The sky was filled with darkness, only giving way to a small ghostly beam of piercing, white moonlight. The rage of the storm moved closer, destroying everything in its path like a savage beast. It relentlessly seemed to be moving closer and closer to Sam as he was driving home from work. The skies empty, as flocks of birds take refuge from the incoming terror. The wildlife that lived near the main roads abandoned there daily work and fled to their homes with the sense of danger burning in their minds. Sam, oblivious to the danger, kept driving with the urgency to get home – safe. For a few seconds the storm silenced. Suddenly, with a flash of lightening, the storm raided the town like a commander giving a signal to his army to fire. With the force of thousands of horses it ripe its way past through the trees with ease.

Meanwhile, Sam knew that the storm was bad news and the fact that his great grandma used to say that driving in the storm brings bad luck was lurking in his mind. Yet he did not shiver. Once Sam got home he parked his car in the garage. It was now raining so hard that in a few seconds he was completely drenched. The lightning struck again as if someone’s pale yellow fingers were ripping the sky apart into pieces. This caused the electricity to go off and Sam was left all alone on his driveway. He adjusted his eyes to the darkness and tried to look ahead but all he could see was darkness and only darkness. He wore a long, brown coat and a large pair of boots. A hood covered his head.

Somehow Sam managed to reach his house and he tried to find his house keys in his pockets but he realized that he had left them at his girlfriend’s house. In anger and frustration he banged his hand on the door. But, suddenly he heard a noise that seemed as if it was coming from inside. Shivers ran down his spine. He was scared. At first thought he thought that his house was being burgled, but then realized that the windows were all closed and the door lock was not broken. It didn’t make any sense to him nor did he want to think of any other conclusion. His heart was beating fast as if he just ran a marathon. He thought of informing the police but then he knew that it could be too late as the thief could have run away by time they arrived.

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At this point Sam was completely soaked and then storm had seemed to calm down. The electricity came back as the street lamps were lit up again. He decided to climb to the roof of his house where he could open the attic window and get into his house. The attic window had a special code that was to be needed if one was to get in. Thinking that this was the best possible solution, he started moving anxiously towards the thick solid pipes that ran down the side of his house. He wrapped his hands around the pipe and started climbing it as if he was a spider. With great struggle he managed to reach the top of the pipe and climb onto the roof. He was tired, shivering and scared. He gathered all the energy he had slowly and carefully moved towards the attic window where he entered the code in and open it. He entered the bedroom and again had to adjust his eyes to the darkness. The bedroom was just as he left it – the clothes were lying on the floor and the cupboard was open.

The rain had completely stopped but he could hear noises. Not only could he hear water droplets dripping outside but he could also hear soft squeaky voices but it wasn’t apparent where they were coming from. He first thought that his neighbors were right in saying that these houses were haunted. He slowly walked towards the corridor and started to come down the stairs. He heard another noise. He was pretty sure the noise, which sounded like someone had dropped something and shattered on the floor, was coming from the kitchen. He mumbled to himself, “Why would a thief want to be in a kitchen, it can’t be a thief?” At this moment in time his legs started to tremble with fear. The thought that it could be a ghost made him want to scream. Yet he was determined to find out what was lurking around in his kitchen. You could almost feel the tension. There was a chilling breeze whistling past which could be heard as the attic window was left open.

Recently his mother had died and she was buried in the cemetery a few doors away form his house, and not only that, she was very obsessed with keeping things clean especially in the kitchen. He shuddered to think that his mother has come back as a ghost to clean his kitchen. He thought that his mother had turned evil and come back as a ghost to punish him for not leaving the kitchen in a clean state. Although he loved his mother, he couldn’t prevent his imagination from running wild.

Whilst lost in deep thoughts, the thunder struck and he jumped in fight. Suddenly he heard something fall on the kitchen floor. The tension was killing him. He saw a small shadow move along the living room wall but his eyes couldn’t figure out what it exactly was. His heartbeat was increasing every minute and he could feel the blood rushing up to his head. His legs went numb. He bravely stood up and took small steps towards the kitchen. As he reached the kitchen door, he nervously peeped in, the thunder struck again and something jumped at his face. He was so immensely horrified that he became unconscious in a split second and fell to the ground.

The following morning, the police found Sam’s body outside the kitchen. They came to a conclusion that he died from a major heart attack. All they found on him was his wallet which has a few dollars and a picture of his pet cat in it. His cat stood silently beside Sam’s body, failing to understand why he had reacted in such manner when it jumped on him.


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