6.06 Fitness Center Research & Ratings

Fitness Center/Gym #1 (6 points)

Name of center: LA FitnessWebsite addresshttps://www.lafitness.com/Pages/default.aspx Hours the site is open: 24 hours(10)
What is offered: State-of-the-art equipment & Cardio area, Group Fitness classes throughout the day at no additional charge, specialty classes, such as, Yoga, Cycling, Mat Pilates, Kickbox Cardio, Aqua Aerobics, and more, Indoor heated lap pool, whirlpool spa and saunas, Racquetball & Basketball, Full locker facilities(10) The cost: $99 initiation Fee, $29.99 monthly fee(6)

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Specialists on site: Personal Trainers, baby sitters(7)
Overall rating for Gym #19

Fitness Center/Gym #2 (6 points)

Name of center: Snap FitnessWebsite address: https://www.snapfitness.com/ Hours the site is open: 24 hours(10)
What is offered: Personal training, state-of-the-art equipment, online workout and meal plans, membership discounts, access to any Snap Fitness(10) The cost: $34.95 (pay per month), $29.95 (monthly if signed for a year)(8) Specialists on site: Personal Trainers (7)

Overall rating for Gym #29

Fitness Center/Gym #3 (6 points)

Name of center Anytime Fitness Website address http://www.anytimefitness.com/

Hours the site is open: 24 hours (10)
What is offered: 24 hour tanning, state of the art equipment, free personal
fitness orientation, private bathrooms, secured access, online tools and community(9) The cost: $29.99 (Per month)(8)

Specialists on site: Fitness orientation teachers(6)
Overall rating for Gym #39

Summary of your findings about these fitness centers, including which one would be your choice for membership: (7 points)

I found that all 3 of these gyms provided many similar options. All of them provide state of the art equipment and 24-hour service, but I would feel it would be in my best interest to join LA Fitness. LA Fitness provides group fitness classes which I feel would be beneficial to me and they also have many more amenities that would make me feel like a valued customer, such as personal training.


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