The service sector to be precise is bound to spread out farther from the current standing due to immense planetary economic growing in the countries of traveling, cordial reception, hotels and recreational services that defines the hotel industry. It is being observed that economic activities within the kingdom of the hotel industry besides and the investing made in that respect is immense and dining. These factors foster the growing component of the cordial reception industry. Above all, the increasing Numberss of planetary travellers in the background of touristry and its flourishing growing poised the manner for the cordial reception industry to profit enormously. The economic facets and its consideration in that respect every bit far as activities embracing the cordial reception industry therefore are unflawed and unmeasurable as far and growing factor is concerned and the economic facets in that respect. But frequently we wonder as to what defines the hotel industry or allow state, cordial reception industry for that affair? In general hotel industry is a wide class and includes the service industry at big covering the class of housing, eating house, diversion and many more.

The cordial reception industry on a planetary graduated table is a immense. There is high case of economic activities traveling on within the planetary cordial reception industry. Due to the growing in touristry, recreational services and lodging every bit good as nutrient ironss and increasing figure of eating houses, the planetary sphere of cordial reception industry present a immense economic avenue for all sorts of chances, be it investing, funding or the factor which besides drives the building sector in the economic system of the universe. Above all, employment chances besides are immense in the hotel industry on a planetary graduated table. ( Economy-Watch ) There is no uncertainty in that respect, since the hotel industry encompasses all characteristics of the service sector.

Summarizing it all up and when we focus our attending to the hotel/hospitality industry in UAE besides we feel that there are many interesting inside informations to research about, particularly the growing constituent of UAE cordial reception industry in the current strategies of things.

Literature Review

First and foremost it should be understood that the really thought of hotel industry in general is a resort area of immense economic activities. As we can detect, international industry presents a refined signifier of globalisation and its influence in about all sector and industries. The important portion is that globalisation has opened up an avenue and legion chances for hotel industry to harvest the benefit from.

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Global Hospitality Industry

Cordial reception to be right is much broader in range. Some people do hold a misplaced apprehension as to what is cordial reception industry. The general perceptual experience of cordial reception means the kingdom of hotel and eating house. This is non incorrect or wrong to be precise, nevertheless, cordial reception industry and its range is broader and includes all characteristics of amusement and other facets that amount towards functioning invitee and response of visitants with autonomy and good will. ( Clayton W. Barrows, 2008, p. 4 ) Harmonizing to bookmans and perceivers, they are of the sentiment that the planetary cordial reception industry is bound for a major roar and growing, due to increase internationalisation of concerns and the world-wide presence of assortment of services in the background of globalisation and its impact. An economic facet that covers the scope of activities within the hotel industry besides is earning steam. ( Yu, 1999, p. 3 ) In the current strategy of things it is said by experts that the planetary cordial reception industry is on a growing way. Demands in the industry every bit far as service constituents embracing hotel industry besides is immense, which farther boost the growing component to the point that run intoing the demand seems to present many issue when viewed from a concern position and every bit far as operation goes. ( Ernst & A ; Young, 2011 )

However, it besides should be understood that ‘hospitality is the really of import constituent of the service industry in any of the state national economic system. ” ( Yu, 1999, p. 4 ) Speaking of the hotel industry, it should besides be understood that the constituents which feature the hotel industry can be classified and divided into two chief sections, viz. ( I ) Entertainment country ( two ) Adjustment and Lodging. ( Economy-Watch )

Entertainment Areas: in the Entertainment Area, the cordial reception services includes, nines, bars, eating houses, casinos, and other signifiers of amusement such as event planning and the likes, which are some illustration mentioned herein. ( Economy-Watch )

Adjustment and Lodging: On a larger note though, Accommodation and Lodging country of the hotel industry includes houses for rent, hotel adjustment, resorts, serviced flats and besides widen its scope to motels, which are a factor of attractive force for traveller due to the cost factor and comfortable adjustment on a first semen, foremost serve footing. ( Economy-Watch )

Apart from these and within the constituents of the hotel industry in the planetary graduated table, the really object of touristry besides finds a picket of consideration. The construction of touristry and its constituents to a great extent defines the really object of cordial reception industry. What is all about touristry and is characteristic can be measured within the kingdom of its constituents that includes supplying tourer with comfortable adjustment when it comes to their stay be it hotel, motel, Lodges, guest houses furnished flats or any other cordial reception services. ( Andrews, 2007, p. 30 ) For this really ground we see as to why the touristry sector at most case are in tie up with major hotels and adjustment suppliers and besides with circuit and traveller suppliers and therefore hiking the growing of planetary touristry. Above all, it should non be forgotten that the cordial reception industry is a immense employer, when compared and contrasted in context of the industry at big. Employment chances in the background of dining planetary touristry and increasing and mushrooming international concern provide a immense avenue for fresh alumnus and those who are specially trained in the cordial reception direction facets.

