely stating your healthy if your happy with yourself and your life. “Health is the extent to which an person I wear skirts or group is able. on the one manus to gain aspiration and demands ; and on the other manus. to alter or get by with the environment. Health is hence seen as a resource for mundane life. non the object of life. It is positive construct emphasing societal and personal resources. every bit good as physical capacities. ” ( W. H. O. 1986 ) etc. ( All of these are from category notes )

However these positions have a negative and positive point side to them such as “Being without illness” which is negative. because it’s merely stating. if you non injured or you don’t hold and illness your in good wellness. but it besides depends on a individuals province of head. and how the genuinely feel about themselves besides this is a spot to straight frontward. and in considerate of all the other facets of wellness ( PI. E. S. ) because it merely says it in a more scientific manner ( bio-medical – see the organic structure as a machine ) .

Another position on wellness is “Being tantrum. Bing the correct weight and tallness for your age. Feeling good in your self” ( Appendix 2 ) these is a positive and negative position on wellness because it sees the fact that you can be unhealthy but still be happy and experience good.

Bio-medial Model of Health

This theoretical account of wellness dominates all other theoretical accounts of wellness. The Bio-medical or scientific theoretical account of wellness is when you see the organic structure as a machine. so if it’s broken it can be fixed by mending the damaged portion e. g.

Car Person

Car wont start Person feels ill

Name garage Go to G. P.

Service Examination

Diagnosis Diagnosis

Mended Treatment offered

Car runs Feeling better

( Health and societal attention ocr: a. fisher etc. : p 78 )

This signifier of wellness doesn’t focal point on the head or the societal circumstance ; it focuses on understanding how a disease works or how the individual can be cured. An illustration of some one utilizing this signifier of wellness attention is when a physician and other qualified people decide on a intervention or diagnosing for a patient. e. g. looking at medical trials and notes to make a diagnosing.

Besides there can be a few disadvantages to this theoretical account of wellness e. g. it’s non as suited for people with long term unwellnesss or people with disablements because they can non ever be cured. and this signifier of intervention can be rather intrusive because of trials etc. . so some people may non wish it and it may do them experience uncomfortable.

Another disadvantage is that because it doesn’t expression at the societal facets of the patient’s life they may non happen the beginning of the job. so the individual could go sick once more.

Social Model of Health

This signifier of wellness is more about the beginnings of wellness in a societal state of affairs such as lodging. societal groups etc. . and understanding where the job started and happening a better manner to prove the state of affairs for illustration cleaning the house for dust so it doesn’t worsen a person’s asthma. Besides due to this wellness theoretical account the mortality has dramatically decreased during the twentieth century. because people have found the original beginning of the job and done something about it and they did it so you can increase a person’s quality of life and lessening unwellness.

However there are disadvantages to this medical theoretical account because happening and work outing the jobs can be difficult and it ignores the biomedical theoretical account of wellness.

Government Initiative – Salvaging Lifes: Our Healthier State

For my wellness publicity run I’m making smoking so this authorities inaugural links into it.

The purpose of this authorities enterprise is to better everyone’s wellness. and the people who are independently affected in peculiar.

By 2010 they want to

• Reduce the decease rate from malignant neoplastic disease in people under the age of 75 by at least 1/5

• Reduce the decease rate from coronary bosom disease. shot and other related unwellnesss in people under the age of 75 by at least 2/5

• Reduce the decease rate from accidents by at least 1/5 and to cut down the rate of serious hurt from accidents by at least 1/10

• Reduce the decease rate from self-destruction and undetermined hurt by at least 1/5 ( Class notes )

Due to these things the authorities brought in some steps to assist cover with these jobs which are undertaking smoking which is one of the biggest causes of sick wellness along with intoxicant. besides to undertake sexual wellness. drugs. nutrient safety. H2O fluoridization. and catching diseases. to set more money in the NHS. local governments and the authorities concentrating on bettering wellness. ( Appendix 1 )

Illness – damage of normal physiological map impacting portion or all of an being. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //uk. ask. com/reference/dictionary/wordnetuk/81070/illness )

The Illness Wellness Continuum

Harmonizing to The Illness Wellness Continuum the less good you are the closer you are to premature decease ( as shown by the diagram above left = decease right = high degree of health ) . This besides relates to the authorities enterprise because the authorities wants to cut down mortality by cut downing unwellness.

Reviewing Questionnaires

This is a graph to demo the sum of people who took the questionnaire and are either service users or service suppliers.

This graph shows the figure of work forces and adult females who took the questionnaire. and as you can see the chief sum of people who took the questionnaire were adult females.

