The two main tribes of Rwanda, the Hut and the Tutsis are sworn enemies. The crisis on which the film is based hits when the Hut President is killed. The Hut extremists begin genocidal acts to the minority group, the Tutsis. Paul opens up his heart to save Tutsis refugees, risking his life and his families while the rest of the world turned its back on Rwanda. After pleading and calling, the U. N arrive and help over 1,200 refugees who managed not to get harmed because of Pall’s care. He alone heroically saved hundreds of lives.

Most of the major characters in Hotel Rwanda were real people, involved in Paul Resignation’s actions in the genocide. Those included are his wife Titian and Jack Adagios, a photographer in the film. They were all based on true people except Colonel Oliver who is a fictional character inspired by the UN commander Romeo Dallier. The film covered the Rwanda genocide which took place April 6, 1994 lasting 100 days. The movie presented Pall’s story of the massacre. Even through some critics of his question his motive for signing onto the elm and gaining profit from the victims of the genocide.

Paul disagreed with these claims. His story is a true description about a tragic mass murder of innocent people and him stepping out to be a hero. Hotel Rwanda was set in Kigali, Rwanda during April-July 1994. The film was mostly set in the Hotel des Miles, around Pall’s house and surrounding neighborhoods in Kigali. Their lifestyle was simple and middle class and that was depicted in the house, food and clothing which were simplistic. Most scenes were filmed in Kigali, Rwanda and Johannesburg, South Africa.

One object that was shown accurately was the weapons that the Rwanda army and the Interchange carried, which looked real. However, during the shocking scene of massacre on the streets when dead bodies were shown there wasn’t as much blood considering the amount of bodies shown. Despite that I liked how the film was presented showing a more sensitive side to the genocide. I enjoyed watching Hotel Rwanda it gave me some information on the genocide I never knew happened. A strength in the film was how it showed that sometimes you need to put your personal deeds back and Just give out a helping hand.

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The actor who helped present this was Don Cheated an American actor and producer who played Paul. He projected him in a great manner displaying his brave actions simply by standing up and taking leadership when no else could. The scene that caught my attention was when Jack Adagios said “l think if people see this footage, they’ll say Oh, my God, that’s horrible. And then they’ll go on eating their dinners. ” Even after 19 years this is still unappealing, people stop Tort a second teen continue Walt tenet elves. At could n made the film better was if more history was given about the two tribes of Rwanda. One thing I disliked was the film not going far enough in presenting that some countries would protect their own while failing to intervene and stop the horrid acts happening. It did however depict that mixed ethnicity troubles are happening all over the world. Meaning that what happened in Rwanda can occur elsewhere. Despite that I would recommend this film to a friend because it was inspirational and showed that sometimes you need to take that leadership role.


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