Date “Title” In society nature as divided people into divide group, the all-powerful hegemony the ones who have the greatest control, the mainstream the followers and the subculture the rebels. At last weakest and most segregate group, the marginalia. The system runs a delicate order of power, the hegemony are the commanders, the mainstream are the attackers, marginalia are ones being attacked. This is demonstrate in such works as The Other Family, by Humane Banner]’ where a mother a tormented by the idea that her daughter was being attacked by hegemonic ideas of he perfect family.

This struggle was also shown in the song Only a Pawn in Their Game by Bob Dylan, where one marginalia man was killed by a mainstream man living up to the hegemony. The hegemony mineralizes people by a ideal image of race, if on does not meet that image they are marginalia. They also marginality people that have different ideas about society. Lastly they marginality people so they have supremacy. These are the ideas the hegemony use to marginality people, so they don’t interfere with their society.

The hegemony implement ideas that allow hem racially discriminate, oppress the people that question and reign superior against the rest of society, they implement these ideas through the mainstream. The hegemony with all it power would never do the dirty work, they hand over the work to the mainstream. With the intent of causing social normalization they embed ideas into the minds of the mainstream. In doing so they are able to discriminate people by race that are not ideal in there idea of society.

In much of history a hegemonic figure has determined who belongs and who doesn’t, the easiest way for them to point of difference is through race. Slavery is a definite example of this people where separate form others because they were different, the hegemony made the mainstream believed that African people or people of dark skin color were different. In works such as Bob Dylan song, Only a Pawn in There Game, it showed how naive the mainstream is.

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The song is a true story about a man named Meager Evans, he was an African-American civil rights activist living the harsh times of the civil rights movement. He was a strong and prospering man that was inside no different than any white man, but he wasn’t able to be seen the same way because is race got in the way. One day as he was preparing for a protest we was assassinated by a man named Byron De La Backbite. Bob Dylan in this song called Backbite, a pawn in there game.

That meaning that the hegemony saw society as a game and people of the mainstream are people that are pawn or servants of their idea. In the song Dylan sung “But the poor white man’s used in the hands of them all like a tool”, in this line the “them” refers to the hegemony and “tool” refers to Backbite the mainstream. This song proved the people of the mainstream are Just LOL at the hand of the hegemony. Another work of literature that reflect how the mainstream conveys the ideas of the hegemony is the story, The Other Family.

In this story a dark-skinned mother is in fear that her daughter was being racial picture was off a family and white family. She argued that the picture was from a book, this proved how the hegemony is trying to make an ideal image of a family. This would in future make the daughter feel different and make her wish she would be just like the daughter in the picture. The mother feared this would happen. After the aught realized she was different she changed the picture, in doing so she added her family, than she showed the teacher.

The teacher responded by asking who they are, the author made it clear that the teacher was mainstream and that hegemony taught her to question people that where different. In these work it is learned that the hegemony has an ideal image of what people and family should look like and life someone doesn’t live up to the image they have taught the mainstream to marginality them. The hegemony do not like people with different ideas of the world, they need the ace of mind that one with will over throw there rule, and that no one will make the world better than they have.

To achieve this the people are marginalia by the mainstream and hegemony because they have different ideas. In A Pawn in Their Game, Veers’ was marginalia and oppressed because it wanted change. In the song one line read “For the politician’s 5), Dylan is trying to say that the politicians or the hegemony are the ones that gained form this situation, they say someone was try make change and they took them out so they could keep their political status. To tie n the mainstream, the hegemony made them want to get rid of Veers’.

In the other family a similar situation happened. The mother was being oppressed by notation that her daughter is being taught to act as if she is not equal. The mother at one point says “They had power, they could crush little people like her anytime they want” (Bannered, 143). Power represents the hegemony, and she fears that whatever she says won’t get through to her daughter. In this story the mainstream, the teacher is trying to make the kids believe that they are different and not ideal.

The parents ring to pass-over there culture to their children are ones being oppressed in doing they are losing grasps of their kids. The hegemony does not want smart and unique people live amongst them, they seem them are threat to their political status, so they use the mainstream to marginality such people. The hegemony is not hegemonic without power, without power they couldn’t control people they would not be able to stand up on top. The hegemony craves power, they are constantly under fear of losing their status in society. In the Only A Pawn in Their Game, Dylan was trying to convey the same idea.

The chorus reads “He’s only a pawn in their game” (8), the game represents the struggle of power in society and game is the hegemony versus the marginalia, the hegemony sends out a pawn to take out the advancing king to protect their king. Without a king the hegemony would lose all the power they had in order to control and marginality people. This song provide a great image of the power struggle in society, by using chess Dylan was able to identify the mainstream as pawn working for the king of the hegemony. In the Other Family, the author hinted that the hegemony wants family paving under there rule to be white.


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