Travel bureau Servicess:

Supplying flight, rental autos, hotels, Tourss, tourer usher, and online ticket buying, as the system needs to cover with fiscal minutess when clients buy tickets, research was needed into on-line banking and payment systems and how the online ticket gross revenues system could interact with the different systems available.

Many Bankss on their website recommend utilizing a 3rd party payment solution such as PayPal.

It is possible to go a recognition card seller that allows you to accept payment from recognition cards that you are a seller of.


PayPal is the most well-known 3rd party on-line payment solution, and is really dependable and secure.

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PayPal have made it simple so even the least experient web site developers can accept payments on their web site into the PayPal history, by making the codification for the user to copy and glue into their web site where it is required.

Credit Card

Recently Many Banks in Kurdistan Region offer Credit Card, hence our clients would take the chance with this service and acquire a recognition card to acquire their tickets online.

All major recognition card companies offer a system that allows companies to accept payments on their web sites. These services are used by many major Internet companies.

Stakeholders Analysis

In this analysis, we avoid making a long list of stakeholders who could act upon the undertaking ‘in rule ‘ or ‘potentially ‘ , but will likely non make so in pattern.

ABC Executive Committee

It has six members led by the Chief Executive Officer, and has the right to O.K. undertaking support ;

Although they ordered the feasibleness survey, their place on the undertaking is pending ;

Undertaking Manager and Team

It is their occupation to finish the undertaking successfully.

If feasibleness survey is non thorough and accurate, undertaking ca n’t be finished in clip and budget.

Travel bureau staff

Recruitment of the needed figure of qualified employee is a challenge and should be completed before the expansive gap ;

They have the common involvements with the centre because they are paid for their service ;

Staff absenteeism and keeping are the most frustrating jobs, which will take to the hapless quality and bad repute.

Municipal Government Agencies

There could be a possible hold or higher cost associated with edifice license blessing.

Provincial Regulatory Authorities

The state has involvement in the constitution of successful professional tally travel bureau to fulfill the demands of the community.

The travel bureau is affected chiefly by changes to authorities ordinances and policies.


They will back up the executing of the undertaking because of the possible net income.

The hazard exists if they do n’t run into contract conditions.

Community at Large

Although bulk is in favour of the undertaking, some occupants might object to the location of the centre if it consequences in high traffic or more noise and air pollution.

There is the hazard of them buttonholing the metropolis for the disapproval of the location.

Market Feasibility

In this subdivision we will be analyzing the travel bureau market in Erbil City through rating of the different selling facets such as market cleavage, mark market, and competition analysis. It besides identifies market hazards and suggests high-ranking selling schemes. The aim of this subdivision is to organize an sentiment, from the selling point of position, as to whether the company look intoing the venture is suited and moneymaking.

Certain premises apply to the undermentioned analysis. The demand for travel bureau in Erbil is predicated upon demographic informations provided by the 2007. The estimated population of Kurdistan on 2007 was 2.1 Million. It is possible that the demographics may hold changed during the step ining 4 old ages. However, the information sing the competitory intelligence is dependable since it is based on our field interviews with all of the major service suppliers.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning method used to measure the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a undertaking or in a concern venture. It involves stipulating the aim of the concern venture or undertaking and placing the internal and external factors that are favourable and unfavourable to accomplishing that aim.

External Factors

Strengths of our travel bureau company

The research worker has experience, client service, travel cognition and information. There is capablenesss and direction.

There are no more rivals in our lodger. Resources, assets, people are in manus and nature of our part is suited to pull the touristry.

Monetary value is less in our part, it leads to pull people.

We have all tools to communicating and qualified individuals to make that.

We have in our plan an advanced facet that it is rural touristry ; tour part is rich in this type.

Failing of Travel Agency Company

It ‘s our first trial about establishing a company in this type.

Our fiscal resources are ready but non sufficient with our desires.

Our society in cultural, attitudinal, behavioural facets is disagreeable.

Commute to come ining the lodger is some hard because of lake of airdromes.

Internal Factors


We have chance in Global influences because of development of relation between our parts with other states.

Industry and lifestyle tendencies in Kurdistan are in growing.

Constitution of many alien companies in other specialisation attract people, is utile to organize with them.

Changes in authorities policies related to touristry ordinances.

Popularity of touristry sectors and increasing the figure of the

Tourists in the recent old ages globally.


Some people sometimes do Tourss for doing net income.

Some needed specifications for touristry services changed, such modesty of plane ticket with electronic companies.

Environmental conditions that our part has hard conditions, such conditions is hot.

Government state of affairs and other policies are unstable, alterations with desire of neighbour states and their menaces.

The effects of economic crises in the universe.

Competitive Intelligence

Competition Analysis

We merely consider the rivals who provide the similar service in the mark country. Our chief rivals are two centres: Shabaq travel bureau and Kurdistan travel bureau.

Marketing Mix Strategy


Locating a suited topographic point would be the most ambitious undertaking. Using Huff ‘s Gravity Model, we recommend that the location be between Majdi Mall and Family Mall centre.

Since the service quality is the cardinal factor that will act upon our mark clients ‘ determinations, our centre aims to supply the best services possible for the traveller. We must guarantee that the figure of qualified staff on responsibility is proportionate to the possible figure of travellers. In order to offer the alone service, the centre is characterized by its cultural diverseness and extended online ticket, travel insurance, and free bird.


In order to put up our professional image in the market, the publicity should be centered on two points – high quality and distinction service. Choosing the right channels for publicity such as Television, newspapers, community notice board and circulars would assist make a larger consciousness and credence by the population that lives or works in Erbil City. It is besides an efficient publicity means to plan an animate web page and associate it to the community and municipal web site.

Monetary value

As will be seen in the competition analysis, our centre faces the challenge on monetary value issue. The high quality and assorted types of service entail a cost deduction, so, higher rate is inevitable. However, we still suggest following the market monetary value if the cost and gross can interrupt even. In add-on, particular pricing construction is designed to help frequent going client, 10 % price reduction is offered to the following possible flight.

Market Risks and Response

As a new entrant, our centre faces low hazard at the immediate hereafter except that our full capacity might non be reached because of deficiency of market acknowledgment at the first two old ages. Such state of affairs is pretty normal at the star-up phase, but can be improved by appropriate market schemes.

In the long term, the competition from the bing rivals and new entrants is one of the cardinal menaces to our concern. The possible economic depression and inauspicious authorities ordinances will besides take to the market lethargy. In order to rapidly respond, we can maintain examining and measuring the demand and competitory intelligence through statistics, studies and adept judgements. The most indispensable to develop our portion is, from marketing point of position, to maintain our high quality and alone service to win the competitory advantages.

Strategic Management ( Stephan, Joesf.2010 )

Defined As applied in the private sector, Fred R. David defined strategic direction as the art and scientific discipline of formulating, implementing, and measuring transverse functional determinations that enable an travel bureau to accomplish its aims. As this definition implies, strategic direction focuses on incorporating direction, selling, finance/accounting, and production/operations.

Strategic direction involves the development of schemes and the preparation of policies to accomplish organisational ends and aims. In this procedure, attending must be given to both external schemes and internal capablenesss. Strategic direction a model by which an travel bureau can accommodate to the vagaries of an unpredictable environment. An interface is provided between the public presentation capacity of an travel bureau and the chances and challenges it must confront in the broader environment.


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