3.0 Executive Summary

Health is ever become a major concern for everyone, as a consequences people seeking to happen the best and low-cost solutions of interventions and health care options that available to them. However, the solutions and health care options they are looking for might non available in their ain states and hence, the construct of wellness touristry is become appealing to people who interested in holding a high quality and low-cost health care in abroad. This study discusses chiefly about wellness touristry, wellness touristry in Singapore includes the push and pull factors that drive people to Singapore for wellness interventions, and the challenges confronting Singapore health care industry.

4.0 Introduction to Health touristry

Over the last few old ages, we are seeing a immense addition in demand and new phenomenon in the health care industry known as wellness touristry. It is one of the fastest turning industry and economic growing countries globally, as people today demanding for better quality, faster and cheaper options of health care offered in their ain states. Health touristry is besides known as medical travel or planetary wellness attention, defined as the act of going to foreign states with intent of deriving health care intervention and services. Some of the assorted types of health care interventions and surgeries being offered in wellness touristry are including dental surgery such as dentitions whitening, bosom surgery, decorative surgery such chest lift, articulatio genus and hip replacing surgery, oculus surgery, and root cell therapy.

In add-on, the rapid growing and major development of today ‘s modern wellness touristry industry is being driven by the globalisation, progresss of engineering, eased affordability of travel, and the difference of health care costs in developed and developing states.

Health touristry has gain immense popularity particularly extremely among the developed states such as United States, United Kingdom and Europe. Harmonizing to the National Coalition on Health Care, 500,000 to 750,000 Americans traveled abroad for health care in 2006. While states such Thailand, India, Singapore, and Malaysia are the taking Asiatic wellness touristry finish turning quickly transcending in 4-6 per centum growing in general travel engagements in 2006. The high popularity of wellness touristry is influenced by several major factors. The first greatest factor is cost. Peoples travel abroad to obtain healthcare intervention is due to the lower cost of wellness intervention in states like India or Thailand compared to the 1 in US. For case, the cost a bosom surgery in US would be $ 100,000, the same process in India would merely be around $ 10,000. This low cost of intervention would salvage 30-80 per centum of the cost that you would usually pay in US.

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The 2nd major factor is due to the shorter waits in a popular wellness touristry finish. This allows the patients to be scheduled for surgery and intervention a batch faster and convenient for merely within few yearss or hebdomads. Besides, people besides seek wellness interventions abroad because of high quality of health care in footings of the betterments and better processs in both engineering and standard quality of attention all over the universe. Many popular wellness touristry finishs such as India, Thailand, and Singapore offered world-class health care services which acquired international accreditation every bit good as received legion awards to demo their dedication to excellence. Other major factors are besides due to the easiness and affordability of travel today and travel chances that people can see from wellness touristry.

5.0 Contentss

5.1 Health Tourism in Singapore

Singapore is one of the major taking wellness touristry finishs in the Asiatic wellness touristry market which popular among foreign patients. In 2005, approximately 374,000 international wellness tourers travel to Singapore to obtain health care. Most of the wellness tourers come from states such as Indonesia and Malaysia every bit good as patients from South Asia, and the Middle East. Even patients from US and UK are sought health care in Singapore as it is comparatively low-cost all right quality health care services in a clean and safe cosmopolite metropolis.

However, Singapore has besides experienced a diminution in figure of visitants during the planetary economic downswing particularly among the Indonesian patients. Based on Singapore Tourism Board ( STB ) , Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan revealed statistics of medical touristry sector of Singapore that the figure of wellness tourers in 2007 ( 348,000 ) has decreased by 15 % from the old twelvemonth, 2006 with 410,000 visitants resulted from higher patient admittances and patient yearss in all infirmaries in 2007. Though Numberss of tourer dropped, the dollar value went up by 30 % to $ 1.7 billion in 2007.