Stop Smoking Advisor

The Stop Smoking Advisor works with patients in the community. to supply halt smoking support. intervention and advice set by local and national criterions. A Smoke Advisor works with the Stop Smoking Specialists to give one-to-one and group support so their work means they have to go all around the state to many different topographic points such as wellness Centres. infirmaries. community edifices. working men’s nines. Certain Start edifices etc.

To give support and inform people about the dangers of smoking they may make a presentation or convey in picture for people to watch such as the NHS ( National Health Service ) smoking adverts on T. V. . besides the adviser may convey in in writing images to floor people and do them understand what they’re making to their bodies’ e. g.

The duties and accomplishments needed to be a smoke adviser are as follows:

( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. occupations. New Hampshire. uk/cgi-bin/vacdetails. cgi? search_db_no=2 & A ; selection=911717227 & A ; vn=2 )

Health Visitor

Health visitants are registered nurses or accoucheuses who work to advance good wellness. and prevent unwellness in the community. But spend most of their twenty-four hours sing people in their places and assisting with undertakings.

Health visitants work with many different people in the community such as the aged. disabled. and the long-run sick. and offers them support and advice to assist people get the better of their disablements.

Health visitants have many responsibilities they need to make:

• Reding the aged on wellness issues – stating people about proper attention needed to keep equipment e. g. catheter attention. • Reding new female parents on issues such as hygiene. safety. eating and kiping – this is because a new female parent may non no about all the duties that come with a kid so the will necessitate to be informed. • Reding people on issues such as post-natal depression. mourning. or being diagnosed HIV positive. • Co-ordinating kid immunization programmes.

• Organizing particular clinics or drop-in Centres.
( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. learndirect-advice. co. uk/helpwithyourcareer/jobprofiles/profiles/profile429/ ) To be a wellness visitant. you should be able to make all these things:

• Be able to acquire on good with all kinds of people – this is because they work with a air current scope of people in all different fortunes. • Be interested in and cognizant of wellness and societal issues –this is so they can pass on with all different kinds of people and be cognizant of any issues that need turn toing. • Have really good communicating and listening accomplishments – this is so the patient can swear the wellness visitant and in bend give better attention. • Be patient and persuasive – this is because it may be difficult for people to make certain things or they may hold larning troubles which may impede their attention.

• Be able to understand organic structure linguistic communication and other non-verbal communicating – this is so you can do the best of a state of affairs by construing it. Besides it may better communicating. • Be responsible and be good clip direction – this is besides to better the relation ship between patients and the wellness visitant because if there late the patient may experience they are non wanted of no 1 has clip for them. • Be able to work on your ain – this is because a wellness visitant chiefly works on their ain in places so you need to be independent. • Be mature and be able to cover with straitening issues.


As a qualified nurse or accoucheuse it is necessary to take a grade or graduate student class in public wellness nursing/health sing if you wish to go a wellness visitant.

Courses last one twelvemonth full-time or two old ages parttime and are available at colleges and universities throughout the UK.

Courses use both the theoretical ( analyzing topics such as community pattern and public wellness. guidance and societal policy ) . and practical arrangements supervised by an experient wellness visitant.

Qualified wellness visitants are expected to maintain their accomplishments up to day of the month through uninterrupted development.

A wellness visitant besides runs immunization programmes set by the local authorities enterprise i. e. in certain countries different unwellnesss may be more outstanding so they will hold different vaccinums to immunize them.

Factors That Affect Health

Factors that affect wellness can be this such as eating wonts. exercising. life manner. attitudes and prejudices’ . income. physical factors. environment etc. but there are many different positions that go along with them. so to see if these descriptions meet with what normal civilians think are right ( compared to professionals ) I am traveling to make two interviews with two different people and see if there societal factors and fiscal factors go along with these professional descriptions.

Fiscal Factors

Income factors are likely one of the chief jobs with seeking to acquire good wellness attention. this is when you do non gain adequate money to acquire the things you need to last and be good. If you do non hold adequate money to acquire equal wellness attention you may go unwell. besides if you are unable to afford things such as wellness nutrient. lodging. etc. it could increase your opportunities of acquiring ailment.

Besides this may take to the life alterations or factors that affect your wellness. because you are unable to acquire what you want and need.

Social Factors

Social factors or societal category are tied in with income because what group you’re in depends on how much you earn. Social fortunes contribute a batch to a person’s wellness because normally if you’re higher up the socio-economic ladder you will hold more money and be able to afford better wellness attention. These societal factors besides relate to household and civilization.

