Hip-hop music. harmonizing to Joan Morgan. is a powerful force in popular civilization. However. she besides criticized how hip-hop “repeatedly reduced me to breasts and buttocks and encourages pandering on the regular. ” Emphasis is given on how machismo and sexism prevail in the wordss of hip-hop music. As is seen in assorted illustrations highlighted in Morgan’s article. hip-hop music taught work forces to handle adult females without the regard and love that they deserve. They came to larn to handle adult females as objects to carry through sexual desires. naming them “bitches” and “hos” .

It is seen in hip-hop music how adult females use sex as a arm to derive material wealth and protection. non because they want it. but because it is the lone option they have. This lone shows how adult females are. in modern times. still victims of gender inequality. Over and over once more. these subjects have been the subject of hip-hop music. along with “alcoholism. substance maltreatment and chemical dependence. ” After all. hip-hop music has done much to promote these Acts of the Apostless unbecoming of nice people. However. Morgan besides suggested it as a portion of a more complex job. stemming from the racism experienced by black people.

All these negotiations about sex and drugs and offenses are contemplations of the resentment. the injury that the black people feel. ensuing to more harm. Harmonizing to Morgan. offenses committed against black people. are more likely done by black people themselves. White people are long ago out of the inquiry. Word pictures of a violent and cruel universe where everything can be bought by money and kiping with a rapper will give you a record contract gives them complacency and a self-liberating feeling when they play maestro and the adult females their slaves.

But deep inside they do non experience existent felicity as they fail to confront their jobs and duties in world. In the terminal they continue to experience empty. Take for illustration the music picture of the vocal “Gold Digger” by Kanye West and Jamie Foxx. which topped the charts at the clip of its release and even won a twosome of Grammy Awards. The picture alternates with scenes of West and Foxx vocalizing. adult females have oning lean intimate apparel devising airss for men’s magazines. and adult females dancing all over the work forces.

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These word pictures of adult females in the picture did non give any love. allow alone regard for adult females in general. They are simply seen as objects of desire that can be bought anytime of the twenty-four hours. There are besides some scenes in the music picture wherein the work forces are dragged into a dark room where all the adult females have oning intimate apparel are present. They are represented as nil more than “bitches” and “hos” merely after these work forces for their money. As it is. these adult females are depicted to give sex to those who can pay. and even flim-flam some of the richer cats into get marrieding them.

One scene in the picture even spelled out the word “pre-nupt” as the work forces purportedly wanted pre-nuptial understandings before get marrieding these adult females so that they can’t touch a cent of the men’s money. Even the wordss of the vocal. Sung in the point of position of a rich hubby. depict how his married woman tricked him into get marrieding him by stating that she’s pregnant with his boy. but after 18 old ages. he found out that he was non the existent male parent of this kid. Now that he wants a divorce. half of his assets will travel the cheating married woman.

However. the “kid” in the picture was white and non black. a direct allusion that it is non his kid. His culprit was “white” . This non merely shows how lowly they think of adult females but of how they are forced to make these things so that they can hold fiscal and emotional security that they can non in themselves achieve because they are prevented from making so. Women themselves are deprived of the love and attention they need as the work forces continually search for physical love and fulfill their self-importances in order to bury their ain concerns and jobs.

In a deeper context. “Gold Digger” attempts to mask the injury of being fooled. of being cheated. by boasting that yes. she’s a gold digger. I’m rich and I can afford to purchase any miss I want. The picture did non exteriorize work forces and adult females. The difference in the intervention of work forces and adult females can be seen in the whole picture. In a sense. the work forces are the clients. and the adult females. mere merchandises they could purchase and utilize at their caprices. As Morgan puts it. it is non about naming adult females “bitches” or “hos” . but men’s incapableness to demo love.

They treat adult females as some sort of objects because it is the lone manner that they can experience powerful. This incapableness to love proves Morgan’s point that these work forces are hurt. The hurting has taken something really particular from them. and that is the ability to love and to care for others. The misgiving for adult females shown in “Gold Digger” is at that place. in the first topographic point. because these work forces are afraid. afraid to love and acquire hurt in the procedure. But because of this loss. adult females became victims of opprobrious intervention.

One lesson that can be learned is that love per Se is non synonymous with sex. Harmonizing to Morgan. we all should larn to turn to our issues and better dainty each other. We should extinguish all the roadblocks caused by the word picture of adult females in hip-hop music and extinguish the confusions. As mentioned earlier. hip-hop has a large influence on popular civilization. What we hear. we incorporate in our heads and manner of life. We can utilize this influence to make hip-hop music that loves. respects. and most significantly. hip-hop music that forgives.


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