Outcome 1 – understand the importance of equality and inclusion

1. 1 Diversity-
Diversity literally means difference. Diverseness recognises that though people have things in common with each other. they are besides different and alone in many ways. Diversity is about recognizing and valuing those differences. Diversity hence consists of seeable and non-visible factors. which include personal features such as background. civilization. personality and work-style in add-on to the features that are protected under favoritism statute law in footings of race. disablement. gender. faith and belief. sexual orientation and age.


Equality means handling people in a manner that is appropriate for their demands. For illustration. if person with a disablement wanted to board the plane and was in a wheelchair. it would be no good stating to them. “you have to take the stepss like everybody else” . What is needed is a manner of acquiring on the plane that will accommodate everybody’s demands without demoing them up and handling them in a manner that is worse than other people.

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Inclusion is about equal chances for all students. whatever their age. gender. ethnicity. attainment and background. It pays peculiar attending to the proviso made for. and the accomplishment of. different groups of students within a school.


Giving penchant over one sort of people over another because of race. colour. credo. national beginning. disablement. sexual penchant. age. maritial position. looks. etc.

1. 2
In a work topographic point discriminatin can diliberatly happen. I. E for illustration if you celebrate Christmass and do everyone acquire involved with secret Santa Claus or Christmas gifts but non everyone may non observe Christmass some may hold differant faiths and beliefs. this is why you should see things with an unfastened head and non know apart anyone merely because of your ain beliefs.

1. 3
By back uping a person’s equality you are handling them as equal and including them in all activities. you will be cut downing the likeliness of favoritism

Result 2

2. 1
Equality Act
Humans Rights Act
GSCC = The General Social Care Council.


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