Hamasis a Palestinian terrorist organisation which chiefly consists of Islamic paramilitary forces. The name Hamas, means Islamic Resistance Movement. This Palestinian Islamic group was formed manner back in 1987 as a consequence of the Israeli taking up most of the West Bank or Gaza strip. The hawkish group was founded by Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. He was of Egypt beginning and was strongly supported by many charitable organisations and other societal establishments. The Palestinian activists who are largely Islamic affiliates, was hence formed with the chief purpose of driving Israelis out of the West Bank.

This was hence achieved through monolithic projectile onslaughts launched by the Hamason the Israeli civilians every bit good as those who occupied the Gaza strip on the West Bank to acquire the Israeli traveling back to Israel. The long-run end of the Hamashas hence been to set up strong Islamic provinces on all Palestinian districts that preponderantly belonged to Palestine. The Hamas chiefly fight for the Restoration of Palestinians historic rights. The group ‘s leader was at one clip quoted for saying that the military operations of the group would discontinue one time Palestinian historic rights were restored ( Levitt ; A ; Ross, 2007 ) .

Most bookmans believe that Hamasis a socio-political organisation. Hamasmainly occupy the Gaza side of Palestine. Therefore, the Hamasare chiefly located in the Gaza strip on the Palestinian side where they won a bulk of the parliamentary seats.

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Hamasis found on a solid papers which by all agencies mimics terrorist tactics and life style. The original papers that binds the Hamasstrongly condemns the Israeli and declares war on them. The group is nevertheless non poised towards the devastation of Israelites entirely. It is besides concerned with the societal well-being of the Palestinians.

Prior to the formation of the Hamas group, the Israeli authorities subjected the group to thorough economic countenances. Diplomatic countenances were besides rife in the new organisation. This about grounded most of their operations at the initial phases before they gained pes and became independent.

There are two chief subdivisions within the group. The first is concerned with the societal plans which have seen the building of many schools, mosques and infirmaries. Many of the schools within the Palestinian districts are built by the Hamas. The Hamaswork in cohorts with the Muslims authoritiess to supply the societal comfortss to its people. Many suggest that this has so impacted on the image of the organisation and presented it as a positive organisation, salvage for the devastation of Israel that it commits its members to.

The 2nd subdivision of the Hamasorganization is concerned with the military operations. This is carried out below the surface and is led by Izz al-Din Qassam Brigades. This 2nd subdivision was created in 1992. In add-on, the hawkish group of Hamasoperates independently and at times contradicts their ain Hamaspolicies. The military cabal of the Hamasat most times gives the group a dark image since many research workers have associated the group with devastation and slaying. It is of import that we understand the many faces of Hamasto appreciate their function in the Muslim universe. Hamasis therefore against any Israeli invasion of historically Palestinian districts.

They are nevertheless the chief cause of struggle in the Gaza strip. Understanding the generation of the struggle is cardinal to cognize how the Hamasoperate and co-ordinate.

Who financess the Hamas?

The Hamasobtains most of its hard currency from its protagonists, who are chiefly Palestinians and Arabs in different states. They send money to back up the military and societal plans of the group. Harmonizing to Milton-Edwards and Farrell ( 2010 ) , the Hamasalso get fiscal AIDSs from the Muslim provinces who are enemies of the Israelis. These provinces buy weaponries and send the cargo to the Gaza strip to prolong the military operations of Hamaswithin the country.

There have been attempts to seek and barricade the histories of the Hamasgroup, but all have been ineffectual. Researchers confess that every bit long as Hamasreceives support from the Muslim universe, it is extremely improbable for the group to discontinue its operations within the West Bank. Although many of their protagonists deny holding any links with the terrorist group, it is apparent that the Hamashave more friends and protagonists than enemies. If anything, it is merely the Israelis who are enemies of this hawkish group and this is the ground for their being.

The biggest protagonist of the Hamasgroup is Saudi Arabia which contributes up to 50 % of the group ‘s fundss ( Hroub, 2006 ) . Mishal and Sela ( 2000 ) estimation that the one-year budget of the hawkish terrorist group is about, 70 million US dollars ; this is a big budget which requires the support of several outside foreparts to be able to run into it. Most of This money goes towards back uping schools, infirmaries and spiritual organisations that are preponderantly Muslim based.

