Weetabix – Mashed up
Milk on rousing
* Crackers with Full Fat Butter.
* Milk
* Beans Pie. – murphy. Cheddar cheese & A ; Baked beans– Mashed up Steamed veg – Peas and carrots ( mashed )
* Water.
* A choice of fruits ( Grapes. Apple. Oranges ) – Cut into little pieces Bite:
* Cucumber. Carrot or pepper pieces. – Cut into thin pieces * Water

* Chicken and Tomato Pasta. – Chicken grinded so they can’t choking coil. really little pieces of tomato * Water.
* Fruit Flavoured Yoghurt – No fruits spots inside
Each kid is acquiring their foods by the nutrients they are eating in each repast. The repast program shows the eatwell home base Menu for 7 twelvemonth old who is lactose intolerant
* Lactose free milk with Weetabix
* Banana
* Orange or Blackcurrant Diluted Drink

* Tomato and Chicken Pasta – Chicken cut into little pieces. Tomato cut into little pieces * Jelly and Fruit ( Grapes. Apples. Pears )
* Water
* Carrot or cucumber or sweet pepper pieces
* Lactose free milk
* Beef and mash. with steamed veg
* Water
* Vanilla Cake with custard ( made with lactose free milk )

Explain what is meant by a balanced and alimentary diet for the turning chid A kid should hold good balanced diet to forestall infections and diseases. A balanced diet has all the foods required by a kid in right proportions for a healthy growing. A balanced diet is needed for the human organic structure to accomplish proper growing. development and organic structure map. Some foods of import to a person’s wellness are non produced in the organic structure and must be attained from an outside beginning. Certain foods besides help an single conflict the hazard of some chronic diseases they may be susceptible to later in life ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. livestrong. com/article/204807-explain-the-meaning-of-a-balanced-diet/ ) 13. 09. 2012 ) A diet which contains all the foods e. g. energy. proteins. fats. vitamins. minerals etc. required by a kid for the proper care of wellness and optimal growing is termed as a ‘balanced A diet is considered “balanced” when all nutrient groups are represented in healthy proportions or per centums. This means following the recommended day-to-day allowances for micronutrients and for macronutrients—fats. saccharides. and proteins.

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Nutrition and Balanced Diets are frequently hard to understand. allow alone pattern. Yet. they are so of import to your success. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. weight-loss-professional. com/nutrition-and-balanced-diet. html # 2 13. 09. 2012 ) Food should besides supply the appropriate sum of energy and right sum of H2O. The diet should non incorporate points that are harmful. In other words. a balanced diet should be both equal and wholesome. This definition is easy to give. but it is much more hard to province exactly what constitutes a balanced diet for any peculiar person ( : hypertext transfer protocol: //www. replies. com/topic/balanced-diet # ixzz26LMtTGW4 13. 09. 2012 ) Everyone’s home base will look somewhat different as we all have different demands depending on our body’s form and size. and our degrees of activity. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. weight-loss-professional. com/nutrition-and-balanced-diet. html # 2 13. 09. 2012 ) Since kids use a batch of energy. they require nutrients which are high in energy.


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