History Final

throughout the decades was a nation that was constantly having to prove itself
and show how far it had come since they had fought for their freedom England,
and there hard didn’t go unnoticed. From Reconstruction to the Progressive Era’s
America was on an incline like never ben and soon emerged as a leading
industrial and urban nation, while many were doing well, some people weren’t having
the same luck. From farmers to businesses, everyone was looking for for a way
to manage stability through it all.

Throughout American history, people
relied on rural cities to provide everyone with what they were needing. But during
the Industrial Era, many companies and people began to move to bigger cities to
have more opportunity. Businesses found that they more of an opportunity if
they were closer to a bigger city, take Pittsburgh for example, it was the home
of iron and steel manufacturing. Chicago became the second largest city in the
nation with 1.7 million citizens. Businesses also established places like this because
they knew they would have better profits and with the railroads in major cities
they could transport good more easily if they were close by.  Businesses also were in ruthless competitions
with each other and as a result and a way to maintain order was by the companies
competing for monopoly over the whole market so that there would be more opportunity
for them solely.

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During this time period, many farmers
were starting to stop farming because before this time period, the economy elide
heavily on their crops they grew. But with industrialization came the dismantling
of farming because farms often made their products at home to sell and with new
factories, there was no longer a need for there goods as they could get the
same goods for cheaper through a company who manufactured the same good. One way
farmers were able to find stability was to able to use the railroads to
transport their goods to be sold over seas and still make an income that way.
As industries began to take over banks were more reluctant to give farmers
loans for more land since they knew farming wasn’t as profitable as it once

Before the 1900’s there was only 2 cities
in the U.S. that a population over 500,000 by the 1900’s there were 6 and while
they were expanding in population they were also expanding in size. Cities
began to have to expand with their rapid population growth, which led to many
leaving the small rural towns that many lived in for new opportunity. For the
cities this brought problems because many of the foreigners who were coming to
New York City and had no English so it made it hard between the cultures so the
Chinese’s and other cultures usually set up communities of people of their
culture to have around. The cities found stability through this because the
businesses could get cheap labor out of them for long hours.




Imperialism, refers to the economic, military, and cultural influences on other
nations. American Imperialism is based off of the Manifest Destiny which stated
that America should one day stand, from sea to shining sea. When that was
fulfilled many people believed that America had a role to play in other
countries affairs. They believed America was different and it should spread its
liberty and democracy beyond our borders. American Imperialism represented a
new Manifest Destiny by doing exactly what that. America had the experience as
it had participated in its fair share of wars. This represented a new manifest destiny
because, by while America was shining from sea to sea, they also annexed
several of the countries in which they got involved in their affairs, and that
is how we acquired Hawaii, which furthers Americas expansion. While the progressive
moment was growing in America, three presidents felt that it was such a
pressing issue that they felt it should be addressed in their foreign policy.


Due to the assassination of President
McKinley, Roosevelt became the first progressive era president. At this time,
he was the youngest president ever and he was also seen as the model president
for the 20th century. President Roosevelt, pushed for more direct
federal regulation of the economy. He believed that Americans were destined for
supremacy in economic and political affairs. In his eyes the people of smaller
countries were weak and were incapable of self-governing. Roosevelt wanted the
US to dominate the western hemisphere. He allowed the progressive movement to influence
him to be a social activist to other countries, because he felt it was Americas
duty to get involved with their affairs.

While Taft, had experience dealing with foreign
countries, as Roosevelt’s secretary, he never really grasped the balance between
politics, power, and leadership when it came to foreign affairs. But unlike
Roosevelt, Taft didn’t feel the need for America to “show off” how powerful it
was and use “dollar for bullets” but instead he showed a more peaceful way
handling things between opposing nations. Taft, used the progressive movement
to help bring reform in a more relaxed way than Roosevelt did.