Furthermore, many of the Islamic charity organisations support the Hamasand contribute vastly towards their big budget. Iran is besides known to fund the Hamasbudget though merely to a little proportion. There are besides several other Arab provinces that fund the group ‘s operations since most if non all the Arab provinces are anti-Israel. Private charities continuously support the group ‘s operations in the West Bank. These societal establishments have supported Hamas for decennaries as a consequence of the group ‘s association to building and development undertakings such as edifice schools, infirmaries and spiritual organisations and establishments.

Are they a menace to the U.S?

The US supports Israel with monolithic proportions. The US support for Israel has ne’er been concealed. On the other manus, the Hamas are enemies of the Israelis. This makes the circle complete ; the US is hence at menace of the Hamas. A acute expression at the policies of the Hamas reveals that the Hamas group chiefly fights Israeli forces that have occupied sites that are historically Palestine district.

Harmonizing to Rosaler ( 2003 ) , recent onslaughts on the US, including the 9/11 terrorist onslaughts were chiefly propagated by forced believed to be of Hamas beginning, the Al-Qaeda. The Hamas are closely linked to the Al-Qaeda, the chief terrorist cell which makes the US tremble.

The US directive to censor Hamas from accessing Jordan in 1999 sparked hostility and barbarous belowground war within the West Bank part. This action put US on the topographic point as a possible mark. Furthermore, it is besides apparent that the US supports 100 % of all Israeli military operations against the Hamas terrorist cell. The US frequently fights such distant war in the pretense of stoping terrorist act. As such, the US invasion of Iraq had a concealed docket. One of the grounds was to contend terrorist cells within the part which extended to the Hamas districts. The other ground which has frequently been mostly contradicted is that the US has vested involvements in the oil sedimentations within the part.

Critics argue that the US is so seting its caput into a bee hole by back uping the Israelis. The sum of support that Hamas has amassed from the Arab universe is amazing. It is merely a affair of clip before the group grows into other major subdivisions and cuneuss uninterrupted terrorist onslaughts on the Israelis and their formidable Alliess, the US.

Tacticss employed by the Hamas

The Hamas has adopted several tactics that it uses to contend their wars. One of these tactics is through utilizing kids as human shields. This has been condemned by the Human Rights organisations worldwide. Israel claims to be in ownership of a picture footage demoing the Hamas utilizing kids as human shield. In a state where there is no jurisprudence, this sort of action can non be efficaciously punished. Hamas continue to utilize this tactic to day of the month while contending their wars against the Israeli and its Alliess within the West Bank.

Young kids are frequently taught at an early age to detest the Israelites and declare war against them. These kids are subsequently used to contend in wars with Israeli forces. Most of the kids who are used are usually given specific marks which they would walk to and blow up. For case, in 2002, a kid walked into a convoy of Israeli soldiers and blew himself up killing the full group of soldiers. This sparked a series of onslaughts on the Hamas within the Gaza Strip.

Furthermore, the Hamas besides use kids battlers during war. This has besides been mostly condemned owing to the fact that kids are non to be used at war. The kids battlers are recruited through the Hamas web site for kids, the Al Fateh ( Tamimi, 2007 ) . Children battlers are revered for their accomplishment and artlessness at war, doing them unsuspicious soldiers who kill with impunity. The kids battlers are frequently trained by the Hamas groups in establishments established for this intent. They are viewed as nationalists and are therefore given specific marks where they would establish onslaughts on civilians on a regular footing.

Tamimi ( 2007 ) insinuates that Israeli forces within the West Bank have learnt their lessons non to swear kids walking into their convoy. As such, any kid nearing them is normally taken out instantly.

The Hamas besides wedge onslaughts on civilians of Israeli beginning. This is a tactic that the group has used for many old ages now. It is chiefly carried out by pelting civilian homes in Israeli districts believed to be historically Palestinian district. The Human Rights Watch has faulted Hamas for offenses against worlds, by utilizing kids battlers and human shield and besides for establishing civilian onslaughts. This maneuver has left Hamas with more enemies than friends.

Attacks on civilians include auto bombs, roadside bombs in countries or roads frequented by the civilians of Israeli beginning, among other terrorist-like onslaughts. Rockets are frequently sent at targeted Israeli edifices and civilian districts, a fact that has frequently sparked hostility between the Israeli Alliess and the Palestinian Hamas affiliates.

