This assignment requires that a holistic survey and in depth analysis of any organisation either private or public sector be conducted, to explicate in inside informations the procedure that were involved and needed to be considered by the enterpriser to run his/her concern successfully. This assignment will besides measure and revisit the full selling schemes soon adopted by this organisation. The findings of analysis will be presented and recommendation be made, using the assorted theoretical accounts that have been leant in the corporate entrepreneurship category. A survey on “ Drive South Africa ” a touristry mediator in ness town, South Africa will be conducted. To accomplish the above purpose, the survey will get down by carry oning an internal analysis of the organisation utilizing the Mckingsey 7s theoretical account, thenceforth an external analysis utilizing Michael Porters 5 force theoretical account and PESTLIED analysis will be shown.

Based on the findings of internal and external analysis, a SWOT analysis on Drive South Africa will be presented. The selling schemes being used soon by Drive South Africa will be assessed. Recommendations and decision will be made.



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Drive South Africa is a touristry mediator in Cape Town, South Africa, established in 2003 by Steve Conradie and Andre Van kets, who still own the company, as a auto rental company interceding between clients and auto fleet proprietors. Suppliers are international known auto rental companies like “ Budget rent a auto and Europcar ” . Drive south Africas service consists of every phase in leasing a auto, a full-service company for every alien sing the state. But their services besides attract local citizens engaging autos for concern, meetings and other occasions. Their intermediary service is displayed in the figure 1 below.

Figure1: Intermediary service auto leases

After five old ages of experience in auto lease, the company decided to widen their services. Local touristry expert Carla Department of State Santos was hired for developing new undertakings to back up the current concern. Together with Carla Department of State santos the managers decided to first develop a service for twenty-four hours Tourss, after which adjustments, campaign and others should follow. These alterations in organisation impulses for a new construction for the company wishing to widen services and cognition of south Africa tourer industry. But besides demands new schemes in selling, employee preparation and client relationships.

The new touristry distribution theoretical account of lubbe ( Lubbe, 2005 ) displays how the modern touris industry is runing. Every histrion in this procedure depends on others for supplies, clients and accordingly doing net income, drive South Africa is an intermediary, they have no existent merchandise to sell and are accordingly depending on supplies and distributers. Not merely for being able to present the existent services to clients, but besides to pull clients.

Presently Drive South Africa qualifies as a travel agent, with specialised agents/operators, call centre and traditional web site. Their end is to go a tour jobber, but at first they need to make a scheme for twenty-four hours Tourss to go profitable.

Figure 2: New touristry distribution theoretical account ( Lubbe, 2005 )


A selling scheme involves the ultilization of organizational activities aimed at easing and hastening fulfilling exchanges in a dynamic environment through the creative activity, distribution, publicity and pricing of goods, services and thoughts ( Simkin, et al. , 2006 ) . The undermentioned definition is approved by the American Marketing Association Board of Directors ( 2007 ) Selling is the activity, set of establishments and procedures for making, pass oning, presenting, and interchanging offerings that have value for clients, clients, spouses, and society at big.


Internal analysis is focused on the houses resources, procedures and value in order to place the grade of company preparedness to absorb e-commerce and asses the posible effects of it on the organisational value concatenation ( Porter, 1985 ) . The Mc kingsey 7s theoretical account measures the quality of the public presentation of the administration. It describes seven facets of the administration each facet pictures a specific portion, for a steady administration with continuity is it of import that the seven facets of the theoretical account are balanced.

Figure 3: Mc kingsey 7s theoretical account


The scheme of Drive South Africa is being different and assorted services to ( prospective ) tourers, clients and spouses, this will assist them to make their end to go the best well-known tourer mediator of southern Africa.


Drive South Africa is lead by two managers, each responsible for their portion of the company. Besides the managers, three directors run the different divisions: support, merchandise development/ IT and auto rental. The sections are specialized, but besides invoved in other sections undertakings. IT is responsible for the web sites running, and the support division provides administrative aid. IT is responsible for the web site but they are non involved in any procedure of development or client aid for the other sections.

The administration chart handed over by the company is questioned by the employees. Not everyone agrees with the hierarchal chart presented, they feel they have more power or are equal to higher degree employees.