• Family – how many people in your household. how they affect your life etc. • Culture – how people live their lives such as following faiths ( for illustration Jehovah’s witnesses don’t allow blood transfusions ) etc.

Poor societal and economic fortunes affect wellness and good being all the manner through life. People further down the societal ladder are normally twice every bit likely to be at hazard of serious unwellness and premature decease. ( Appendix 15 )

Besides in certain categories things such as smoke or orgy imbibing can be more usual than in other categories. For illustration: • Children in a lower group are five times more likely to decease from an accident. than those in a higher group. • Peoples in category five are three times more likely to hold a shot than person in category one. • Infant mortality is higher in the lower groups.

And all this is chiefly because they can non afford better wellness attention and lodging. healthier nutrient etc. ( N. Moonie: p138 )

Life Style

Peoples see Life manner a pick you make such as imbibing sanely or the pattern of safe sex. However. it can be more complicated than that e. g. if you have a low income it may be harder for you to eat healthier than those people who can afford a healthier life manner. This is because seeking to populate a healthy life manner is expensive. particularly wellness nutrient because it takes longer to fix. besides if you don’t hold a local shop that gross revenues heath nutrient i. e. organic things with no preservatives it can be difficult.

Besides due to many other factors such as up conveying. societal factors etc. it may be difficult to take a healthy life harmonizing to the authorities positions. because making all the things you may necessitate to make to maintain healthy can be expensive so some people may non be able to afford it. besides it can be difficult to alter you ways and if your set in a unhealthy modus operandi you will merely acquire more unwell. A recent study says 46 % of people agreed that there are excessively many factors out side a individual person’s wellness. ( N. Moonie: p123 )

Attitudes and Biass

This relates to the preconceived ideal people have about each other and how they act around different people.

Environment Factors

Your environment is all the things around you that affect your wellness such as lodging e. g. if your kid has asthma and you have a dust-covered house it may worsen the status and do the kid unwell.

Physical Factors

This factor is al about you physical province i. e. healthy harmonizing to the authorities guidelines and whether you have any physical disablements. If you have a disablement it may curtail you from accessing all the services you need. Regular strenuous physical activity has a protective consequence for bosom disease and shot. builds bone mass. improves position and helps command organic structure weight. Physical activity can besides better mental wellness and wellbeing.

( All of these factors are from N. Moonie: p131-145 )


First of all I chose two factors that affect wellness. which were fiscal factors and societal factors. following I came up with eight inquiries ( five on finance and three on societal factors see Appendix 12 ) .

After making the interview I arranged a clip with two people and asked them my inquiries. I started both interviews by stating “all the information I get will stay confidential and it will merely be used in my class work” .

Fiscal factors:
1. Does income impact how you want to populate your life?

Both the people I interviewed believed they don’t ever have adequate money to populate the life they want but for two separate grounds the first individual said “my rewards are non lifting with rate of inflation” so this individual doesn’t believe they earn plenty with the cost of things in this state i. e. things cost more because of rising prices. The 2nd individual said “some times I don’t have adequate money to make the things I want e. g. go off on vacation with my friends. But I am unemployed at the minute so that doesn’t help” so the ground this individual can non afford the life manner they want is because they are unemployed and are presently out of money.

2. Or how does your life impact your income?

Both the people say their societal lives and measures are excessively expensive so they don’t ever have the sum of money they want.

3. What things do you experience you are unable to entree due to your income? Person 1 – this individual doesn’t believe they can entree vacation etc. so in other words clip to loosen up and acquire off. Person 2 – this individual believes that they are unable to socialize some times because of their income and this is a major portion of their life.

4. What things do you experience you are able to entree due to your income? Both people feel they are able to entree all the of import and necessary things and the material they want to make for themselves.

5. Make you believe your income affects your wellness in any manner? Both believe that there income doesn’t affect their life in any major manner.

Social Factors:

6. Make you follow your friend’s illustration i. e. peer force per unit area? Person 1 – this individual does the things they want to make when they want to make them and doesn’t follow their friend’s illustration. Person 2 – this individual says “Yes. but non peer pressure” so they follow what their friends do but they don’t believe there being forced or persuaded to make something they don’t want to make.

7. Be your household a positive or negative affect on your life and wellness? Person 1 – this individual thinks that their household are a positive affect on their life. Person 2 – individual 2 thinks “Yes and no because my household are merely raging and emphasize me out. but the support me when I need it” . Like in most households some things get on each others nervousnesss but when you truly necessitate them they are at that place for you.

