Helping Field Professionals Sonic Morale’s Whether It Is status, economics, or personal, there are many different reasons why people chose a certain career. No different from other career choices, people going Into the helping field also face the challenges of truly asking themselves the reason why they chose this career path. Some might chose the field because they want to give back to the community, or simply because they have had experiences In the past hat have brought them to that decision.

According to The National Association of Social Workers, the field Is estimated to increase its worker load by 22 percent during the 2006-2016 decade (2014). This statistic portrays the amount of people who are interested in helping the communities they Inhabit. Many of these helping field candidates choose the career because they are compassionate, caring people who want to make a difference in their communities. Others choose the career because they have lived experiences In heir lives that have led them to want to help those who were once in their shoes.

Some of these aspirants chose the helping field because they want to feel the rewarding sense and feeling of giving back to the community. Whichever the reasons may be. It Is Important to remember that the helping field Is a career choice that 1 OFF become successful. Potential students throughout the Human Services field face the dilemma of having to truly get in touch with themselves and realize if this career is right for hem.

Even though everyone has their own personal reasons as to why they chose this career, most of these prospective students are interested in the field because they have a yearning for giving. It is extremely important to realize that this field has its emotional strains, but can also become an extreme rewarding career as well. References University of Texas at Austin. (2014). Why Chose Social Work?. Retrieved prompt:// www. Texas. Du/SSW/future/why/

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