Figure 4: Organizational chart of Drive South Africa


The system of Drive South Africa to construction work is rather clear when detecting them. Regular meetings are scheduled for discoursing come oning or new developments, white board displays the chief undertakings for that hebdomad everybody cheques and happen what to make for the hebdomad. During the twenty-four hours they use skype for communicating and brief consults. This communicating system is easy to utilize and besides has the advantage that old consults, understandings or comments made by co-workers.

Decisions are made by the directors of the sections or managers. Others may hold their sentiment, and there sentiment are allowed to show but ne’er have the concluding determination, everyone is free to walk into the office if the director or manager and discourse a affair.


First-line employees are non extremely educated, but the directors and specialized IT employees are. Most of them besides have tonss of experience from old occupations and other classs.

A alteration within staff is one of the jobs, much cognition is lost and it takes clip for new employees to larn the criterions of the organisation. Most of the cognition is silent and hence non easy to larn or understand by new staff members. An illustration is the new employee hired for back uping the travel section, she was supposed to cover with providers and clients, but before being able to really make her occupation, she needed to be trained. In order to make that cognition has to be shared. An impossible undertaking since nil is written down, all cognition is silent, but the new employee was non able to execute without that cognition. Besides the director had no existent clip for developing her, she besides had to inquire the director everything she did n’t cognize about the occupation.


The IT section of Drive South Africa is known for its web site. Andre van kets is extremely educated in the field, and known for his experience and thoughts. Due to this many organisations consult him and therefore Drive South Africa to develop and keep their web site. They are interested in new developments in the market, seek to suit those in their ain field, but besides that they do non hold cognition useable for the company. They are trained to make their best. The new section Daytours is presently lead and operated by Carla Department of State Santos, director of merchandise development at Drive South Africa. She has a batch of experience in the touristry industry, and an educated background. The managers set uping new divisions in travel for pulling more clients. Carla ‘s background in touristry and direction should give her the accomplishments to execute good, of the jobs already noticed by the managers is that Carla has jobs with diving work among others and sharing cognition, this can be forced by clip force per unit area, but can besides be one of her short approachs.


Management rolling about is characterized by directors really walking around, inquiring inquiries and speaking with employees. The aim of this direction manner is to accomplish harmoniousness in the organisation between direction and employees through face to confront contact every bit good as keep abreast of current operational developments ( Daft, 2000 ) .

The ambiance at the office is relaxed, people make gags and they laugh together, in this there is no difference in a first-line employee and the directors, still there is a difference between those groups, non deliberately, but observations made clear, responses towards directors are more careful. They are treated with regard.


The basic status of employment act, 1997 and sum-up of the employment equity act, are posted on the wall, seeable for every employee, the intent of the first act is to progress economic development and societal justness by carry throughing the primary objects of this act ( Africa, 1997 ) which are:

To give consequence to and modulate the right to fairlabour patterns conferred by subdivision 23 ( 1 ) of the fundamental law.

By set uping and implementing basic conditions of employment

By modulating the fluctuation of basic conditions of employment

To give consequence to duties incurred by the democracy as a member province of the international labour organisation.

The intent of the 2nd act “ drumhead of the employment equity act ” ( Africa, 1998 ) is to accomplish equity in the workplace by:

Promoting equal chance and just intervention in employment through the riddance of unjust favoritism.

Implementing affirmatory action step to right the disadvantages in employment experienced by designated groups, to guarantee their just representation in all occupational classs and degrees in the work force.

The employees and managers of Drive South Africa believe in equality, everybody should acquire the same ordinances and interventions, every employee at the same occupation degree is equal and even the directors have to populate by the same regulations. They believe in their merchandise, in what they do for life. Example is the company ‘s apparels, after certain period of working at the office an employee gets a Drive South Africa blouse to have on. This contributes to the ambiance in the company, makes them experience like a close group. Lapp with drinks after work, managers mix with first line directors and housemans every bit good.


In a steady organisation with continuity all seven facets described above are balanced, but every company has strength and failings. This analysis of Drive South Africa made clear the organisational strength are in experience and cognition, but the short approachs are in employees particularly freshly hired. Background of the employees, managers and directors of the company are widely recognized within the country. IT offers them excess work load besides regular undertakings, but it besides gave them the chance to admit the alteration of widening their services towards travel.

