He is a 47-year-old male who states that he has had a 7-year history of palpitations, which he describes as skipped, or fast beats. He states that the trigger is unclear. They can either last a few seconds, or several days, but he states also that he has had no rapid beating for sustained durations. He states that he also can get several episodes per month. He states also that he had an echo done seven years ago, when hose symptoms presented themselves, however was “normal. He also states that these palpitations are not aggravated by exercise, or weight lifting Positive for borderline hypertension for the last seven years. He denies history of stroke, coronary artery disease, myocardial infarction, diabetes, or Cinderella one at age 10 for suspected rheumatic fever. FAMILY HISTORY Father is living, age 74. He does have Alchemist’s but otherwise in good health. Mother is living in her ass’s also.

She is a breast cancer survivor. Is a nonsmoker, he also denies any type of caffeine use. He admits to rare alcohol use. He denies any type of illicit drug use. He is married. He has two children who are living and well, and he exercises on a daily basis, either with weight training or cardiac workout. He is employed full time. Current medications include vitamins, that being in a form of a multivitamin, vitamin

C which he takes on a daily basis, and fish oil when he remembers. No known drug allergies. Negative for fever or viral illness. He admits to fatigue, primarily after his episodes. EYES: He has no visual changes or field deficits. However, he does wear glasses for vision correction.


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