Cordial reception Industry in UAE

Harmonizing to studies, it states that the hotel industry in UAE and in peculiar to its Trucial province Dubai is really competitory. Dubai and UAE in peculiar defines the landmark for all sorts ‘ of luxuries. Hence, when it comes to hotel industry, it is non surprising to see that UAE in that respect self-praise of a immense avenue and dining scenario of Hotel industry. One illustration of it can be looked in regard of the Dubai Marina Hotel and Resorts that are a delight planetary travellers and frequent traveller who is in hunt of luxury. ( Boermeester, p. 52 )

To understand the really component embracing the cordial reception industry in UAE and in peculiar in Dubai, we feel that detecting the development undertakings in the touristry industry and increasing building for touristry attractive force in recent clip can be effectual. One illustration to name in that respect can be looked in regard of the Palm Spring Island, and the Burj Al Arab Hotel that was opened and operated since 2009, and boast itself with a seven star category, and which we proclaims to one amongst the epicurean hotel on the planetary graduated table. ( Ahmed Hassanien, 2010, p. 14 )

Aims, Scope and coverage

This study and its survey overall is focused and limited to the ‘hotel industry in general ‘ and the treatment in that respect which besides covers the hotel industry in UAE in the last 2 old ages, get downing from 2009 to show. We feel that it is besides prudent to specify the constituent of this study overall, that is to state the range and its coverage. The overall treatment relates:

To specify, generalize and analyze the characteristics of what defines the hotel industry on a planetary graduated table.

An extension to name all the feasible and recent informations related the growing and booming of the hotel industry in UAE, with its concentration in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which is cardinal to the treatment of this work.

In order to make to this decision and the analysis required herein for the footing of this study and the capable affair demand, we feel that dependable beginning and informations retrieved from the hotel industry would be feasible plenty, besides other available literature and information that can be retrieved on-line. Besides information related to the industry in general and that which is related to the hotel industry in UAE besides would be helpful plenty to help the completion of this work and the effort made in that respect.

The chief purpose and aim of this work is to reflect its treatment and analysis on the hotel industry from an economic position. Therefore, it is merely natural that information to be used herein is straight linked to the hotel industry in general and that which gives us an enlightening points about the hotel industry in UAE in the current strategy of things. For that ground a brief economic analysis as to the growing factor of the hotel industry in UAE and its comparing with the planetary hotel industry is besides a necessity we felt, which will be covered in this study through a literature reappraisal and consecutive, treatment and analysis, which defines the overall aim of this work in order to make a conclusive decision.

Hypothesis/Assumption of the Report

We assume that placing the chief issues to be discussed related to the capable affair ‘hotel industry in UAE ‘ is besides helpful, which the following paragraph relates to.

What defines the ‘Hotel Industry ‘ in general? Besides, what defines the constituents of hotel industry?

It is assumed that the hotel industry is one of the fastest turning industries, How far this statement stands true? If, so what are the Scopess for its growing for the present and future section of the industry in general, given the current booming of hotel industry on the planetary graduated table?

What are the attractive characteristics of UAE hotel industry? How far UAE hotel industry has contributed to the growing component of planetary cordial reception industry at big?

What employment chances do the hotel industry offers, given that service sector is assumed to be the factor that drive the cordial reception industry?

Sing these premises identified above, it should be farther clarified that this work and the overall efforts in parts and full thereof is to follow and analyze the characteristics of planetary hotel industry, with its concentration in UAE hotel industry.

Methodology and Data

For the intent of this work, the methodological analysis used herein is divided into the primary and secondary resources.

Primary Resources: to be right, there have been really least case where the primary resources are used in this study. It wo n’t be incorrect to state that the primary resource in all facets is focused within the informations, or economic index to the growing component of UAE hotel industry that classifies between Abu Dhabi and Dubai which were accessed online and a helpful comrade to follow the existent economic index.

Secondary Resources: Inclusive in this study, is the secondary resource being used, viz. intelligence and economic studies that is specifically related to UAE and its hotel industry covering a period of 2 old ages from 2009 boulder clay day of the month. Besides, available literature that is related to the hotel industry and its treatment besides have been used extensively in order to construction the study and its treatment overall.

The combination of the primary and secondary methodological analysis employed herein has been helpful plenty for this work and the effort made in that respect. However, primary resources and its handiness posed many restrictions. Yet, the economic study has been executable to shut that spread, which helped in finishing the study successfully.

