Executive Summary

This study is based on the findings from Tripadvisor that aimed to analyze theissues of in Bella Vista Hotel and Resort Langkawi and provided therecommendations for bettering housekeeping direction in the futureexpansion. The findings in this study are harmonizing to the remarks fromguests who had been remaining in Bella Vista Hotel and Resort antecedently and makethe judgements on those serious issues in this peculiar hotel. The studyconfirmed the bing of inappropriate hotel housekeeping operation andmanagement would strongly act upon the image of hotel and take this hoteltowards low gross.

This study discusses on four issues of Bella Vista Hoteland Resort which are room hygiene and cleanliness concerns. inappropriatemaintenance. bathroom and comfortss every bit good as inconsistent manpowermanagement and other service. Because of the monolithic growing of travellers around the universe. the guests? perceptual experience to the hotel suites have been shifted otherwise compared the past. Hotel invitees are looking frontward a comfortableroom and proper hotel direction when they are remaining in peculiar hotel toincrease the satisfaction of invitees. It is shown that the remarks from hotelguests are effectual agencies of measuring the issues of Bella Vista Hotel andResort and the application of recommendations are highlighted.

Introduction to assignment aims

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Hospitality environment has ever played a cardinal function in the touristry and hotelculture. Lodging or Accommodation with service is the centre of any hotel in theworld. but late. it has been confronting many jobs. Society nowadays shiftsthe concerns from traditional manner with high-toned service and room comfortss tothe flexibly modern manner of salvaging money or budget orientated manner due to thechanges of penchants. economic crisis and other external factors. Guestsbecome smarter and pickier when they choose the hotel to remain. The hotelsattempting to win hold to calculate what the new tendency is.

And they alsoshould see of uniting two elements of luxury and budget in one coreproduct room ( Power. 2005 ) . Malaysia is early named as one of the most popular tourer destinationsworldwide. With its important hot musca volitanss. particularly in island countries. tourers areincreasingly coming to Malaysia and basking their trip with low-cost monetary value. Langkawi islands ( Malaysia ) and its hotels serve a 1000 of tourers yearly. which means to prolong the quality and measure. the hotels in this stray islandput as much attempt as possible. With the combination of the usage ers? outlook factors such as low rate and high quality in service. the frequence of guests? returns slopes enormously in Langkawi. However. in an stray country with many issues can be happened. and to work out the jobs. it could beanalyzed critically and peculiarly.


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