Although experience in travel is less present within the company, they are eager to larn and hold tonss of thoughts for development. As experience and skilled current employees are, new employees suffer from larning and catching up. Knowledge is barely shared and small preparation is offered, they are non used to develop fellow co-workers, because of this silent cognition employees go forthing the company take with them much cognition and it ‘s a large loss for the company.

Other points to watch are the construction, but of minor importance since the current system works. The manner, system and shared values of the company are balance ; all arose from south African traditions and values. Employees of the organisation are happy, have freedom to talk and are respected for their parts.


The five force theoretical account of Michael porter ( Porter, 1985 ) is a tool for analysing the subdivision construction. The analysis of the competitory forces is done by the designation of 5 cardinal happening forces. At a glimpse, the theoretical account shows the most of import factors to find the possibility to make a competitory advantage. It besides shows the bing companies in the market which possibilities are available for strengthen the attraction of the market, when the market is easy to come in, can they for illustration introduce a quality grade or attesting to make cleavage in the providers of quality and providers in the border.

Figure 5: Michael E. Porter 5 Force Model


Rivalry between companies is high if there is no balance between challengers, overrun, and high resign barriers. The barriers to vacate are for mediators like Daytours non high, they sell Tourss but do n’t hold goods in stock and hold no duties towards clients they can non maintain.

Uncertainty factors for the industry are recent jobs within the state. Tourists are concelling their Tourss due to the intelligence study they get from journalists. The xenophobia, slayings, colzas, onslaughts and electrician burden casting have no positive influence for the touristry market as a whole. So lone companies with good repute are able to convert the tourer non to call off their Tourss after new studies for illustration force degrees in the state. But even this small crisis will non halt the tourer from winging to this portion of the universe.


Buyer power is of import for a company to find how much they can be influenced by their clients.

Daytours is non the lone company selling twenty-four hours Tourss in south Africa, there are many other tourer organisation in south Africa and even outside South Africa, which are making the same. The list of concern supplying the same services is long, a few illustrations ( found by seeking on the cyberspace for twenty-four hours Tourss in South Africa ) :


African sky

Lynx Tourss

Charming journeys

Springbok Atlass

All African ventures

Daytours work with 15 providers. Most of these spouses organize several Tourss, but in specific instances a specializer like white shark carge plunging they merely sell one specific Tourss. Others like tourvest inbound supply them with several options to sell. Some providers demand daytours to entirely sell their twenty-four hours trip in a specific country. This confines a house in their pick of providers, if they truly want to work with this organisation.

The place of the provider seems ever stronger, because there are fewer providers than purchasers in the subdivision. Exclusive rights for selling a circuit are merely gettable for the highest monetary value. Too much money to believe of this as a serious option, they chiefly work with committees, sell more Tourss gain more money per circuit. Many providers sell their ain Tourss excessively, they use companies like daytours as an extension of their ain company.


In daytour the providers have a batch of power, what this specific portion of porters model an of import theoretical account for market analysis and as stated before, the provider sells the merchandise to mediators like thrust South Africa, but besides has the chance to sell the merchandise straight a moneymaking state of affairs for them since they spread their opportunities of selling are high. Following to this advantage of the market, the provider besides has another privilege. The market for touristry is overcrowded in south Africa, many see one ‘s alteration to get down in touristry. This state of affairs creates an even more moneymaking market for providers. They can pick the bigger companies, make contracts with smaller 1s and are able to implement organisations non to sell comparative services or merchandises. The provider is even more in favor if he has a monopoly in the industry like being the lone concern selling rappeling from Table Mountain. But fortuitously for Drive South Africa this seldom happens, because there are many houses with same sort of merchandises or services. This reduces the power of the provider a spot.

Fortunately for the mediators in touristry, many replacements exist for all sorts of merchandises or services. Examples are wine Tourss, shark coop diving, campaign, whale observation, surfing and sightseeing Tourss.


The menace of replacements researches if there are other or alternate ( possible ) services offered which are or can go a menaces to Drive south Africa ‘s services one of the chief menaces in this topic is internet, but providers and other touristry organisations excessively.

In today ‘s concern people have the possibility to purchase a merchandise online and purchase their merchandise in traditional shops. Buying online typically considers several hazards ; tourer is an of import factor for purchasers in their determination where to purchase their merchandises. Sellers have the possibility to utilize a low cosr scheme, or they can vie utilizing a scheme which they differentiate themselves from others, because they are less hazardous, more sure and have a better repute in the market.