Data Tabulation: The Economic Aspects of Hotel Industry in UAE

From an economic point of placing the treatment of the cordial reception industry and that which is related to UAE, we see that its growing is dining. There are all sorts of cordial reception services in UAE, runing from budget hotels, 2, 3, 5 and 7 Stars hotel. The latest study available with, an on-line intelligence portal, it highlights that addition of gross from the hotel industry touched the 10 % grade boulder clay day of the month numeration from the start for the fiscal twelvemonth 2011. This research was carried out by Deloitte & A ; Touch, a planetary house with its specialisation in planetary economic research and hazard direction. ( AmeInfo, 2011 ) This is one of the latest studies. Despite the somberness and diminution in hotel industry gross in the early portion of 2009, UAE today is capable to profit enormously from the rise in planetary traveling and touristry attractive force in the state. News study available with UAE-Interact besides states that Abu Dhabi entirely have achieved of hotel invitee in the first one-fourth of 2011 to the melody of 10 % , a immense leap from the planetary slack in 2009-2010. ( UAE-Interact, 2011 )

The undermentioned information analysis would be helpful to understand the Hotel Industry in UAE, which is classified between Abu Dhabi, and Dubai growing projection for the fiscal twelvemonth 2011.

Datas Analysis: Abu Dhabi Hotel

The figure of invitee and visitants who lodge in at most of the hotels in Abu Dhabi and its figures is as follows.

Number of Guest and Visitor in Abu Dhabi Hotels


Year/Quarterly Projection

Jan-March 2011 Estimates

Rise in Percentage

9 % for March 2011

Number of Check-In ( Emirate Hotel ‘s Combined )


Number of Guest Nights

1.56 million

Beginning: ( )

Datas Analysis: Dubai Hotel

When it comes to Dubai hotel though, the followers is the information.

Dubai Hotel growing Projector

7.9 %

Hotel rooms/Occupancy growing

76.6 % for Jan 2011

RevPar ( Revenue per available room for 2011 )

$ 102.32

Gross Increase for 2011

2.6 %

Beginning: ( )

In Dubai, there are all sorts of flagship hotels, get downing with 2, 3, 5 and 7 starts hotel and resorts. The rise in per centum of room tenancy and gross by a melody of 2.6 % for the fiscal old ages 2011 is a positive thing we feel. Such addition says analyst is capable to the rise in planetary travellers and besides the touristry roar merely after the planetary economic downswing. ( UAEInteract, 2011 )

Analysis of Consequences

From the above information tabular matter and when sing the hotel Industry entirely, we feel that the slack from 2009 planetary down bend is far behind. Hotels industry in Abu Dhabi and in Dubai is projected for immense addition in gross ; check-in. the addition in that respect besides shows a positive development range.

If the indicant of the study is anything to travel by, we feel that growing projection in the hotel industry in UAE is enormously immense. The AHIC ( Arabian Hotel Investment Conference ) 2011 that was held late besides take a stock of the affair of the economic facets of the hotel industry in UAE. As per the said intelligence studies, it states that the chief ingredient for hotel industry in UAE is set to follow within the way of plus direction and variegation of merchandise, as a agency and step to run into the planetary demand of the hotel industry in UAE. Get downing from the twelvemonth from January 2001 boulder clay day of the month, tenancy rate have jumped to 24.1 % . This is one of the dramatic developments in the hotel industry in UAE. In add-on, the RevPer ( gross as per available room ) for UAE hotel industry besides has increased from a mere US $ 92.46 in 2010 to US $ 102.32 in 2011. ( TTG-Mena, 2011 )

Rounding our analysis to the above tabular informations and in peculiar to the new study, we feel that UAE hotel industry is heading for a smooth and dramatic recover from the slack it suffered in 2009 planetary economic downswing. It is non surprising to see the growing, since UAE is known to pull planetary travellers and concerns for the sheer component attached to its hotel industry. For that affair, UAE today is seen as planetary finish for all sorts of planetary events, be it concern conference and the likes. Furthermore, immense capital investing in UAE in the kingdom of transit and infrastructural development of hotels nowadayss an interesting side of the overall narrative every bit far as Hotel industry in UAE in concerned.


From our brief fragmented analysis, we can round up that Hotel industry in UAE is non a mere object to believe about. Since the 2009 planetary economic downswing, UAE have recovered dramatically in all sector of the economic system. It is besides being observed that hotel industry do n’t miss far behind in recovery. The UAE authorities and its enterprise to increase and make consciousness about assorted plans, and consecutive conference that are held in the state every bit good as touristry development plans and its development have been specific to lend towards the growing of Hotel/Hospitality industry in UAE. The above analysis which we have defined the really footing of gross gaining for hotels and figure of invitee and darks corsets are some illustrations of the economic facets that is generated from visitants who frequently prefer coming to UAE for all the luxury intervention and penchant of 5 and 7 star adjustment.

UAE we can reason nowadayss ‘once in a lifetime chance ‘ for planetary Earth trotters and concern work forces, who are frequently seen heading to UAE for all sorts of conferences. To exceed it all, UAE besides self-praise of major hotels. There are besides major tourer attractive forces in the UAE such as the thenar island. Increased infrastructural development and investing made in that respect is positive measure taken by UAE authorities, a histrion which besides have boost its hotel industry and the national economic system besides lending straight and indirectly to the planetary economic system and hotel industry.


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