Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”. The activity Saturday gave me an insight into the interprofessional work of healthcare professionals in meeting the complex needs of patients. In order to provide the best care possible for patients, various professional disciplines are required to analyze and address health issues. Interprofessional work in healthcare allows healthcare professionals the opportunity to contribute their expertise and knowledge in a team setting to accomplish the common goal of delivering the best overall care possible to patients. The activity also gave me a broader view of the complex needs of patients after experiencing a disaster such as Hurricane Harvey. Not only do physical illnesses and medical conditions need to be addressed after a traumatic event, but psychosocial needs need to be addressed as well. Anytime people experience trauma of some kind, their mental health and psychosocial status become priorities . While one of the first steps to meeting the complex need of Hurricane victims is most likely meeting the medication needs of the displaced, psychosocial needs become very apparent quickly. Pre-existing medical conditions may only worsen with the increased stress from an event such as Hurricane Harvey. It is extremely important to have professionals with the expertise to help patients struggling mentally or psychosocially. The interprofessional work of healthcare professionals becomes very apparent in situations such as these. While a physician may be able to treat medical conditions or illnesses, a therapist or psychologist may be better suited to assist patients who are suffering with mental health. Baylor is known for excellence academically, especially in the medical field. The pre-medical program at Baylor is one that will provide me with the foundation necessary to achieve my career and personal goals. The program is outstanding in that the facilities are state of the art and the faculty is first rate. I left the weekend with the impression that the faculty truly engages with each student and their progress. It is important for me to attend a school where the engagement between students and faculty is high and where the teacher to student ratio is low.  A tight knit learning community would be a conducive place for me to grow and mature both personally and academically. I witnessed first hand the interprofessional work of the faculty in the activity Saturday. Each faculty member played an important member in the activity and became an example of how teamwork is a necessity in healthcare. After the weekend, I walked away understanding why the event was called Invitation to Excellence. I truly believe I was extended an invitation to witness excellence at Baylor University. Each visit or experience at Baylor has been an extremely positive one that has always left me with the impression that Baylor is the best place for me to pursue a career in medicine and grow as a follower of Christ. After being given more insight into the pre-medical track Baylor has to offer during Invitation to Excellence, I am confident in saying that I would be more than prepared for a career in the medical field with the help and resources Baylor has to offer. If chosen for the prestigious Invitation to Excellence scholarship, I strongly believe that I would thrive at Baylor. It would be an honor to be selected and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be considered.


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