PN response?
remind the client that all three injections are given to protect against Hep B
What of the five major types of viral hepatitis are transmitted via percutaneous/mucosal means?
Contact with which client places the healthcare worker at greatest risk for hep C?
16yo with a spinal cord injury and a hx of IV drug abuse
Enforce what about transmission of hepatitis?
-avoid recapping of used needles
-ensure portable sharps containers are available at every emergency
-use of PPE such as goggles and aprons for blood splashes
How should finding be documented?
What trait of stool is consistent with jaundice?
What trait of urine is consistent with jaundice?
What ND?
activity intolerance
What intervention?
give client a list of between-meal snacks from which to choose
Best response?
I noticed that a lot of your client care responsibilities did not get done today
How should PN respond?
that would not be appropriate while she is in the hospital
What discharge instruction?
do not share personal hygiene items
what guideline should PN reinforce?
when symptoms subside and she feels able to work
What diagnostic lab test reflects that the liver is not functioning adequately?
serum bilirubin
PN should be aware of what lab test?
prothrombin time
What position after biopsy?
positioned on rt side with a pillow under the costal margin
What adverse effect?
flu-like aches and pains
Which statement?
I can drink a few beers a week, but not any hard liquor
Best response?
you seem very discouraged right now
What response?
do you have a plan on how you would kill yourself?
Which situation?
She takes large doses of acetaminophen for the flu-like symptoms from interferon therapy
What finding indicates outcome of vitamin K has been achieved?
no new bruising noted
What action?
notify the house supervisor
How many Ml?

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