Horror movie, who does not like this genre movie? Almost everyone assuredly interested and addicted to the type of this movie. Although many people say they are afraid to watch it, but high curiosity encourages them to watch this one. In this year 2017, Indonesian’s movie industry is back with a new horror movie, Pengabdi Setan that become one the scariest movie ever. Pengabdi Setan is a perfect movie for horror movie lovers since of its great creepy effect, fresh storyline, and entertain. This horror movie was first released in Indonesia on September 28, 2017, with the duration 1 hour 47 minutes. The movie directed by Joko Anwar succeeded to captivate the audience in Indonesia. This movie also attracts movie lovers abroad. It can be proven of the acquisition 3 million more viewers after 20 days of the movie’s launching in Indonesia. Both this movie will be airing in Malaysia and Singapore on November 23, 2017, and others countries. Meanwhile, the sequel to this Pengabdi Setan movie will release in 2018. Furthermore, Pengabdi Setan 2017 is a remake from the previous original version of Pengabdi Setan 1980. Even though it has same title, yet this movie actually reboot from the movie director, Joko Anwar that makes different on the storyline. This new version presents a more complex story makes it difficult to guess. And also the way of Joko Anwar to portray every scene, such as the settings and background music, successfully bringing more gruesome atmosphere of this movie. It sees from the movie that received 13 nominations for Indonesian Film Festival award in 2017. The last reason is the characters and values of this Pengabdi Setan movie play an important role in the movie. The children’s characters are the funny parts of this one. And other characters also draw more attention to all movie lovers. This movie provides a religious value of Muslims who should not get involved in a satanic sect. As well as a sense of kinship attempted to protecting one of their family members makes this movie entertaining and touching, but still a chilling impress. Pengabdi Setan movie is different from other Indonesian horor movie because this movie does not show pornography or sexy of the characters. As a conclusion, Pengabdi Setan is match for those who like horror genre. The characters, the plot, the settings and everything managed perfectly could augment the hideous atmosphere further. This movie gives a lot of surprises for the storyline. The movie director, Joko Anwar successfully create this movie into one of the best Indonesian horror movies. Likewise, a sense of kinship, humor, and religious value also ??makes overall of the story in this movie more interesting. So, do not miss out this one and the sequel movie on the next year.


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