Introduction. Do you usually feel dizzy, no concentration and unable to work at the last hour before you get off work? Are you bored by having a long time working day without doing anything? I guess most of people will answer ‘yes’. Even though, the land founder of America had envisioned that people can have a lot of time to do what they want and many people followed up to maintain it. You must admit that today there are more and more people’s life are occupied by endless working and it trend to be normal.

However, things are not unchangeable, a recent discover discloses that less work hours can increase productivity when hold salary constant, and people have started to experiment this theory in some counties. It means the endless work perhaps will be terminated in the future. According to Attain Rash who works for telegraph. Co. UK, said that a Swedish city is testing a new policy in order to increase productivity and reduce social spending by cutting down the work hours from 8 to 6 per a day.

Base on their arrangement, a tested group which is hundreds of civilians who work in a company’s department work 6 hours ere day versus an observational group that is other employees who still maintain 8 work hours daily. Then, the researcher will compare and analyze result of two groups after a certain period. Anna Coot, head of Social policy, has been full of confidence that this experiment will be as successful as they rag expect. However, the local opposite party are not buying it, they claim just a poor technique that governing party are trying to win support workers before election.

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In addition, they point out there is other SF Koruna, and its district council are used to be testing six hour work d group of people who work in a government department, but this experiment are failed and cancelled in 2005, because they found it any situation better that before, conversely, people form other deep become jealous of them. Consequently, this experiment got fruitless hour work day is still a controversial topic. Even though, there are SST researches show that less work hour results higher productivity, it’s always true.

In my opinion, I believe that reducing work hour for me beneficial for our society. For example, increasing labor productivity social and environmental problems, and making people’s life happier healthier. Body paragraph 1 James Coursework, who are the journalist of New York Time, claimed time working can diminish labor marginal production in both quant quality. In factory, longtime work will increase the chance of errors dangerous; equally, for people who are working in the office, longer hour make them exhausted and they will have bad performance on According to Alexandra Michel, a former Goldman Cash.

Overwork cannot doing their job nicely and quickly, and if they are keeping vi hey will become even worse and slower. In addition, overworked p usually suffer from depression, aspiration, and sickness, and their a creativity and assessment are declined. I think those claims are act pointed the harm of overwork, as all we know each human has a bit limitation. If we exceed this boundary to work by consuming extra t energy, the loss will be much more than earn. That is the reason who my classmates who give up the time to sleep and study overnight bat taking exam do not receive highest grade in the class.

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