Guerilla warfare is possibly the oldest tactic that Hamas continues to use against Israeli forces within the West Bank. The Gaza Strip has been described as the place of guerrilla tactics by the Hamas activist groups. It is here that many of the Israeli forces have died as a consequence of the guerrilla warfare.

How unsafe is the group today?

  • Hamas is closely linked with major terrorists and present a great security hazard in the air space and Israeli allied states, such as the US.
  • The group is besides unsafe since it teaches kids of Muslim beginning to detest Israelis and the United States.
  • The increasing figure of suicide onslaughts within the Gaza Strip threatens to kill more guiltless civilian in the approaching hereafter, therefore the Hamas are unsafe.
  • It is non clear when and where they will strike next. Their guerrilla tactics makes them really unsafe.
  • The terrorist onslaughts advanced by the Hamas threaten to procrastinate economic developments within the West Bank part.
  • Their propinquity to civilians makes the group to be highly unsafe as most of the casualty during wars wedged by them is guiltless civilians.
  • The group threatens regional peace at the Gaza Strip every bit good as the West Bank, hence devising human life in these countries to be a challenge. The Hamas activist activities frequently leave many displaced off from their places as they seek a safe oasis.
  • The group threatens international peace since its protagonists offer a strong force against its enemies. The consequence may be two foreparts confronting each other, that is, the Israeli being supported by the United States and the Hamas being supported by the Arab states such as Saudi Arabia. A World War may be brewing and waiting to go on.
  • If left undiscouraged, the Hamas are likely to contend and displace the Israeli who have lived in the West Bank for old ages. This threatens the well being of the Israelis as they are exposed to being refugees.
  • The Hamas group continues to develop belowground cells which are a menace to the international security from the past terrorist activities witnessed.

The Hamas is an Muslim Resistance Movement which fights to reconstruct the historic Palestine districts. This group has been a formidable force within the West Bank and Gaza Strip for old ages. Its chief activities have been military organisation against the Israelites every bit good as edifice schools, clinics, spiritual establishments among other societal establishments.

The Hamas group was formed manner back in 1987 under the leading of the Egyptian brother, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. It derives its funding from Arab states such as Saudi Arabia and Iran. Private charity establishments besides support and finance the activities of the Hamas. The Hamas have a policy book which they follow, although this is get downing to be sidelined as the group advances. The hawkish subdivision of the group is chiefly independent, pull offing its ain personal businesss under Izz al-Din Qassam.

Hamas therefore poses a serious menace to the security of the United States following several menaces that the group has made against the United States for back uping the Israelis. The US on the other manus has remained vigil in its support of the Israeli forces in the West Bank part.

Hamas usage several dirty tactics to contend their wars including the usage of kids battlers. Children are besides used as human shields during war, a fact that has been mostly condemned by the Human Rights Watch Canis familiariss. Hamas besides uses guerilla war tactics to efficaciously contend within the West Bank part against Israeli forces. Possibly the worst maneuver used by the Hamas is civilian onslaughts and self-destruction bombardments which are rampant in dumbly populated territories in the West Bank part. This has frequently led to the violent deaths of 100s of guiltless civilians.

The Hamas therefore pose a great security hazard owing to the group ‘s association to terrorist activities such as self-destruction onslaughts, roadside bombs among other terrorist characterized onslaughts. The Hamas has therefore grown into a to the full mature terrorist group and no longer simply advocates for the Restoration of the Palestine historic rights.


Stoping the activities of the Hamas group will so be an acclivitous undertaking owing to the big support that the group has amassed in the recent yesteryear. The Hamas group receives most of its support from the Arab states which are enemies with Israelis. It would be impossible to propose that the Hamas military operations would be stopped through converting the Arab states non to back up the group ‘s activities. What about the private charity organisations?

The best manner therefore to halt the Hamas from progressing would be to put international countenances on states that support Hamas. These countenances should be aimed at stultifying the state ‘s economic system such that there is really small that the states can make in footings of foreign trade. International countenances would work absolutely against the protagonists and Alliess of the Hamas by denying them trade chances.

The other recommendation would be to possibly acquire to the root of the group ‘s leading utilizing intelligence and extinguishing them one by one. This would stultify the group ‘s organisation and therefore they can non be able to lodge any war.


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