From the beginning, the Scots parliament edifice at holyrood was surrounded with contention. The edifice was needed to be completed within a short sum of clip. The edifice is needed to suit the members of the new Scottish parliament. There were a figure of jobs to get down with ; the location and edifice type of the new parliament had to be decided. Whether to renovate and refit exiting edifices or to make a new intent built parliament. After much treatments and debates the Scots functionaries lead by Donald Dewar. In January 1998 they have decided on the Holyrood site as a intent built parliament offering to do a statement about Scotland ‘s hereafter, its metropolis centre location and its historical links ( Scots Parliament web site ) . The pick of design and designer was done by design competition which saw 70 squads, but merely five squads were considered for the concluding competition. The Five squads were asked to bring forth declarative design thoughts for the Parliament edifice at Holyrood. The concluding determination was taken and the competition was won, on 6th of July1998 by Enric Miralles Moya of Barcelona in partnership with RMJM ( Scotland ) Ltd of Edinburgh. The undertaking when it was eventually delivered it was 3.5 old ages over agenda and ?300m over budget.

The Scots parliament launched an enquiry to look into the issues and methods used in the undertaking. The enquiry is known as The Holyrood Inquiry conducted by Lord Fraser. The findings of the enquiry recognized a figure of issues which affected the undertaking. In this paper an scrutiny of the inquiries which should hold been asked of the design squad at the clip designing, securing and building.

Main Cause for Late Delivery of the Undertaking:

The study produced by the Auditor General Report in 2004 came to the following chief decision: The chief cause of the 20 months hold to the undertaking, since September 2000, was the production of elaborate design fluctuations and the late supply of information during the building procedure.

First, it would be utile to get down the probe by sing the procurance path chosen for the undertaking. The determination to follow building direction as the procurance vehicle for the building of the Holyrood edifice was found to be “ one of the most important, if non the most important ” determinations taken during the class of the undertaking. Separate building direction offers gave the advantage of velocity but a disadvantage that the monetary value was unsure until the last contract had been leased ( one of the over-budget grounds for the undertaking ) .

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With respects to the procurance method adopted, there was an unequal degree of rating or apprehension of the building direction path ; later curates were non informed of all the hazards involved ; and one of the chief grounds for hold is that the client was non experienced plenty to cover with a complex undertaking like that of the Scottish parliament edifice. In add-on, in the building procurance path, for the client to prevail over this deficit in experience he should hold entered into a contract with a more qualified undertaking director. Furthermore, the client should hold hired legion specialist contractors instead than merely the one chief contractor. This in fact gives the client closer engagement with the undertaking throughout its whole life-time. This is could be considered one of the grounds for the hold in the undertaking, as the client was non certain plenty about his demands and neither did he hold a clear construct of the undertaking as a whole.

As a consequence, alternatively of cut downing the continuance for presenting the undertaking, this pick was a chief ground for its hold since the hazards and challenges were non to the full appreciated by the client and undertaking direction beforehand. Furthermore, synchronising the design procedure with the building, combined with the clip force per unit area and the emphasis by quality issue, made patterned advance of the design procedure more hard to command and update. As a consequence, the elaborate design was made tardily at every phase.

How did the Architect affect the undertaking?

Obviously, there was some uncertainness about the plan throughout the whole undertaking, which is considered to be one of the chief factors that caused the hold. In other words, unattainable marks were chosen and set in topographic point within an unequal timetable. This slippage and uncertainness came approximately because:

There was a immense failure in the production of design information by the design squad or by the trade contractors. Unfortunately, Miralles – the design squad leader – died merely a few months after building started in 2000. This meant the loss of one of the chief connections between the client and the remainder of the design squad ( cited in ) .

The advancement between clients as respects the blessing of each action point in the undertaking and its mark. Unfortunately, there was a considerable hold during this phase.

Is the undertakings ‘ direction responsible for the hold?

To some extent, YES. Delay and Over budget. Audit Scotland stated in their study that “ Throughout the undertaking there was tenseness between the aims of clip, quality and cost ” , to do it more clear, this tabular array illustrates the terminal consequence of the undertaking, by utilizing building direction as the procurance path for the Holyrood undertaking.





First precedence

Failed – important slippage


Fixed budget

Failed – important addition


High quality required


They besides stated that the acknowledgment that was given to the importance of hazard direction was non sufficient. Furthermore, sing building direction as the lone method for securing the undertaking was non right ; due to the many standards and factors that form the method. It is clear that the advantage of this method is that it delivers undertakings with a high degree of quality within deadlines, particularly when applied with its sequence. On the other manus, unluckily it was non a method that is noted for supplying a fixed budget at the beginning. Nevertheless, the client considered that there was a fixed budget for the undertaking from the start but did non province clearly plenty what the budget really was. Here a considerable inquiry introduces itself: i.e. what were the base factors used by the client to province there was a fixed budget for the undertaking? At that phase at that place was neither a completed design nor a completed construct of the concluding position of the undertaking. It might be argued here that one of the chief negative influences on the undertaking was the utilizing of insufficient undertaking direction to present a undertaking with similar sensitiveness. Furthermore, this procurement path demands experienced clients to cover with it, and can non be used when cost certainty is one of the client precedences. In add-on, it gives the client an active function in the undertaking, which had a negative consequence on the undertaking. From different point of position, since there was nil fixed or unchangeable it would hold been more good to utilize another method or to modify the path that was chosen for the undertaking, in order to suit with the client demands more clearly.

Why was an out of day of the month brief being used?

Having a general thought about what happened in the cost appraisal for the undertaking, and how it changed during the planning procedure, will give a clear apprehension of the jobs that the undertaking faced. At the early phase, i.e. the first appraisal of the cost of the Scottish Parliament edifice, in July 1997, the Government referred to a scope of between ?10m to ?40m without clearly saying what these costs were intended to cover.

Desired Method for the undertaking

From the outlined procurance methods, the best method of procurance which should hold been used is direction undertaking. This method provides the client with the expertness required to originate the undertaking. Using the expertness provided by the direction contractor to construct the Scots parliament edifice would hold resulted in a better result. Management catching has the disadvantage of cost uncertainness, which was portion of the job when building direction was used. The difference is the inexperient client would non be responsible for tendering of plants bundles. The experience of direction contractor would hold benefited the undertaking by being involved at an early phase to overlook the design and raised the issues and concerns and worked to unclutter them. The usage of this method would hold given a considerable spread between the design and building phases, even though they overlap. The direction contractor would hold given advice to the client as jobs arise and provided solutions.


The Scots parliament undertaking presented valuable lessons to be considered in major future undertakings of its magnitude. From the Holyrood Inquiry it is clear that the undertaking was bound to neglect in run intoing its mark of clip and cost. The design of the edifice was complex and the accent of the client of an early completion did non let for equal planning and considered design. The complexness of the design caused troubles to pass on to tendereres and hard to gauge its cost. Complex designs require longer clip.

One of the chief issues of this undertaking was the multi-client organisational construction where there was non a individual point of control and leading, which is a key to the success of undertakings implementing building direction procurance method.

The method of direction catching should hold been considered as an alternate method to building direction. The direction catching method would hold suited this type of undertaking as it delivers the fast path demand and given adequate clip to be after and plan the undertaking.


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