I. Introduction

In 1992. whereas Hewlett Packard ( HP ) realized a immense success with its RISC-based merchandises. Manuel Diaz. caput of HP’s Computer Systems Organization ( CSO ) . implemented a new gross revenues attack to capitalize on the company’s new market place. In 1994. the scheme turned out to be really profitable as HP’s concern grew by 40 % when the industry-wide growing was merely 5 % .

In 1996. Diaz notices that its scheme to make big endeavors could be refined. Indeed. HP remains stuck on the downstream and in-between watercourse concerns of this market section. At the same clip. content value suppliers and solution-providers place themselves on the extremely profitable upstream concern. In analogue. Diaz looks for new ways of developing the concern and cut downing gross revenues and support costs.

Consequently. Diaz undertakes an audit to place CSO’s possible chances. The audit reveals the grounds why HP’s nowadays gross revenues approach keeps the company off from these moneymaking chances. Among others. it recommends CSO to alter drastically its client relationship direction with its big endeavor clients. Before traveling on for a new reorganization. Diaz wants to weigh the costs of execution of a scheme that would travel along with his ideas of migrating:

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*From pull offing histories to pull offing a portfolios of gross revenues chances

*From sing the gross revenues procedure from the interior out to sing it from the client in

*From seeking to turn gross revenues by adding gross revenues activities to speed uping gross revenues growing by bettering the efficiency and effectivity of the gross revenues procedure.

II. Problem Statement

The instance has stressed two chief jobs for CSO:

1. Gross saless procedures and gross revenues support system are dawdling present gross revenues scheme.

2. Gross saless section organizational construction is non designed to look for chances.

A. Gross saless Processes Lag Gross saless Strategy

The ground of this job is chiefly due to an order processes direction issue. As salesmen are considered by clients as a alone point of entry to HP. the order procedures are unsuitably managed under gross revenues reps supervising. which divert them from their chief gross revenues undertakings. Consequently to this issue look a clip direction job and a treadmill experiencing in gross revenues work force.

B. Gross saless Structure Not Designed to Look for Opportunities

The grounds of this job are:

1. Mismatch between gross revenues administration and upstream concern

Traditionally. HP salesmen are more order takers than concern developers. In add-on. the compensation program promotes short-run undertakings. Repurchase. replacing and enlargement undertakings last between 2 hebdomads and 1 twelvemonth. Completing an timeserving undertaking takes between 2 and 3 old ages.

2. DMU attack issue

From a client position. the buying and IT community wants to maintain HP as a hardware seller. The first 1s want to command hardware seller pricing and the 2nd 1s want to maintain control of relationships.

3. Perceived image issue

Customers’ senior executives do non see HP trade name as value-added provider.

4. Poor cognition transportation issue

The client is frustrated at holding to educate different HP application specializers about each new invention undertaking chance.

5. No designation from gross revenues representatives for timeserving undertakings

Gross saless representatives do non test gross revenues chances. Additionally. the “sales chance transition rate” . high in redemption and enlargement and low for transition reflect gross revenues reps troubles to excite gross revenues for vague demands.

III. HP’s CSO Business

A. What Business is CSO In?

Computer Systems Organization ( CSO ) is a division of HP that designs and manufactures computing machines. peripherals. system/application package. and networking merchandises. To fulfill client demands CSO entered into partnerships and acquisition schemes when internal offerings were non existent or excessively drawn-out to develop. CSO farther evolved to capitalise on the development of common RISC architecture codification. RISC engineering. a nucleus proficient invention. that enabled HP to present computing machines more quickly and positioned HP as the market leader in price/performance. Due to a diminution in national ( USA ) disbursement and overcapacity CSO evolved into a planetary provider of information contraptions and solutions.

HP’s nucleus competence resided in the technological characteristics of their merchandises and a price/performance advantage in hardware supply. Additionally. the degree of trust and assurance that IT clients placed on HP positioned their trade name as a sure hardware provider.

B. Customers

CSO’s clients are segmented into big ( endeavor ) . small-medium ( SME ) . and single. Customers in the largest section typically spent between $ 0. 5m~ $ 200m of their one-year multi-million IT budgets with HP. The top 5 % of clients in this section accounted for over 40 % of CSO’s gross revenues. These clients often placed day-to-day orders and consumed over 65 % of gross revenues force. which served them straight. entire productive clip.