Their current selling scheme is based on advancing their trade name name to go known in south Africa and the travel industry. The ultimate end is to be a strong trade name with frogmans going divisions which offer the ( possible ) client a assortment of services for their vacations.


New entries in the touristry industry are of import in finding the menace for Drive South Africa. By new entries in this market three factors are of chief importance, Start-up rate for south African companies which allows to lawfully make concern, the 2nd is the tendency towards internet touristry and third the web of spouses.

Start-up rate: Harmonizing to a Deloitte study ( Brief, 2007 ) South Africa has the 2nd last start-up rate and the 2nd lowest new company statistics in the universe. Apart from Mexico, South Africa start-up concern is least likely to hold a shelf life of more than 3, 5 old ages. Get downing a concern and to finish all processs to lawfully run a concern will necessitate 35 yearss in south Africa ( World Development Indicators database, 2007 ) .

Internet Tendency: The tendency towards the usage of cyberspace for travel engagement is likely to spread out and rule. Easy jet and Ryannair claim that the bulk of their engagement and up to 80 % is coming from consumers booking straight online. More and more people trust the cyberspace plat signifier to arrage their stock list and as more administrations will develop their offering on-line ( Buhalisa & A ; Licata, 2002 ) .

Network: Many parnerships of the company are based on friendly relationship. They both have an extended web which is used for partnerships. Outsourcing and acquiring in tourch with new possible clients and parners.


In drumhead the market analysis, the market is stressed and tightly banded with companies willing to derive trust of the tourer. In general they are all traveling the same waies and are directing at the same ends. This makes it difficult to last.

The lone manner to get the better of their challengers is to sell a alone merchandise, win the trust over and invariably do certain to maintain one measure in front of the rivals. Problems for Drive South Africa which they can non overcone nearby hereafter are providers, compared to the other forces in the analysis providers power is ruling, being their rival and provider. The lone option to cut down supplier power is to work closely together, and seek to go sole partners/own the sole rights for selling their Tourss.

The chances for Drive South Africa is this stressed market arise from their extended web and their assortment in service in future. Not many companies have the same opprtunuties they have, with friends working in chief tourer companies in south Africa.

Besides have rivals non the same services as drive South Africa will offer to ( possible ) clients in nearby hereafter, others chiefly stick to one service.



The external analysis of Drive South Africa can besides be analysed by looking at the PESTLIED factors, the factors that exit in the environment in which drive South Africa operates and can hold a positive or negative consequence on the concern.


South Africa is one of the most peaceable states in Africa, since its independent, it has enjoyed a peaceable environment without any war or political instability of any sought. This means it ‘s easier for Drive South Africa to carry on its concern. It can do investings without any carnival of loosing resources.


The major economic factor impacting Drive South Africa negatively are the high revenue enhancement rate that are imposed on the company by authorities and this requires the company to pay high revenue enhancement

The south African authorities pursues what can be regarded as a balanced macroeconomic policy, aimed at monetary value stableness and economic growing despite this mineral resources. The chief resources are gilded, diamond, Pt, Cr, V, coal, Fe ore, U. These minerals make up approximately 60 % of the full export ( Factbook, 2008 ) .

A crisp bead in mineral resources monetary values consequences in slower economic growing or recession, and can do economic uncertainness with negative deductions on disposable income which will finally impact Drive South Africa.

In the past thrust South Africa and many other companies were affected by high rates of rising prices, late Drive South Africa benefited from the individual digit rising prices rate. Futher more, Drive South Africa continued growing in the recent old ages was besides aided by strong growing of south Africa ‘s economic system.


In the social-cultural factors that affect Drive South Africa operations positively and negatively are the tourer coming into south Africa non understanding the civilization, tourer semen into south Africa every twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours because they are peace loving people that love and attention for aliens.


The technological environment has presented a batch of chances for thrust South Africa, thrust South Africa use a high degree of engineering, the hiring of autos and engagement of Tourss are done online with the usage of companies website. The web site is the company ‘s client interface, the premier beginning of client experience and hence the most of import communicating component of e-commerce and besides can book for Tourss online with the usage web site.


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