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Contractual obligations:

There is a selection of different types of contract within
the business world. The first is a verbal agreement contract which is as the
name Intel’s. You make an agreement between you and the client/manager that
signifies your agreement to the terms mentioned in order of your time, money
and effort. Unfortunately, this is the worst type of contract you can have between
yourself and an employer. This is because at any point, the employer can change
something or completely fire you and without any evidence the agreement ever
took place, you have no argument and you just have to accept it. It is
therefore recommended that you try to avoid these types of contracts or if you
must, look at some reviews for the employer before jumping into the deal.

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The second is the more standard written contract, where the
employer will type or write a contract detailing all the terms and conditions
of the agreement and the set amount of time that you will be employed to them
as a freelance. This type of contract is much more preferred as it provides you
with all the details you need for your role as well as giving you signed
evidence that the deal took place if things turned sour. Typically, there will
be two copies made, one for you and the other for the employer so you can keep
the documentation.

The third is called a zero-hour contract. This type of
contract is similar to the written contract in form but is different in
content. Although through a zero-hour contract, you are still entitled to the
annual number of holidays of a normal employee and still have a minimum wage
threshold, you don’t need to do work and they don’t have to give you any.
However, it may mean that you are asked to catch up on other workers
shortcomings therefore just throwing you into a project. This is obviously not
as preferable as a standard written contract as this means you may be expected
to do work without much in the way of information briefing beforehand.
Alternatively, it also allows you to look for other contracts while on another,
although this may be harder as other employers may think that you won’t have
time to balance two.

Of course, whether you are receiving the unfavourable verbal
contract or the written contract, there will be negotiations before signing the
contract itself. This is important because it allows you to have your input
into the contract in order to make it suitably fit your situation. However,
also consider that for certain reasons the employer may not be able to give you
everything you as for. It also allows for the employer to see if you have any
questions beforehand in order for them to acknowledge them and maybe amend the
contract depending on their urgency for the role to be filled.

Once you have been hired by a company or indie developer as a
freelance, you will be given a brief of which to work to. The brief may be for
anything from a single game asset to a full demo of a product making them a
little unpredictable at times. A creative brief will give you the information
you need about the project with such info as the clients’ details, the reason
for the brief and the details of the work to be handed in at the end. It may
also include dates for meetings with the production team in order to make sure
you are on the right track and to make any changes to the brief or end product.

Report on Sources of work:

There are many different ways that one could acquire either a
proper role or a freelance role with a company or game developer. The first and
most obvious is to make your presence visible on a job seeking or freelance
website where other freelancers and developers alike can see your description
and achievements. This is what most people searching for work will use so it
may be hard to compete in an increasingly crowded jungle of people.

However, as a creative freelancer, you have one little trick
that not all forms of jobs have. That is the ability to go to conventions and
trade shows dedicated to those in the creative fields. Typically, at these
locations there would be stalls that will have different developers in them,
maybe even a game to playtest as well. It is recommended of course that you
either get the contact numbers of these developers for future reference, or you
enquire there and then about possible long-term or freelance roles that they
have open for you to fill.

Of course, it will also assist your potential if you have or
remember any professional contacts that you know as they could give you a
reference when trying to join a company. This also includes previous job
managers or supervisors that have worked with you.

Gaining knowledge of possible roles from friends, family or
passers-by also aids the search. If you get it from a passer-by you could look
it up when you get back home or find somewhere to sit down with wireless
internet access to see what it looks like. If you get it from family or
friends, they may have contact details for it or have a professional friend who
works for the company and can set something up.

To the same capacity as checking on job and freelance sites
for roles to be in, you can also look for them on the official website of the
developer. Most developers these days have a ‘Jobs’ or ‘Recruitment” page on
their website making it easier to locate.

Report on self-Advertisement:

There are many ways for you to market yourself for business
owners and developers.

The two most important is to make sure your CV and personal
statement are all up to date. This is because it is the main source of
information for the person hiring you. It provides your grades as well as any
volunteering you have done, previous jobs and any achievements you have gained.
The personal statement also delves into the things you like to do and see thus
creating a figure in their head.

You could also market yourself by creating something creative
I relation to your interests. For example, you could make a show reel to show
your precious achievements or just to show your ability to make something
creative. You could also create a website a website that holds your contact
details and all your previous creative work. This will give you a head start in
the hiring process as they consider the things that you have created.

Similar to that effect, you could create a portfolio that
with all your previous work in to show your creativeness. This is more on the
concept art and art work side but it still gives you that important boost.

You could run your services like a business and therefore
print business cards in order to show your professional values and ability to
present yourself in a professional manner to an employer.

As mentioned in the previous report, you can market yourself
by going to attend creative expos. The advantages to this are that they
consider the fact that you have actually got up and gone to the expo.


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