Regular physical activity has been linked to all of the following EXCEPT
lower life expectancies.
Regular aerobic exercise can reduce which type of cholesterol known as “bad cholesterol”?
Which of the following is true about target heart rate?
It is a percentage of your maximum heart rate.
Women who lift weights will not develop the same bulky muscles as men due to lower levels.
Exercise helps with weight control by increasing the body’s
metabolic rate.
Which of the following is not true about hypothermia?
It usually happens in temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
Training for muscle endurance can be done with
free weights, machines, resistance equipment, or your own body weight.
An example of an exercise to build core strength would be
abdominal curl-ups.
A vigorous workout raises a person’s metabolic rate during exercise and for several hours.
With weight training, women can expect to develop muscle to the same extent as men.
Which of the following is NOT a major health-related component of physical fitness?
Body image
Walking to class or up a flight of stairs would be examples of
physical activity.
Which statement best summarizes the association between exercise and improved immunity?
Moderate-intensity exercise temporarily increases the number of white blood cells, thereby boosting immunity.
Exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease by all of the following EXCEPT
increasing LDL levels.
All of the following are ways to measure the intensity of cardiovascular exercise EXCEPT
blood gas analysis.
Tasha is 20 years old and wants to find her 60 percent target heart rate. This calculation would equal
120 beats per minute
Which of the following statements is true about tai chi?
Tai chi is an ancient Chinese form of exercise widely practiced in the West that promotes balance, coordination and meditation.
The amount of force that a muscle is capable of exerting is referred to as
muscular strength.
The principle of fitness training that holds that the body should be gradually required to do more than it is used to doing is
If you can perform regular moderate to vigorous levels of physical activity without excessive fatigue you are considered to be
physically fit.
Exercise can improve mental health by
burning off chemical byproducts of the stress response and increasing endorphins.
All of the following are overuse injury EXCEPT
ligament sprain.
All of the following are part of the RICE formula for treating sports and fitness-related injuries EXCEPT
apply heat at the injury site.
Which of the following is the most serious form of heat-related illness?
What of the following would NOT be good advice for someone who is purchasing running shoes?
Make sure there is no extra room in the toe box.
A person with strong core muscles has improved posture and
reduced chance of injury.
When doing some form of aerobic exercise, you are at an appropriate intensity when you are
able to talk to someone.
A swimmer trying to improve her stroke performance concentrates mainly on upper body weight training; her training program is an example of
The body’s core muscles are
back and abdominals.
General pain that occurs below the knee and above the ankle is called
shin splints.
Good advice to someone who wants to exercise in hot weather would include all of the following EXCEPT
restrict the intake of fluids before working out.
A sprained ankle should be iced
for 20 minutes every hour for the first 24 to 72 hours.
Which type of exercise is designed to increase heart rate?
The amount of effort needed during a workout to improve some aspect of fitness is exercise
Longevity is positively correlated with the intensity of regular exercise.
People who exercise regularly experience physical benefits but not any psychological benefits.
The lower the intensity of activity, the longer the duration of exercise should be.
If you strain your muscle during exercise you should put heat packs on it when you get home to ease the pain and promote healing.
Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of muscles in the lower back.
Regular physical activity decreases LDL levels and increases HDL levels in the blood.

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