I presently work for a local place attention company. Angels Care Home Health. Currently. I am working on a undertaking in which we are making a new section that is responsible for the development and execution of the electronic wellness record ( EHR ) . Due to the size of the organisation and the figure of clients. the development of the EHR is a daunting and clip devouring undertaking. For these grounds. the EHR undertaking runs like a strategic concern unit ( SBU ) . As an SBU. the undertaking runs about wholly separate from the company pulling on three ends as its driving force: 1. Make a incorporate and cohesive system that incorporates EHRs into all facets of the organisation. 2. Make a system of EHRs that are unafraid and compliant with ordinances such as HIPAA and other relevant Torahs. 3. Improve organisational efficiency and client service through the usage of EHRs.

The EHR is fundamentally an electronic version of the paper history of a patient. The EHR is an easy movable signifier of the patient chart and history ( Borycki. Kushniruk. Keay. Nicoll. Anderson. & A ; Anderson. 2009 ) . The authorities positions EHRs as an effectual agencies for cut downing health care cost and EHRs are considered compulsory for wellness attention conformity ( Ficery. 2011 ) . HITECH Act ( portion of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009 ) . which dictates that US infirmaries must implement and show what is called “meaningful use” of electronic medical records ( EMR ) …roughly half of US infirmaries are at hazard of incurring punishments when enforcement begins in 2015 ( Ficery. 2011 ) .

While the usage of EHRs does assure lower cost and better entree. the job that many establishments are holding is that in order to go compliant. wellness attention organisations must pass their IT infrastructures ( Ficery. 2011 ) . Currently. 50 % of US infirmaries are at hazard of incurring punishments due to none conformity ( Ficery. 2011 ) . The restructuring of IT systems to run into the ordinances may non be possible by 2015. for most organisations. For Angels Care Home Health. the challenge will intend happening new methods for restructuring system that is less clip consuming and remaining within budget. The undermentioned SWOT analysis inside informations these chances every bit good as some hazards based on the ends of the undertaking.

The SWOT analysis is used to place the assorted factors involved in the EHR system design and execution. Using the SWOT. menaces such as the regulative issues and rivals can be realized. One of the major facets discovered in this procedure was that there are big chances to spread out the organisation in different ways. For illustration. by making an EHR system. the organisation is besides able to spread out its ability to be patient-centered by increasing user applications.

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Imagine a system that utilized patient-records to make diet and nutritionary information refering the patient. Users could entree this information without really puting the information in hazard through downloading. While this construct is merely a suggested thought and is non portion of the current undertaking. it realisation was made during the analysis of the undertaking and it provided value for the project of this undertaking.

Another country of importance that was realized during analysis was that the records were traveling to necessitate an utmost degree of redundancy and authorization. These properties were needed in order to work out the issue of one person accidently canceling critical information from the record. This job was realized in the failings of the undertaking and allowed contrivers to set package planning in order to suit this issue.

Software development was besides realized as a big failing due to the fact that it would necessitate to be designed with many stakeholders in head along with the current operations procedures of the organisation. This would intend a big sum of research into stakeholder demands.

Because the organisation is on a timetable to run into regulative conformity. the undertaking is traveling to travel frontward. The SWOT is still a valuable tool in the planning because it highlights the issues that will necessitate to be dealt with in order to develop and to the full incorporate an EHR system. Without the SWOT the organisation would non be able to concentrate this undertaking decently from the beginning.


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