Wilson, was seen as a very big public
leader and he imposed a graduated income tax on the richest five percent of
Americans. He established the Clayton Act of 1914, which exempted labor unions
from antitrust laws, and he presided over the FTC and Federal Reserve. He intervened
with Caribbean more than any other president before his time. He wanted other
countries to learn how to be able to determine their own future so, his foreign
policy was that he wanted to advance Mexico’s democratic ideals. He was torn because
one hand he wanted to lead the way for them but on the other he wanted them to
learn for their selves. Under the leadership of Wilson, America saw that more
people wanted to control their own destinies, and he wanted the U.S. to help
them, but at the same time, he wanted to make sure it would not affect the


             The Great Depression was a time of economic downfall
not just in America but through out the world. Like every other crisis,
Americans turn to one person in those times, the president. At this time Hoover
was president and many Americans felt that they could not lean on him at this
time. Many felt that he was inadequate and uncaring about what was going on. Hoover
believed that this was just a little hitch in the economy and that it would
eventually be able to work itself out. He was very opposed to the government intervening
or stepping in to help the citizens who had lost everything due to the
depression. He did however hope that businesses would voluntarily maintain
investment and employment. He also wanted charities to help needy neighbors. Many
saw him as out of touch because he would try to tell people the “tide had
turned” when in reality nothing had changed and it didn’t seem like the
president cared too much.

Unlike Hoover, Roosevelt felt that the
government should take responsibility and help the people of America out. His
ideas were known as the “New Deal” which he hoped would lead to a speedy
recovery in the economy. He got congress to create new agencies to further help
those. The biggest part of Roosevelt’s plan was the National Industrial
Recovery Act, which was the largest government-business partnership. It created
the NRA, National Recovery Administration, which worked with groups of business
leaders to establish industry codes that set prices, output, and working
conditions. Roosevelt took huge steps to help get people back to work, which
helped reassure them about the economy. He helped establish the Civilian Works
Administration, the Civilian Conservation Corps, and the Tennessee Valley
Authority. Everything Roosevelt aimed to do was to help get the economy out of
a depression and the American peoples trust back into it. Many saw him and ideas
as a socialist move, but he felt that government aid and assistance after the
depression was necessary. The regulations that FDR put into place almost 100
years ago, are still implemented today.


many times in American history black people were subject to being treated no
better than dirt and had been through a lot over the centuries. From being to
slaves to being set free, and everything in between. Their beginning in America
was harsh but beginning in the 1940’s African Americans luck was beginning to change.
During WW2 blacks were ready to stand up and fight for what Roosevelt called, “The
Four Freedoms”. All while blacks themselves, were not able to enjoy these
freedoms. This caused the actual status of their freedom to be brought to the
front of Americans attention. The war’s first African-American hero emerged
from Pearl Harbor. Also during the war a man named Charles Drew was the first
scientist who pioneered the technique to store and ship plasma.  Before the war the military had limits on
black who could join the army. But by the end over 1 million were fighting in
the army, of course they were segregated units.

In May of 1954, the supreme court ruled that
it was illegal for schools to be segregated anymore and that they would eventually
be integrated, while most schools complied some schools in Alabama and
Arkansas, did not want to integrate. Another move towards socially equality for
blacks was Rosa Parks and the infamous bus ride where she refused to give up
her seat to a white passenger and was arrested and went to jail. In September
of 1957, Central High School one of the last schools to integrate finally had
made the move that had been court ordered 3 years before. 9 students went black
students went to school there that day, and it was a historical one as the media
covered it. In 1963, MLK gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech in which he talks
about a futuristic America where whites and blacks live amongst each other. In
July of 1964, JKF signs the Civil Rights Act where no one can be discriminated based
on their color. Blacks had finally gotten the right they had been working so
hard to get since the day they came here. In 1965, they were given the right to
vote with no barriers. While there had been many great movements throughout history
that defined blacks fight for their rights. One moment that defined just how
hard they had worked was the election of Barak Obama in 2008 as the first
African-American president of the united states and went on to serve two terms.

 While it
may not have been the easiest time for them throughout the history of our nations
blacks have shown resilience and have never given up the good fight to get them
were they are today. While we still deal with issues on race, African-Americas
quality of life is much better form where they started. Oprah Winfrey who is a
black woman is one of the richest women in America. This leads me to believe
that America really is the land of the free because she came from nothing and
has fought so hard to get to where she is, just like the rest of the black


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