Latino Americans form one of the legion minority cultural groups in America. Although made of different cultural communities. the Latino Americans self-praise of common primary linguistic communication and chiefly Roman Catholic trusters ( Ramirez. 2004 ) . On the other side. the assorted Latino American communities are marked with different degrees of assimilation into the mainstream civilization. ground for in-migration into America. and their battle into entrepreneurship.

This paper is written as a treatment on the linguistics. political relations. social-economics. faith. and household facets of four Latino American communities viz. ; the Cuban Americans. Puerto Ricans. Mexican Americans and the Chicanos. The writer besides gives a drumhead sketching the similarities and differences among these Latino American communities. Mexican Americans The Mexican Americans form the biggest Latino American population. They form about 60 per centum of the overall Latino American population ( Ramirez. 2004 ) . The community has Spanish as it primary communicating linguistic communication.

However. the debut of bilingual instruction in the community has made its 2nd and higher coevals rather fluid in talking English ( Tate. 2008 ) . Forming an estimated 9 % of the American population. Mexican Americans have a strong influence in American political relations ( Tate. 2003 ) . Due to its big population. the community boasts of about all sort of academic and skilled professionals. This makes allows its members to happen employment even in public offices. a factor that makes the Mexican Americans economically comfortable ( Tate. 2003 ) . Despite this. the community is non rather involved on entrepreneurship.

Most of the Mexican American pattern Roman Catholic religion ( Tate. 2003 ) . However. a little population of Mexican Americans besides patterns protestant religion. Harmonizing to available information. the community has household bond as their core societal construction. Such are quite apparent in their communal manner of life as they appreciate drawn-out households merely as their atomic household units ( Ramirez. 2004 ) . Still. the community traditionally had work forces as the exclusive suppliers of the household. However. due to civilisation and economic adversities. adult females are progressively prosecuting in informal and formal employment as a manner of supplementing for their household demands.

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Puerto Ricans Bing from one of the United States common wealth states. the Puerto Ricans are constitutionally recognized as American citizens ( Tate. 2003 ) . Harmonizing available statistics. the community forms an estimated 10 per centum of the Latino American population ( Nostrand. 2005 ) . Due to this fact. the members of the community are rather fluid in talking English. In add-on. English is taught as a basic lesson in simple categories of the Puerto Rican schools. Despite this eloquence in English. the community has Spanish as its primary linguistic communication. In footings of faith. Puerto Ricans chiefly patterns Roman Catholic religion ( Nostrand. 2005 ) .

However. other faiths such Methodist and Baptists every bit good as Moslems are besides common. Following their unconstitutional acknowledgment as citizens of the American state. the members of this community take part in all American political relations ( Ramirez. 2004 ) . However. they are non constitutionally allowed to vote in US presidential elections. The Puerto Ricans have a strong household bond. This is non merely found in their communal life but besides in their low divorce rates and high degrees of friendliness. a factor which is attributed to their strong spiritual background ( Tate. 2003 ) .

In economic. the community has a competitory advantage in the occupation market due to. vouch citizenship. authorities revenue enhancement equivocations and eloquence in English. Cuban Americans Cuban Americans is estimated to organize four per centum of the Latino American population ( Ramirez. 2004 ) . However. despite their low population. the Cuban Americans are rather economically developed in due to their high degrees of entrepreneurship ( Pew Hispanic Center. 2006 ) . This is closely attributed to their high assimilation rate into the mainstream civilization. Such are apparent in their transition of Miami. their chief fatherland. into a modern metropolis.

This forms their chief economic activity though some of its members find occupations in the mainstream. Although the Cuban Americans have the highest rate of assimilation into the mainstream civilization. they enjoy a really strong household bond as can be witnessed in their communal life ( Pew Hispanic Center. 2006 ) . Due to their desire to derive a competitory advantage in basking the American dream. most of the community members are able to talk English. This is farther promoted by the debut of bilingual instruction. a factor which makes their 2nd and farther coevals obviously fluid in talking English.

However. they have Spanish as their primary communicating linguistic communication. Cuban Americans are rather diverse in footings of spiritual patterns. Their members find a combination of Christianity ( Roman Catholic and Protestants ) . Muslims and Hindus ( Pew Hispanic Center. 2006 ) . There are even non-believers in the community. a factor that is blamed to assimilation into the mainstream civilization. However. Roman Catholic is the most common faith among its members. On the cultural forepart. the Cuban Americans treasure their traditional civilization.

This is chiefly apparent from Miami which is identified as a place of Latino civilization by tourers. They are politically active in America with the right to put up their ain representatives. Chicanos Harmonizing to historical grounds. the term Chicanos was common among the Mexican Americans during their civil rights motion in the mid 20th century ( Ramirez. 2004 ) . However. the Chicanos group is found to embrace a modern coevals of the American with lineages from Mexico and Native Americans. Due to they Mexican beginning. the community has Spanish as it chiefly primary communicating linguistic communication.

They nevertheless have high assimilation rates. a factor which makes them rather fluent in talking English. On the economic forepart. the Chicanos are good established ( Schaefer. 2006 ) . This has been closely attributed to their high degree of credence every bit Americans every bit good as eloquence in English. Such gives them a competitory advantage in the American occupation market. In footings of political relations. the community is enjoys a constitutional right to prosecute in American political relations ( Schaefer. 2006 ) . Their political influence is nevertheless compromised by their few Numberss. The Chicanos community preponderantly patterns Roman Catholic religion ( Ramirez. 2004 ) .

The community is besides marked with other spiritual patterns such as Protestant religion. Islamic. and Hinduism. Due to the high degrees of assimilation. Chicano group has a little population of non-believers. Despite their high assimilation rates into the mainstream civilization. the Chicanos have the household as a nucleus societal construction. Summary The four Latino American groups have a figure of similarities. They all patterns Roman Catholic faith as their chief religion. Another similarity is that they have Spanish as their primary communicating linguistic communication ( Tate. 2008 ) .

In add-on. the communities enjoy a strong household bond as is apparent from their communal manner of life. However. the four communities are different in their degrees of assimilation into the mainstream civilization with the Cuban Americans being more assimilated than the other groups. Politically. unlike other groups. the Puerto Ricans are non allowed to take part in US presidential elections. Another difference is on economic constitutions were the Cuban American are graded the highest in entrepreneurship and the Mexican Americans holding the lowest entrepreneurship outlook.


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