Human being is a societal animate being and prefers to pass his/her life in the company of other people. Humans all over the universe live in societies and depend on each other for the fulfilment of their assorted demands. In the face of crisis or jobs. worlds seek assistance and moral support of the people environing them. It is the same human nature that compels Marshal Will Kane. the hero in the film “High Noon” to anticipate aid and aid from the people of his town. One of the felons. whom Kane had brought to justness. was geting in the town to revenge Kane.

Kane entreaties to his people to help him but they refuse to assist him. as they are concerned about salvaging their ain lives. The refusal of the people of the town to help him in confronting his enemies leads to the isolation of Kane. as he finds himself entirely in the face of the danger. The sequence of his petitions for aid picture the sense of treachery felt by Kane towards the citizens of the town. Isolation Kane was about to give up his place as the Marshall of his town and take a happy married life with Amy but destiny had decided something else for him.

When he had decided to take a peaceable life. he receives intelligence about the reaching of Frank Miller by the midday train. Frank Miller was sentenced to decease punishment because of Kane. But he was pardoned and released for unknown grounds. And now when he is free. he wants to revenge Kane. All the people in the town and his married woman. Amy suggest Kane to go forth the town. Kane besides agrees to the suggestion ab initio but subsequently he changes his head. as his scruples ne’er allows him to run away from his responsibility of protecting the town. He retrieves his badge and decides to confront Frank Miller and his work forces.

He seeks the aid of the people of the town but no 1 is ready to help him. Salvaging their lives is more of import for the people than contending beside the individual who is put on the lining his ain life for protecting their lives. Upon the refusal of the people to help him. Kane starts feeling that he is being isolated from the society. whose members he was seeking to protect. The increasing isolation of Kane is emphasized in the film in assorted ways. The secret plan of the film is constructed in such a mode which highlights the isolation of Kane through his ideas and actions.

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The filming of the movie besides aids in picturing Kane’s isolation. Kane is featured against a back bead which stands in contrast to his dressing. For case. he is shown in black dressing against a white background. The shootings besides play an of import portion in the presenting stray and alone Kane. “A high angle shooting as Kane enters and leaves the church meeting accentuates the timidness and Kane’s isolation. ” ( Byman 282 ) . The manner the movie is changeable emphasizes the isolation of Kane from the people of the town. In the terminal besides. the shooting of Kane as the lone combatant confronting Frank Miller and his work forces underscore his isolation.

Treachery When the townsfolk garbage to stand by Kane in his determination to confront Frank Miller and his work forces. Kane feels betrayed by the same people whom he protected and cared for. As he keeps appealing for aid from the townsfolk. the sense of his treachery by the townsfolk is heightened in the film. Kane is jeopardizing his ain life for protecting the lives of the townsfolk from Frank Miller. and when he is seeking their aid. these people are non back uping Kane in his battle against felons like Frank Miller. Kane is loyal towards his responsibility of protecting the lives of townsfolk.

Even though he was retired from the place of Marshall of the town. he takes upon the duty of salvaging his town from Frank Miller. His trueness is in contrast to the attitude of the townsfolk. The townsfolk are bewraying the same individual whose trueness has ensured that they are taking their lives in safety. The sequence of petitions that Kane makes to the citizens of the town AIDSs in picturing the treachery of Kane. as it brings away the egoistic attitude of the townsfolk who turn down Kane’s petition and seek to salvage their ain lives.

Alternatively of standing by Kane. the townsfolk prefer to abandon him and distance themselves from the battle with Frank Miller. Conclusion The film “High Noon” focuses on the isolation of the hero. Marshall Kane who fights a solitary conflict to salvage his town. Even though he is contending with Frank Miller to protect the lives of the townsfolk. the townspeople desert him and seek to salvage their lives. The isolation of Kane is highlighted in the film through the secret plan. filming and the shootings.

The sequence of petitions made by Kane to the townsfolk helps in constructing the sense of treachery of Kane by the citizens of the town. as this portrays the caring attitude of Kane which is in contrast to the indurate attitude of the townsfolk. Kane was concerned about the townsfolk so he decides to contend Frank Miller whereas the townsfolk were worried about their ain safety so they desert Kane and flee for salvaging their lives. Works Cited Byman. Jeremy. Showdown at high midday: witch-hunts. critics. and the terminal of the Western. Scarecrow Press. 2004.


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