What was the historical cause of the Trojan War ( likely ) . and what was the fabulous cause?
Historical: Troy is a metropolis that guards the entryway to the Black Sea. and so it’s likely that they were hassling the Greeks’ trade paths.
Fabulous: Paris stole Helen from king Menelaos of Sparta. Menelaos was brother of Agamemnon of Mycenae.

One of the hideous Acts of the Apostless committed in the “House of Atreus” ( non the actual house. but the household that includes Atreus ) was that he did what to Thyestes’ kids? –
He chopped them up. set them in a fret and fed them to Thyestes

Eris B. Eros-
a. ”strife” b. love

What was the Judgment of Paris? If you don’t cognize the narrative. you’ll lose a inquiry.
The competition between Hera. Athena and Aphrodite. in which Paris chooses Aphrodite so he can derive Helen as his married woman.

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Helen and Menelaos ruled over? ?

The colza of Helen peculiarly offended Zeus because it violated his regulations of- cordial reception

You’d better know about Philoctetes being abandoned on Lemnos. –
He was bitten by a serpent and left buttocks because the bite caused him to stink and curse invariably

What did Lucretius believe the forfeit of Iphigenia demonstrated? –
the power of faith to do work forces make immoralities things

The Iliad does NOT state the narrative of the Trojan Horse. . –
It tells of one incident in the 9th twelvemonth of the war

What inexpert thing did Schliemann make at Troy? . . –
he didn’t realize metropoliss are buried in beds. so he dug down randomly

Milman Parry followed the Serbo-Croatian poets around and discovered what about their technique? This relates to the Homeric Question. –
They were improvizing ; Not stating the same narrative every dark ; A particular poetic linguistic communication was used ; names used to give clip kleos-recieving the regard that one has earned by one’s achievements and household connexions ; honour

The Grecian word hubris refers to-a refusal to inquire the Gods for aid

Ate- the personification of ruin. folly. and psychotic belief

How did Odysseus seek to acquire out of contending the Trojan War? –
He pretended to be insance. ploughing the coast.

What did Thetis make to seek to maintain her boy off from Troy? –
She dressed him up as a miss and placed him on the island of Scyros

Harmonizing to Homer. the make up one’s minding factor in conveying about the decease of Odysseus’ work forces was the followers: –
their foolhardiness during the return place. peculiarly the fact that they ate the cowss of Hyperion/Helios the Sun God

Why did Odysseus give Polyphemus Ismarian vino? –
In order to acquire him so drunk that he passes out and his work forces can assail

What animate being did Odysseus usage to get away from Polyphemus’ undermine? –
The Sheep of Polyphemus

What made it possible for Polyphemus to cuss Odysseus?
Remember in category I talked about the power of the name. – Odysseus reveals his name as his is teasing Polyphemus when they are sailing off from the island

Circe. after turning Odysseus’ work forces into swine. was temporarily able to “unman” Odysseus with- sex

What was the secret power of the Sirens’ vocal? Remember I called them “sycophants” in category. –
they sing vocals that praise the hearer and it makes them desire to sail their ships into the stones to seek and hear it. which leads them to their day of reckoning

Over whom does king Aeolus regulation on the island of Aeolia? –
The air currents

What does Scylla look like? –
A horrid monster with 6 Canis familiariss coming out of her tummy

A typical motive of the “hero on a journey” is the thought that he must voyage through obstructions of desire and: –

The actual significance of nostalgia is? ? ? ? ? Think of the land of the Lotus-eaters. – the yearning for a homecoming

What works did the Lotus-eaters eat? ( See how easy this category is? ) –
The Lotus Plan Fruit ( Date-Plum )

“Calypso” in Grecian agencies? ? ? ? Remember I talked about the Apocalypse of John. –
To hide. . the concealer

Which of the undermentioned words best characterizes Penelope. married woman of Odysseus? – faithful

Where did Penelope live? –
Ithica ( the palce of Odysseus )

Which of the undermentioned wickednesss did Clytemnestra NOT perpetrate? –
driving Aegisthus to submerge his ain girl

Which of the following did NOT accrue to ( number toward ) the guilt or death of Agamemnon? –
kiping with his ain girl Electra

I told you in category there’d be a inquiry about Orestes. Whose decease did he denote at Mycenae?
his ain

Don’t forget Clytemnestra’s favorite toy –
her man-slaying ax.


lex talionis-
oculus for an oculus

the Furies execute-
the lex talionis

Complete this sentence in conformity with Grecian thought as expressed in the Agamemnon narrative: “Zeus has decreed that wisdom comes through. . . ”-

If you don’t cognize what extenuating and palliating fortunes are. you must happen out! ! ! –
conditions or occurrences which do non pardon or warrant condemnable behavior. but are considered out of clemency or equity in make up one’s minding the grade of the discourtesy the prosecuting officer charges or act uponing decrease of the punishment upon strong belief.

