Billionth Booth University College March 18, 2014 Bob Goff and Diana Butler Bass presented different ways in how people should conduct their ways to be actively connective towards their religion and community. Bob Goff uses the book Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World to share remarkable stories from his life and shows how living and loving to the fullest is the best way to make Jesus known in the world.

While on the other hand Diana Butler Bass uses her book Christianity after Religion: The End of Church ND the Birth of a New Spiritual Awakening to discuss how people have interpreted belonging, behaving, and believing in the wrong order in today’s society and that a change needs to be made. Also Diana Butler Bass explains how people are becoming more spiritual and gives us a fresh interpretation of the spiritual but not religious trend through her research.

While reading Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World was an affective read because the main theme of actively pursuing something that you enjoy is something that civic engagement is truly based on. It is about actively pursuing your beliefs in a community, creating a stance and striving for change. Throughout all of history there has been one time or another that a social activist has made a change in the world for betterment and for a safer place to live.

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For instance, Martin Luther King Junior was the driving force behind gaining the rights of African Americans so that they would not be segregated anymore from the white Americans. Furthermore, it was also an attempt to steer the world in a direction that everyone should be treated as equals no matter what gender you are, color, and language that you speak.

Also this is relatable from my personal standpoint as my placement is at the Manitoba House where it is located in the North End where majority of the poverty is shown, and street violence. The Manitoba House is taking on the main idea of Bob Goofs Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World because it is actively pursuing opportunities for children to grow and prosper as the Manitoba House provides children with food, games, and care.

The Manitoba House allows children to engage in activities that interest the children such as arts and crafts, hockey type games: in stick hockey and air hockey which gives them a sense of relieve and gives them the ability to focus on the positives in life and not to focus on their struggle. Furthermore the Manitoba House promotes a healthy environment where everyone is to be accepted and to get along with all the other children that attend the Manitoba House so it prevents violence while the children are out on the streets and in essence it is breaking down barriers of counter cultures and subcultures.

In a nut shell, Manitoba House is actively pursuing a healthy environment and everyone is treated s equals so that in the future violence is not associated with the children and everyone can get along. In addition to the main message Bob Goff uses messages at the end of his chapters to explain the connection between his experience and how it connected to Jesus, and some of them really resonated with me because of actually witnessing some of these messages occurring in real life.

For example, Bob Goff takes his personal experience of getting all these invitations to visit all these national leaders for his family to go to visit, in which at the end he connects it to Jesus by explaining, “l think God sends out his messengers to tell everybody there’s plenty of room and there’s free food and conversation and adventure and a wonderful and generous host who us invited us by name” (Goff, 2012, up. 80-81).

This message really conveyed to me because I have witnessed this the last nine Saturdays that I have volunteered at the Manitoba House where they do not turn away any child even if they have a disability, or a different ethnicity then majority of the children. There is always room for new children to attend and participate in activities where everyone eels welcome. The other message that Bob Goff uses is the story that he explained of him being fired on the first day of his new Job.

This was as an important message because everyone has dealt with failure with some way or another. Failure is seen as a negative word which seems strange that people can relate to this as a good thing. Many times failure has made people look back in life and think about the mistakes that we have made back in life. Fear of failure prevents many people from following their dreams or having a go at something new. Fear of failing is failure in itself cause it holds back so many would be success stories.

This is truly vital towards civic engagement because you cannot be afraid to stand up for your rights even if you do not exceed at first because failure will only make you stronger and more resilient. Furthermore, someone with the same idea may learn from your mistake and take advantage of that opportunity and carry forth that idea and open many doors for other human beings in the world. On the other hand, Diana Butler Bass is right on, in her perceptive overview of where church is today.

Butler Bass claims that many Americans are not going to hurt anymore because many people do not connect with church anymore, because it does not connect with their real lives at all. Diana Butler Bass interprets that we have the wrong order of belief, behaving, and belonging. Butler Bass claims that in the early church it was the other way around, first you Joined, then you learned how the group behaved, and then you decided if what they believed was truly what you believed also.

But being there and showing love to both the community and the world outside was far more important than belief. If I were promoting belonging over believing I would be more open to developing reindeer’s with people who believe in things very differently because it is my preference to surround myself with all sorts of different people as I feel this is an enrichment of sorts. I like to exchange all sorts of ideas as long as people have similar morals we work Just fine. Furthermore, with different believes it enhances your individual uniqueness rather than being mirror images of one another.

In addition, I do agree with what Diana Butler Bass is promoting of making someone feel welcome and then you emphasize what they think because you want to get to know our circumstances of the type of people you will be present with and be able to cozy up to them, and so if they are the type of people you can trust. Once you are able to trust these people you are going to be able to express yourself more freely as they are now essentially your friends and will not abandon you as different opinions are more likely to be accepted.

This scenario is likely similar to the children that attend the Manitoba House because at first they do not know what to expect from the other children and the leaders on how they are going to be perceived, but once showing up few times a week they are able to speak to the leaders about their living conditions and if they are trouble. This is due to being able to belong in a house where everyone is accepted and being able to feel welcome where they know they can trust the leaders as they are there to help. In conclusion, both of these books were amazing reads because it made me think of civic engagement in different ways.

For example, Bob Goff used everyday things we do in our life and made a connection to how they can be related on how God is teaching us life lessons and how he wants us to perceive life. With some of the hinges such as waking up in the morning you take for granted as God in actuality is inviting you to live life, and God is some way or another guiding us to fail, for instance it is a great struggle for us to take our first steps us we continually fall but if we keep getting up we will eventually begin to walk.

These events can be related civic engagement as it is constant struggle to stand up for what you believe and go against the majority of the people that oppose your idea but you have to perceive and pursue your dreams. With Diana Butler Bass’ book is really helpful in explaining where our action is currently in Christianity, especially in the United States of America, and religion as a whole in the world.

The enjoyment of reading Diana Butler Bass’ book came when she mentioned the spiritual connection within the community known as re-logic which means re-connecting of communities, Christians can live more closely to the love of God experienced as love of neighbor as of self. Which is a main focus point of civic engagement where everyone should feel loved by everyone in the community where you are not scared that violence is going to be surrounding you and that everyone in a community should be treated as equals.


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