There are many facets of the medical industry that have changed in the last 10 old ages ; from how medical information is kept to how medicine is given. In this paper I will be explicating how wellness attention has changed over the last 10 old ages and what the biggest alterations will be in the following 10 old ages. I will besides talk about what my function will be in the wellness industry. particularly when it comes to accommodating my accomplishments into the wellness attention industry. Along with the information mentioned above I will be showing my perceptual experience of how the wellness attention has changed over the class of my plan. Lastly. I will talk on the function of engineering in healthcare organisations in the decennaries to come along with the fiscal and economic issues that will impact the wellness attention industry within the following 10 old ages.

A major alteration that has taken topographic point in health care over the past 10 old ages is the debut to Electron Medical Records. An electronic medical record ( EMR ) is a computerized medical record that has a patient’s medical histories. lab trial consequences. radiology studies and the list of medicines they have been prescribed. This can be entree in a infirmary. outpatient surgery centre. or doctor’s office. The new EMR is doing physicians more efficient. They have all your information right at their fingertips. You don’t have to worry about your chart acquiring misplaced or lost. Now there will be a computing machine in every room. The nurse that checks you in will type reexamine your list of medicines and get down the brush signifier. When the physician comes in to see you they can draw up what the nurse started and make full out what they are making. All the information goes directly into the computing machine.

The paper system has frequently led to “inaccurate. uncomplete. prematurely. fragmented. duplicative. and ill documented information” ( Steward 2011 ) . Most patient charts are non kept in the installation but in an offsite storage location. When a patient makes an assignment the chart is brought to the office. Have an EMR would cut down on the cost of holding an offsite installation and the cost of a messenger to transport records. “Some doctors experienced with electronic records have found the electronic system helps them present better medical attention at a lower cost” ( Steward 2011 ) . Have the record at that place at all times can besides cut the cost of malpractice suits and in bend malpractice premiums because fewer errors are go oning with the whole history available at all times. Some insurance companies have reduced malpractice premiums buy 10 per centum for physicians who have EMR.

The biggest alteration in health care over the following 10 old ages is non traveling to be in engineering but the cost of health care itself. With the debut of the Affordable Care Act people who have non antecedently been able to afford wellness attention will now be able to. Health attention cost have risen do to people non holding insurance and infirmaries holding to compose off medical attention for low income patients. Once Americans have wellness insurance the cost of single costs will travel down.

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I plan to hold an educational function in wellness attention. After finishing my categories in the Health Administration Management plan I plan on go oning my instruction in by acquiring my Masters in Adult Education. I want to assist model the future infirmary decision makers. By learning I can do certain that the people traveling out into the wellness attention industry are prepared and knowing in their field.


Steward. Melissa. “ELECTRONIC MEDICAL RECORDS PRIVACY. CONFIDENTIALITY. LIABILITY. ” The Journal of Legal Medicine 26 ( 2005 ) : 491-506. EBSCO Publishing Service Selection Page. Web. 10 Feb. 2011.


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