Customers in the SME section typically budgeted less than $ 0. 25m for one-year IT disbursement. A combination of gross revenues reps and channel spouses served this section. Individual clients were serviced entirely by indirect retail channels.

Sing the volume of gross revenues generated by endeavor clients HP pondered the similarities and differences between the top endeavor clients in make up one’s minding whether to offer a standard merchandise offering. customization. or an optimum mix designed to be able to profit from cost decreases. stableness. and improved profitableness.

C. Order Qualifiers and Winners

Enterprise clients passing on IT is comprised of four chances: redemption. replacing. enlargement. and innovation undertakings. The following tabular array summarizes the order qualifiers and victors ( from the clients perspective ) .

Once can see the similarities in winning orders between substructure and timeserving chances. For illustration. both require a qualification measure. nevertheless the attack to acquire it done is different. To win orders in substructure undertakings require different capablenesss. In substructure opportunities the chances and budgets are client initiated and pre-assigned. Whereas in timeserving 1s chances are initiated by a clients concern unit trough and a budget is created.

Table 1. Enterprise Opportunities

OpportunitiesOrder Qualifiers Order Winners

InfrastructureRepurchaseMeet client specifications

Monetary value


Right clip / right momentCultivate the procedure

*Excellent service on current contract

Qualifying HP as an option

*Responses to RFPs

*Secure support resources

*Sizing/configuring system truth

Influencing the order procedure

*Right monetary value

*Better footings than the competition

Servicing the client

*Accurately steering deployment

*Tracking issues

*Timely response to complains



OpportunisticInnovationProven capablenesss


Ability to adviseTargeting the client

*Researching the industry

*Researching client particular issues

*Developing leads and contacts within the administration

*Access to user groups

Qualifying chances

*Gather informations on chances

*Rallying HP’s resources

*Ensuring customers’ continued procedure in merchandise

Distinguishing HP’s capablenesss

*Before clients IT and sellers perceive chances

*Offer differentiate solutions

Influencing the buying procedure and finishing the gross revenues

*Actively assisting walk undertaking through blessing

*Overcoming barriers erected by rivals

Servicing the sale

*Co-managing undertakings until consequences show

*Use mention site for other chances

IV. Current Plan

The current program hinges on HP’s price/performance advantage as a hardware provider. Entering a client history was therefore easier to accomplish through downstream chances in the capacity of a merchandise seller. Hp would so migrate through the clients organisation through enlargement. replacing. and finally innovation solutions. The audit performed by Leap showed that HP was making good in capturing the downstream concern and increasing it’s midstream concern albeit dearly-won. Functional blocks within client histories. HP’s trade name equity as a sure hardware provider. and the buying community’s desire to command seller pricing were forestalling the development of HP into a value-added provider. Additionally. the IT community’s desire to command vendor relationships and executive degree reluctance to include HP as an adviser were likely to forestall farther migration.

The current program is strong in turn toing the demands of bing clients. HP is able to capitalize on its repurchase place in offering enlargement and replacing solutions. On the other manus the program is by definition limited to bing clients and is clip devouring with regard to selling to new client at the downstream degree and migrating upstream.


InnovationReplacement ExpansionRepurchase

“” |Blocks|”” $ ’s”” $ ’s

“” ( migration )

V. Options

A. Fix the Current Marketing Plan

The current selling program demonstrates issues with gross revenues procedures. administration and clip direction. To repair these jobs. an option may be to implement a dealing processing system ( TPS ) that would cover with basic non-value added operations of gross revenues representatives. The TPS will “streamline CSO’s procedures for serving downstream business” . Indeed. the TPS will automatize mostly gross revenues procedure. In add-on. a Marketing Information System ( MIS ) could garner informations to observe tendencies from customer’s orders. This information may be processed through statistical theoretical accounts. assisting HP to polish its gross revenues attack and place early new gross revenues chances.

This solution will necessitate a redefinition of place for proficient support employees that may hold to be in direct contacts with clients ( but non consistently ) and gross revenues representatives who have to larn how to utilize selling informations to place tendencies. To increase salesmen motive to develop concern. a alteration of the compensation program is proposed.

Last but non least. the TPS is a great chance for HP to show to clients that they possess the necessary capableness to construct a complete software-based solution for Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) .

