At the age of 40, people might have some serious health problems. So we can expect this person as well to have some health problems. Disease is present in the body when part of the body doesn’t work properly. The body works properly when a person has a healthy balanced diet and does physical activities, but looking at the person I’m talking about, he doesn’t have a healthy diet and he doesn’t do any exercises except usual activities, so I expect that he would have some health problems. He normally “smokes and drinks”, these words tell that he would have some diseases due to smoking and drinking that leads to death. He also suffers from high blood pressure, because of the fatty foods. He is at a high risk of death, therefore I am going to describe the diseases and health problems that he might have and also I’m going to suggest the disadvantages it will lead to. I have to suggest some procedures to reduce the risks of disease.


Food is essential for life; which produce energy to live. So we need to have a balanced diet to maintain our body properly and to live without getting diseases. This person doesn’t eat sufficient foods and important foods and also he doesn’t do exercises. Therefore his body doesn’t work properly. He should eat healthy foods that contain carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, minerals and vitamins. He must avoid junk foods and drink milk (semi), meat, eggs, vegetables and fruits and also he should do proper exercises, for example walk a certain distance or do cycling everyday for about an hour at the most. He can practise some sports such as badminton or tennis and involve in public/ private community/ social works to get active and fit. (6, 7 & 8)

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Fat is important to the body but too much fat can lead to some heart problems and health problems. He eats lots of fatty foods, therefore he could get Coronary Heart Disease and Heart attack. This is because buildings up of fatty deposits inside the coronary vessels reduce the diameter of the vessels that supply blood to the heart, and reduce the amount of blood flow to the heart muscle. First symptom is a chest pain while exercising or doing some work, called angina. The fatty deposits (atheroma) may block the vessels or may cause blood clots. This stops the blood flow to the heart muscle, so oxygen supply is reduced therefore heart stops contracting and heart attack occurs. This is an important disadvantage that may cause death any time. He may also have tiredness. Fat is also a reason for high blood pressure. Mainly he must avoid eating too much fat foods by reducing day by day. He must stop eating margarine, dairy products and some foods that contain saturated fats. One day he will be away from too much fat if so. Exercise is also a way to reduce fatty deposits. (6, 7 & 8)


Drinking is usual in the UK as smoking. People (drinkers) know that it will lead to health problems but still they don’t stop drinking. They became addictive to alcohol. Over drinking of alcohol is a major line to cause liver problems such as cancer and liver cirrhosis, where the liver stops to function properly. The liver cells will no longer be able to absorb any minerals/ water molecules as over glucose molecules get accumulated. Fortunately a fact says that “for men over 40 and for women at menopausal age – for them very moderate drinking may reduce the risk of heart disease” so drinking may be an advantage for him but not too much. (2, 5 ; 7)


Smoking is a major health risk and it is toxic. Smoking cause progressive damage to the respiratory system because it contains poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide ; nicotine, tars and ash particles. When a smoker breathes cigarette, smoke directly goes through the mouth into the bronchial tube which leads to the lungs. Tiny particles of cigarette stick to walls of the tubes and cause irritation. The cigarette smoke passes into the lungs and leaves behind a sticky brown tar. This tar contains chemicals, which cause cancer. Smoking causes nine out of ten deaths in the UK from lung cancer, so we can expect that he might have cancer and the chances for cancer are increasing.

Smoking leads to cancer of the mouth and throat and also can cause other breathing problems. Smoking also causes a disease called, emphysema, our body produce mucus to protect the body from the effects of tar. This can sometimes clog the air passages and the lungs so they can’t work properly. He is 40 so he can’t give up smoking easily. He must avoid drinking and smoking. It will be hard for totally setting rid of it so he can start little by little by diminishing the amount usually consumed everyday. Use of certain strings that you attach/ stick to your hard can also prevent you from drinking and smoking. (1a, 1b, 1c ; 1d / 3, 4 ; 7)

From this research I can say that there are a lot of chances to get diseases as I described, so he must take care of it and maintain his body. He should seek a special doctor to get some advice to have a balanced diet and to be a healthy man and also he must reduce drinking and smoking, therefore he can be a healthy man.


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