Today, it’s such a shame that about millions of Filipinos are still using drugs. Almost 80%-85% of crimes committed involve drugs. The famed “Shabby” is the most used drug nowadays. Drug abuse may be caused of curiosity, stress, problems, or even influenced by friends. But drug abuse can simply be avoided by simply saying “No to Drugs”. If asked by someone simply say no to it. Avoid those persons that you know are a bad influence. When having a problem, don’t even think of using drugs because it will only make it worse.

According to MATH, “Every problem has a solution”. So don’t lose hope of finding an answer. Knowing the effects of these drugs will surely make a person less attracted to it. If someone is already attached to drug abuse, he must take rehabilitation. According to the person in the video, even if you believe in your abilities(you’re smart and all) that you can control yourself from using drugs, you are “wrong”. You will need help from others. Seeking help from the right person will make it easier and faster.

Even though the government imposed the great threat of drugs, people still find ways to be able to use them. In Marco’s’ term, he showed what a threat drugs are. Laws had been enacted for the prohibition of drug usage. He made people fear him, and so there become less and less drug users. But on the following term of other presidents, there had been a sudden increase on drug users. I think the government should focus on this because a high percentage of crimes are caused by drugs. Surely, if the number of drug users decreases there will be lesser crimes.

The country will be more peaceful for her natives and tourists. Therefore, drugs have a disastrous effect on one’s life. We must not wait for the government to make a move against drugs. We must learn to move by ourselves willingly without being directed by others. By simply saying “No to Drugs” will make a change. Influence others on anti-drugs.

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