1. Implement an Information System

A Transaction Process System

The execution of a TPS for the down and mid-stream concerns should be proposed ab initio to a choice of big clients. The involvement for HP is to automatize every bit much as possible contacts with clients that send orders or quotation mark petitions on a day-to-day footing ( mostly endeavor clients ) . Purportedly. they are the 1s who increase the cost per order dollar as they place a batch
of orders every twenty-four hours. which are clip devouring for salesmen.

The TPS will be composed of an application running on clients’ computing machines. in which the client can come in all the informations relation to his/her demands ( type of equipment. figure of needed merchandises. coveted day of the month of bringing and so on… ) . The undermentioned procedure is described diagrammatically in Appendix 1. Whereas he needs a quotation mark from HP. the resource program director on the client side can establish a petition from a HP specially built application that would straight make a proficient support specializer. Two instances can go on:

*If the support specializer estimations that the undertaking is a standard 1. so he can utilize the TPS to treat the petition though the centralized system.

*If the support specializer estimations he needs more information. he can reach straight the client to garner excess information.

When the order is right filled. the support specializer merely send on the petition through the centralized system. The gross revenues representative would step in merely at the terminal of the procedure. to suggest the client with a monetary value. He may perchance set the monetary value to some extent by himself.

The TPS will enable the client to follow the position of their petition through the application. This construct is interesting as the client can straight see the back office operations that take topographic point if a support specializer demands to custom-make the offer. Through the application. the client is straight led to HP internal procedure flow and can comprehend the value of the work done ( which was non so obvious earlier. as the sale representative. by taking the lead of the petition. was concealing HP internal procedures ) .

Figure 1 summarises the effects the execution of an Information System would hold on HP’s client relationship direction. viz. by adding value to gross revenues services. The clients will see HP’s value-added back office undertakings which are performed by support employees. In add-on. TPS will manage all the non-value added undertakings performed by gross revenues representatives. thereby reassigning these undertakings to endorse office.

A Marketing Information System to test gross revenues chances

Linked to the TPS. an MIS can garner all informations from client orders. Whereas gross revenues representatives spent in the yesteryear a batch of clip testing orders to observe gross revenues chances. the automatic processing of informations can observe tendencies automatically. by perchance correlating information retrieved from big Numberss of orders or petition for quotation marks. MIS information will likely merely give tendencies. It will stay portion of the gross revenues representatives’ occupation to corroborate these tendencies and existent client demands through direct contact.

Advantages of the information system

Calculations from Table A of the instance show that the TPS will enable salesmen to salvage clip from clip devouring and unproductive undertakings ( refer to Appendix 2 ) . The TPS. by automatizing the flow of information enables gross revenues reps more clip for productive undertakings. like developing client relationships and looking for new gross revenues chances. Purportedly. most of gross revenues costs are due to unproductive clip gross revenues reps spent on covering with orders. Expectedly. by giving more clip to salesmen for concern development. costs of orders will diminish ( for a fixed figure of orders for computations before and after the execution of the TPS ) .

Hazards of the information system

CSO will hold to confront some fiscal uncertainnesss. Indeed. it is expected that the company will hold to back up the costs of execution of the system to convert clients to utilize it. Beyond the proficient challenge for HP to develop this system on its ain. it will besides hold to cover with clients. proficient support specializer and gross revenues reactions. who by rejecting the system. could do it a sunk cost for HP.

2. Polish the Administration

The success of the execution is mostly based on the credence of the system by HP employees.

Gross saless Representatives

From the instance. one can detect that gross revenues people feel themselves uncomfortable in the new system that was implemented in 1991. The success of the execution will depend mostly on Diaz’s capacity to convert salesmen that the IS system is a solution to their present jobs. but they need besides to demo pro-activity by accepting to redefine their day-to-day undertakings and by larning how to utilize expeditiously MIS informations. Time saved up from unproductive undertakings should diminish the force per unit area. With clients. their function will be a small spot more complex as earlier. They will hold to think from MIS informations what are untold clients issues. and how they could join forces with HP to happen solutions. Consequently to these new outlooks from salesmen. HP will hold to develop a new compensation program to actuate salesmen that will take at advancing the client life-time value. This program will take into history parametric quantities like “revenues from freshly completed undertakings with already bing customers” that promotes the development of client familiarity.

