Our undertaking Hospital Management system includes enrollment of patients. hive awaying their inside informations into the system. and besides computerized charge in the pharmaceutics. and labs. Our package has the installation to give a alone Idaho for every patient and shops the inside informations of every patient and the staff automatically. It includes a hunt installation to cognize the current position of each room. User can seek handiness of a physician and the inside informations of a patient utilizing the Idaho. The Hospital Management System can be entered utilizing a username and watchword. It is accessible either by an decision maker or receptionist. Merely they can add informations into the database. The informations can be retrieved easy. The interface is really user-friendly. The informations are good protected for personal usage and makes the informations processing really fast. It is really of import to keep efficient package tohandle information of a Hospital. This application provides off to enter this information and to entree these in a simple manner. PROBLEM STATEMENT

Basically. job statement frequently have two elements which is the job itself. stated clearly and with adequate contextual item to set up why it is of import and the method of work outing the job frequently stated as the claim or a on the job thesis.

The bing systems provide the basic functionalities needed to be handled in a hospital direction environment. There is no intelligence of the package in such instances. In the bing system all the patient inside informations. physician handiness inside informations and sing the trials done to the patients prescribed by the physician is maintained manually by the receptionist. If a patient has to be admitted we need to look into the handiness of the bed which consumes tonss of clip if done manually. Besides there is no proper hunt technique to look into the patient information. It really hard undertaking to keep all the finance direction system. and the records which maintain physician inside informations. of the infirmary by utilizing this bing system. There are besides many cringles holes when we look at the security of the system. These are the chief disadvantages of the bing systems that are overcome in the proposed theoretical account

In our proposed system. we are traveling to supply solutionsto all the above mentioned jobs by automatizing the wholehospital direction system by utilizing an integrated package thathandles the whole system. The proposed system provides OneIntegrated View to Patients for Billing. Collection. Discharge Detail. PatientMedical History. Easy Query Handling for instant determination of Bed Allocationfor Patients. and petition for the Bed Transfers.

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Effective Search installation tosearch any type of information related to Patient history. Certain actionsare automated. for illustration. the day of the month need non be entered explicitlyby the user but alternatively the system adds it automatically whilestoring the information. One more advantage of this freshly proposed


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