The fact that Athena allocates to the Furies a particular shrine in Athens at the terminal of the test shows that
they still stand as the footing of all jurisprudence

Though THIS adult female NEVER appears in the Oresteia trilogy of Aeschylus. she is still portion of the moral fibre of the dramas ( e. g. . the chorus complains that her actions have brought the royal house of Mycenae into such a muss ) :


What God does Orestes claim ordered him to kill his female parent? –

The name Oedipus means
Swollen Foot ; mentioning to the interest through his mortise joint

the prophet that Laius received was-
“You will hold a kid that will kill you and get married your married woman

“exposure” agencies
left to decease out in the elements

The sarcasm of the Sphinx’s conundrum for Oedipus was that-
although he gave the right response. he did non to the full grok it

The sphinx expression like-
Wingss of a Bird of Prey. Body of a Lion. Tallons of a Vulture. Tail of a Serpent and the Upper Body and Face of a Women

Oedipus would hold been able to read which of the undermentioned expressions on the walls of Apollo’s prophet?
Know yourself

the old visionary of Thebes

What makes it self-contradictory that Oedipus is personally accountable in the myth for the events that took topographic point around him?
the Gods had decreed and predestined his destiny long beforehand

What does the Solon narrative say about man’s “ephemeros” nature?
Man’s forturne can turn at any minute

Know the metropoliss relevant to the Oedipus narrative.
Delphi ( prophesier ) . Corinth ( where Oedipus raised ) . Thebes ( his place originally and where he meets the sphinxs

What did Oedipus usage to blind himself?
His mother/wife Jocatsa’s broochs for her frock

How did the “golden fleece” terminal up in Colchis? –
Phrixus and Helle jumped on the dorsum of the winging aureate random-access memory that saved them from being sacrificed. He brought them to Asia

Jason and his chap Argonauts had to sail through the Symplegades to acquire into the Black Sea. The Symplegades can best be described as. . . ? ? ?
colliding stones

Why did Herculess go forth the Argo and non complete the journey with Jason?
His fellow Hylas was caputured by a H2O nymph and he refused to halt seeking for him

On the island of Lemnos. the Argonauts found adult females who? ? ? ? –
Smelled bad/ were sex-crazed because they had killed all their work forces

Medea helped Jason in which ONE of the undermentioned undertakings:
yoking the bronze-hoofed. fire-breathing bulls

When the rumour came to Iolcus that the Argo had sunk with all custodies on board. Pelias did WHAT to his brother?
he allowed him to imbibe toxicant Bull Blood to kill himself

Medea complains about the batch of adult females because
their felicity is wholly dependent on work forces

What does Medea make up one’s mind is her ultimate beginning of power against Jason?
Her ability to bear kids ; and transport on Jason’s line

In what manner does Medea work stoppage at Jason’s immortality?
She kills his life inheritors ; cutting off his household line ; Has boies give toxicant robe and cap to Jason’s new married woman

What did Lucretia make to get down a revolution around 509 B. C. that brought about the overthrow of the kings’ regulation at Rome?
she committed self-destruction in forepart of the Roman Lords

What is important about the day of the month 753 B. C. ? the initiation of Rome

What is the map of the “Flamen Dialis” ? main priest of Jupiter

Which of the undermentioned best describes the activities of the auspexs at Rome? construe the flight of birds

Which of the undermentioned best describes the activities of the haruspices at Rome? inspected the visceras of animate beings for marks from the Gods

Which of the followers was done during the Lupercalia?
immature work forces struck the abdomens of immature misss with leather straps

Which one of these was NOT a Trojan?

Which of these edifices or constructions does non belong on the Acropolis of Athens? –
a bowl for athletic competitions called the Stadia Dios

Which of these other points do non belong on the Acropolis of Athens?
a short pillar with a big statue of Poseidon’s trident on top of it.

What deity had a big temple in the Athenian market place that still stands today and which is sometimes called. mistakenly. the Theseion because it one time housed the castanetss of Theseus. –

What does Athena Parthenos wear on her caput?
a helmet that includes Equus caballuss

The Theater of Dionysus on the south incline of the Acropolis had machines that lowered the Gods from above. It besides had a low country for the chorus to dance and sing. What lone object stood in the chorus country? –


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