Technical Gross saless Support

Whereas proficient support specializers are non straight making a forepart office place. they should be ready to reach clients straight in instance of losing information in client orders or quotation mark petitions. Possibly. a name of a support specializer could be automatically linked to any client petitions even though the direct contact is non ever required. The support specializer will hold to be trained to larn how to cover with clients.

A hazard would be that clients think that support specializers replace salesmen as entry point for any petition to HP. This should be strongly avoided. It is a inquiry to educate the clients to utilize consistently the application and to show to them that such behavior will enable both of the companies to derive efficiency in their relationships. Possibly. the new definition of support specializer will necessitate a new compensation program for this class besides. One index of their quality of services could be a ratio like:

( Number of undertakings where they had to step in and that was completed with success ) / ( Number of undertakings where they had to step in )

The compensation program can besides be linked to a client study look intoing at their perceptual experience of the quality of service from gross revenues support people.

Table 2 illustrates the advantages and hazards that go along with the execution of a TPS.

Table 2: Advantages and Drawbacks of Using a Transaction Processing System

B. Modify the Gross saless Strategy

The 2nd alternate proposes to construct particular squads to cover with -and merely with- upstream concern. Apparently. these undertakings are initiated consequently to senior executive ( for case. concern unit director ) on client sites. HP will develop a particular sales-tasks force that will hold the capacity to pull off client relationships at higher degree. compared to bing relationships in downstream and midstream concerns.

Entering the Market from the Upstream Business

Figure 2 illustrates this scheme. Highly experienced salesmen with big webs of clients will be responsible to develop durable and strong relationships. Due to the reluctance of the IT community’s desire to command vendor relationships and executive degree reluctance to include HP as an adviser ( which has been a migration scheme block ) . HP needs to step back to nearing value content and solution suppliers ( such as Anderson Consulting and Sap severally ) alternatively. These value content and solutions suppliers already possess the relationships HP seeks and will screen the IT community from the seller ( HP ) . In add-on. traditional gross revenues people from midstream and downstream concerns will besides be ready to do their co-workers aware of any chance detected at their degree of an upstream concern. The particular gross revenues force will work in a monitoring manner. On a proficient point of position. this specific sales-tasks force will be supported by a centralized unit of advisers that will hold the expertness to construct full software-based solutions. The particular gross revenues force will name them every bit shortly as they detect any signals about a possible upstream undertaking. The primary aim of this scheme is to perforate the upstream concern. which is more profitable in footings of grosss over gross revenues working hours. ( Cf. Appendix 3 ) . It may go on that an upstream undertaking generates besides some concern at the center and low degree. For case an advanced undertaking would necessitate more and faster machines.

Figure 2. Scheme to Attack the Upstream Business

A Portfolio Approach

To near the upstream concern. CSO could utilize a portfolio attack. with different semi-standardised solutions. This attack demonstrates several advantages like:

*It helps gross revenues people to place gross revenues chances on client sites. Indeed. whereas salesmen working on upstream concern have to observe unidentified clients’ demands. the portfolio attack gives a mention in term of HP’s know-how and possibilities. Afterwards. semi-standard solutions from the portfolio can be customised depending on client demands.

*It enables CSO to gauge its costs to gain first parts of upstream undertakings. By holding thought in progress of solutions. CSO’s proficient experts have specified some demand that could be identified and estimated in footings of costs.

Gross saless Department Reorganization

The scheme requires from Diaz to make two new units:

*The particular gross revenues forces will composed of experient salesmen. that demonstrate high endowment in lobbying and are intuitive plenty to signal any possible chances. Expectedly. Diaz should happen these rare individuals in the present gross revenues forces.

*A centralised unit with proficient advisers should be formed. which might be trickier. Indeed. it is required that HP gathers in this unit extremely skilled people that can work perchance on different systems ( SAP. BAAN… ) to construct extremely customised solutions. It is non certain that CSO can construct such a unit without holding to engage external people or perchance outsourcing some portion of undertakings. which might be dearly-won for the administration.

Diaz should be really careful at implementing this program. as on a human resources. he should avoid any tensenesss between the two new units and the traditional 1s. Indeed traditional salesmen and support specializers could experience upset at being evicted from the upstream concern. Whereas this program requires a big coaction between all members of the administration. Diaz will hold to be really communicative to explicate the new scheme and administration to his subsidiaries.