Furthermore, there are besides some several push and full factors that drive people to Singapore for health care. First, due to the long delaies for medical interventions or surgeries in their place states because of the bowed down wellness systems. The higher cost of interventions in their place is another of import push factor that makes them take Singapore as their finish for the relatively low-cost health care services. For case, a face lift in US may be $ 20,000 whereas in Singapore cost $ 7,000. The immense monetary value differences are chiefly originating due to high costs of medical insurance and liability in US. Furthermore, Singapore is known its repute for efficiency and effectivity in footings of cleanliness, good substructure that the entree and conveyance within the state is every bit easy and convenient for everyone, every bit good as its high criterion of quality medical attention offered.

Besides, Singapore it ‘s a safe and stable state with low offenses rate therefore it is safe for international tourers to go. It is besides a multicultural diverse state that welcomes people of all civilizations, fluid English speech production state and English is the official linguistic communication of concern which has important entreaty to those people with specific demands and jobs. Even visitants will happen Singapore a absorbing state with great local Tourss, amusement, shopping countries, and leisure activities that allows them non merely to hold a restful medical intervention yet the chances to bask the assorted attractive forces. Singapore besides known for its universe category health care services through its 11 JCI accredited infirmary and 11 Singapore infirmaries certified with International Organization for Standardization ( ISO ) and has received legion awards including in 2007 voted the “ Best Medical/Wellness Tourism Destination ” by Travel Weekly Asia Industry Awards 2007. Singapore besides makes universe headlines for successfully performed complex and complicated separation surgery of conjoint twins in 2001 and tooth-in-eye-surgery in 2004.

Furthermore, Singapore has a mark to pull one million foreign patients yearly and force the GDP part from this sector above US $ 1.6 billion. And late on intelligence, Farrer Park Mediplex is the future medical hub being introduced as the fist and new construct of “ medical hotel ” which will be built in Singapore by 2010, consisting a infirmary, specializer suites and a hotel. And this medical hotel is taking to pull more than a one-fourth million of foreign patients.

5.3 Challenges confronting Singapore health care industry

The health care industry will invariably alter over the old ages to come as this industry going progressively planetary followed with the progresss of engineering. While wellness will still stay a basic demand of human being and there might likely be more demand for health care in the hereafter. Singapore as one of the major taking finishs for wellness touristry may besides faces some challenges in the hereafter. The major challenges confronting health care industry in Singapore are an Ageing Population and Management of chronic diseases, health care work force issues, and hospital substructure.

Singapore has one of the lowest birthrate rates in the universe and one of the fastest aging populations with 8.5 % of the population was aged 65 old ages or older in 2007. With longer life anticipations and an ageing population in Singapore as will consequences in the addition of chronic diseases such as pneumonia, malignant neoplastic disease, and cardiovascular events caused by the demographic and epidemiological displacements.

Besides, due to the longer life anticipations and ageing population in Singapore, people become more demanding in better, higher quality of health care to handle specific health care jobs. This will take to even more demand for manpower or physicians every bit good as for infirmary beds. The deficiency of work force for physicians and nurses in Singapore health care makes the state actively recruits from states including Philippines and China. Singapore besides holding deficient specializer work force by presently has 2,781 specializers with 58 % working in the populace sector and therefore the Ministry of Health together with the Singapore Medical Council ( SMC ) , will be acknowledging more top foreign medical schools to pull a larger figure of good foreign physicians to work in Singapore. And the more demand for hospital beds makes the authorities besides actively constructing more public infirmaries and released more land for private infirmary development.


Health touristry known as the act of going abroad to obtain healthcare interventions, has become an international phenomenon and progressively popular as people begin to recognize its benefits. With lower costs, faster interventions, easiness and affordability of international travel, promotions in engineering and high criterion quality of health care in developing states makes more and more people are willing to go abroad. And Singapore has distinguished itself as one of the major medical finish which besides traveling towards the best pick for wellness interventions as it is known for its world-class medical services and good trained physicians.

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