Where Could New Americans Turn for Help? Major problems for immigrants who traveled to America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries occurred. Newcomers to U. S. Cities had few or no skills to perform any job in the American economy, could not speak English, and much more. One social problem that I would like to address is that of housing and feeding immigrants if they came to America with no money. I would like to help immigrants who come to America with no money, a large family, and no real skills to find a good-paying job to support their family.

My group’s name is NINA, known as Immigrants Need A Home. List of demands abandoned homes volunteers to help teach immigrated-families English classes or people to teach these families how to do labor/skillful work government money to provide for food the need of some homeless shelters if needed The most important of the demands listed above for the NINA are the abandoned homes and classes/people to teach these families how to do labor/ skillful work. Abandoned homes are important because the whole reason for this group is to help immigrated families find a place to stay and sleep in.

Classes for caching these families how to do labor and skillful work is also very important because if they can learn to do that, then the government does not have to provide for food since these families will have enough money to provide for themselves. Therefore, the demand that I am willing to limit through compromise is government money to provide for food. Meeting times for this group would be every Monday and Wednesday from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM.

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