The Compensation Plan

The execution of such scheme will necessitate an version of the compensation program. Indeed the program implies that traditional salesmen study to the particular unit any information that would enable them to place gross revenues chances in the upstream concern. The coaction will be possible merely if traditional salesmen have any involvements to portion their information with the particular gross revenues unit.

The Transaction Process and Marketing Information System

Whereas alternate B presents a different gross revenues attack from alternate A. it is wise to implement once more the TPS and MIS. Indeed. the reorganization of alternate B does non alter anything in the gross revenues attack for salesmen. in footings of downstream and midstream concerns. Therefore. the TPS and MIS will enable CSO to derive in efficiency for these two concerns.

Client Perception of the Strategy

Targeted clients will profit from HP’s particular attending. It should enable particular gross revenues forces to develop strong client relationships. Refering the other clients. it is expected that they will recognize the gained efficiency of HP in covering orders through the information system.

Customer orientation

HP tended to prolong a place of follower by developing merchandises that were characterised by the quality more than the invention. Figure 3 illustrates the motion of HP from a follower place to an synergistic relationship with the client.

Figure 3. Horsepower: From a Follower Position to an Interactive Player


HP is used to supplying merchandises. which are mostly standardised. The new market they target is implies far more customisation. HP may endure from its deficiency of cognition in this market to truly gauge the Return Over Investment a undertaking will bring forth. Exhibit 6 of the instance shows that some upstream undertakings are profitable. others could be sold merely thanks to big price reductions. As a decision HP is traveling towards a really profitable ( Cf. Appendix 3 ) but besides really hazardous concern.

One of the solution to diminish hazards is to happen proficient solutions to avoid dearly-won prototyping that fulfil client outlook. but that were non right specified and implied excess costs during the development stage. Diaz thinks of traveling into the upstream concern with a solution equilibrating standardization and customisation. Obviously chief value content suppliers and solution supplier had clip adequate to develop expertness in these countries. Entering in this market HP may endure from its deficiency of experience.


An undeniable menace for HP to travel in this market is the possibility that clients seize the chance to utilize HP service for an upstream undertaking to inquire for big price reduction on its hardware purchase. The force per unit area on HP might every bit much of import as this market section should be reached through contact with senior executives like concern unit directors. These clients. by their places. could be far more demanding that IT personal that spend their one-year budget by purchasing HP hardware.

C. Change the Marketing and Gross saless Strategy

The proposition is to come in the market on three points at the same clip. A cardinal history director will be in charge of set uping strong relationships with decision-makers within the targeted customers’ administration. In analogue. he/she will synchronize gross revenues attempts to suggest consistent solutions to the full clients’ administration.

Approaching the Target from Three Levels Simultaneously

HP will reorganize its gross revenues force on an history footing. Gross saless representatives will assail the downstream. midstream and upstream concern on the 3 foreparts at the same clip. Gross saless representatives will pool their forces. They will be helped by proficient support employees to place and cite the most basic orders. A cardinal history director ( KAM ) will work near to gross revenues representative and will be in charge of placing new chances for upstream undertakings. He will be besides responsible for set uping relationships with clients at senior degrees and develop client familiarity and trust. Equally shortly as any chance of an upstream undertaking is detected. the KAM can name a adviser from a particular HP unit. This unit encompasses the most experient proficient support specializers that have demonstrated high commercial accomplishments and a strong client orientation. The focal point is on long-run relationships with clients. and to demo how much HP is ready to put in them. Possibly. a field support applied scientist could be affected on a parttime footing to work on client site and prolong for good HP proficient image and expertness ( even though there is no existent proficient grounds that would hold motivated his/her coming ) . Figure 4 illustrates this scheme.

The portfolio attack

Cf. Alternative B.

Gross saless section reorganization

In the new scheme. HP will prosecute a more aggressive gross revenues scheme by aiming concern chances individually with specialized gross revenues forces as shown in the undermentioned figure. Therefore. it will prosecute the invention undertakings section individually and increase its market portion in this section. A noticeable difference with alternate B. is the simultaneousness to make the three markets at the same clip. This may be a decisive motion to win against any opposition on clients’ side. Indeed. it was shown that IT directors tend to barricade any chance of upstream concern that would do them lose their authorization on the down and mid watercourse undertakings. We rely on the simultaneousness of gross revenues actions to eliminate such opposition.