8. Make your societal category impact your life manner or wellness? Person 1 – they think there societal category doesn’t affect their life in any manner. Person 2 – they think that it does because if they were higher up the ladder they would hold more money and be able to make more of the things they want and need.

In decision my primary research ( the interviews ) show that the definitions of the two factors I chose are right and they say the same as the interviewees but in more item. My definition gathered from research in books etc. “this is when you do non gain adequate money to acquire the things you need to last and be good. If you do non hold adequate money to acquire equal wellness attention you may go unwell” this is fundamentally the same as what the interviewees said i. e. “Both the people say their societal lives and measures are excessively expensive so they don’t ever have the sum of money they want” so in other words both the definition and people say they don’t all ways have adequate money do the things they like or entree all the things they need.

( Appendix 19 )

Purposes and Aims

In a group of three. me and the other people in my group did a presentation to a 37 different people aged 15 – 18 in 10 different groups about the dangers of smoke. At the beginning and terminal of each group we gave them a questionnaire to prove their cognition before and after and we took 12 samples of each from different groups to prove if they had learnt anything.

We found out that before they merely had a basic cognition about smoke and after they had a more extended cognition and cognize about smoke and its dangers in better item. We knew this because we looked at the sample of questionnaires and saw how in much more item they answered the inquiries. So we must hold had an impact on their cognition and positions. However. we didn’t alter some people positions on smoke because they were somewhat chesty and merely believed their life was their life. Purposes:

To bring forth a presentation to inform people about the dangers of smoke and inform people on ways they can discontinue e. g. NHS aid line.


• To cognize what’s offered by the NHS to assist quit.
• By the terminal they should be able to place the 3 chief diseases caused by smoke and some substances in a coffin nail.
• Raise consciousness that smoking putting to deaths.

Cardinal Tasks/Activities:
To bring forth:
• Make and roll up in earlier and after questionnaires about smoke.
• Take portion in speaking to the people at the presentation.
• Posters and cusps.
• Handouts with 2nd manus fume. dangers etc
• Power point presentation with the chief major facts about smoking such as 2nd manus fume. the dangers of smoke. backdown symptoms etc. besides videos demoing the dangers of smoking e. g. NHS adverts from T. V. and lurid things about smoke


What do you trust will alter as a consequence of your activities? To assist people understand the dangers of smoke and hope they change their behavior as a consequence of the presentation.


How will you mensurate if the described alteration is happening? Has occurred? To mensurate my presentation and see if the desired consequences have happened I will look at the before and after questionnaires and see if there cognition has improved.

Evaluation Skills:

Communication accomplishments

I think my communicating accomplishments were rather good as I took it in turns with the people in my group to speak to people nevertheless one of the other people in the group spoke a batch more than the remainder. Besides because I was working the power point presentation there was a barrier between us all. so people may non hold opened up every bit much and spoken every bit much as they might hold if it wasn’t at that place.

Team Work and Work Load

Yes I believe the work burden and squad fork was shared reasonably. Besides I think it was appropriate for the people in the group.

Resources used

We used rather a batch of resources such as books like Moonie and the NHS brochures besides I’ve been on the NHS web site and looked at the halt smoke advice they give.

Activities used

The activities we used to demo people about the dangers of smoke are handouts a PowerPoint presentation with pictures and a big posting with tonss of information on. Besides during the presentation we had little treatments about the stuff and answered any inquiry the people had.

The Environment

We did the presentation in a schoolroom with the others in our category but there was three different groups making different things. One of the other groups had a loud picture. which sometimes overpowered what we were making and was a distraction.

Besides we had 2 alteration suites at the start because the room was needed for a trial by another category. so we had to travel all the equipment and reorganize the set out.

Health and Safety

The lone wellness and societal issues I think there were was the electricity we had to utilize to power every thing nevertheless there were floor stoppers with caps on and we weren’t messing about with anything. Besides all the overseas telegrams were hidden out the manner so no 1 could trip over them.

Were the Aims and Objectivities Achieved?

Yes all the purposes and aims were achieved because we saw from the questionnaires that their cognition improved and they knew the chief diseases and more substances in a coffin nail. Besides we produced an interesting presentation. For illustration of questionnaires and to see if the people’s cognition improved see ( Appendix 17 and 18 )

Would You Make Anything Differently Next Time?

If I were making the presentation once more I would utilize a separate room so there were no breaks. and I would seek and be more involved and talk more.


In decision there are many things that contribute to people wellness such as life manner. attitudes and biass etc. and they affect different people in different ways. This is why we looked at them in item foremost because if we didn’t to the full understand all the things that affect wellness. we wouldn’t have been able to make an affectional run.


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