Human resources

The success of this scheme will be mostly based on the pick the cardinal history directors. that will take salesmen. advisers and FSS employees. This place requires high communicating and listening accomplishments to cover non merely with clients. but besides to actuate gross revenues squads.

The compensation program

The compensation program should be the same as for option A. In add-on. it will include compensations for KAM’s and advisers.

Figure 4. Scheme to Attack Three Fronts at the Same Time

The Transaction Process and Marketing Information System

Cf. Alternate 2.

Client perceptual experience of the scheme

This scheme seems to be the most altered to develop strong and long-run relationships with targeted clients. It was recognised that clients find it easy to hold one point of entry for their petition with HP. The alternate 3 will demand some instruction towards the client. to explicate the benefits he can recover from the TPS for basic petitions. and the common involvements both companies have to develop direct contacts for more detailed issues.

Customer orientation

Cf. Alternate 2.


Cf. Alternate 2.


Cf. Alternate 2.

D. Comparison of Options

VI. Decisions

The pick of the alternate 3 was done in response to Diaz aspirations to increase gross revenues grosss. The alternate 1 appears every bit conservative. It may non be a solution to speed up gross revenues growing. The alternate 3 is better positioned for the gross revenues growing objective. It implies fewer alterations in the gross revenues administration. as merely a little portion of salesmen will be in the particular gross revenues force. However. we recognise that the execution may be really endangered by the human facet and the opposition and deficiency of coaction some salesmen could show. For these grounds. whereas alternative 3 requires deeper alterations in the administration and may be costlier to be implemented. we thought that it was worthy for Diaz to take CSO through this extremist migration. The expected return over investing is besides greater than in the two other solutions. as alternate 3 tends to develop the three concerns.

We are cognizant that clients interested in advanced undertakings can inquire for price reductions for machines and equipment. This hazard is high. Therefore. developing the upstream concern lower borders in the down and midstream concerns. One solution would be to make to concern unit within CSO. On one manus. there would be HP-CSO. where salesmen will cover with downstream and midstream concerns and on the other manus HP-services-CSO. where will work salesmen that deal with upstream concerns and the advisers. The division between the two concerns. HP-CSO and HP-services-CSO will move as a psychological brake to forestall the client from inquiring price reductions on equipment for upstream undertakings. This division will dramatically diminish the hazards that costs of execution of alternate 3 outweigh its benefits. Unfortunately. such a determination may be beyond Diaz’ authorization.

VII. Recommendations


We recommend for Diaz to follow the option 3. which is based on a reorganization with an history director that will synchronize gross revenues work force to make the 3 concerns in analogue. The alternate includes the creative activity of a portfolio of solutions. The particular unit of advisers will cover with the sold most complex systems that require a batch of customisation. whereas FSS employees will maintain on back uping the most basic and standardised gross revenues on a proficient prospective. The execution of a Transaction Process System will enable salesmen to derive in efficiency in the gross revenues procedure and the Marketing Information System will assist them to observe earlier gross revenues chances. The execution of the Information system will be a good illustration to show HP’s expertness in working on package based solutions with added value. Salesmen will be trained to intensify their accomplishments in selling. to larn how to utilize MIS informations and in client familiarity direction. to larn how to place customers’ unidentified demands.

Recommendations depending on Diaz authorization

However. we are cognizant that client in this alternate ask for price reductions for machines and equipment when he buys an advanced undertaking. This hazard is high. and raging as HP is known to be a hardware provider that compete more on quality than on monetary value. This could bring forth some lessening in borders in the down and midstream concerns. One solution would be to make to concern unit within CSO:

*On one manus. HP-CSO. where salesmen will cover with downstream and midstream concerns.

*On the other manus HP-services-CSO. where will work salesmen that deal with upstream concerns and the advisers.

The synergism between the two divisions would be optimised. However. it would be a psychological brake to forestall the client from inquiring price reductions on equipment for upstream undertakings. This division would dramatically diminish the hazards that the execution of the option that costs outweigh benefits. Unfortunately. such a determination may be beyond Diaz’ authorization.


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