Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go through life as an outcast? The main character in House of the Scorpion was constantly treated as though he didn’t fit in. Although he was treated poorly, a few characters did feel differently about him. In the novel, the characters believe in different morals and have a wide range of views that are comparable to how people think and believe in today’s society. In House of the Scorpion, many of the characters share different morals and ways of dealing with things.

For example, El Patron, the antagonist of the story, has no morals and he treats most, if not all, the characters however he chooses. El Patron takes advantage of almost everyone in the story, or at least tries to. The selfish man turns people into exits and uses them as workers. Most people know what a dictatorship is, and the society in the novel portrays one to the Max. El Patron is the leader of Opium, the city in which the story takes place. Being the leader of Opium, El Patron has the mentality that he can act as he pleases and say what he wants to ay, and no one should ad’s-obey him. He has his good side and his bad side. Very dark indeed is his majesty when he wants to be. When he was young, he made a choice, like a tree does when it decides to grow one way or the other. He grew large and green until he shadowed over the whole forest, but most of his branches are twisted. ” (page ) There are also characters in the novel, like in today’s society who don’t know what is right or what to believe in. Some of them know what they believe in, but are influenced by others and become confused.

Matt, the main character in the story, knows he should be treated as a human but is influenced by everyone’s negative thoughts about him that Matt becomes unsure. “If I had a soul, I’d probably wind up in hell anyway. ” (Matt ) Matt, deep don knows his morals, butt too many people have intimidated him. Matt can make bad decisions because of being influenced by people such as El Patron. In our society, political elections and votes can by swayed due to what the representatives say or do. “For and instant he wanted to say, stop.

It as too late, El Patron was watching them with obvious glee, and Matt realized it might be dangerous to draw back now. ” (page ) Although El Patron influences and rules over many people, of course, some do stay strong to their morals and beliefs. Celia doesn’t let anyone sway her views or spiritual beliefs or morals. During the story, she begins to appear more and more, and her thoughts come into play. From the beginning, Celia raised matt and any mother should. She care for him, nurtured him, and she never failed to raise his, in heir case, spiritual beliefs.

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Celia may seem like she is misunderstood, but in the end she defiantly gets her points across when she reveals that she has drugged Matt to save him from death. Even though that was a big turning point in the story, that was not the only time she showed her true feelings. Celia was always doing the best for Matt and he was always her number one priority. “l didn’t give Matt enough to kill him-I wouldn’t do that-but enough to kill anyone already weak who tried to steal his heart. ” (Celia )

Throughout the novel, the characters experience many new emotions, feelings, outings Tanat change now teen blew things Ana act on things. In House AT ten Scorpion, the characters believe in different morals and have a wider range of views that are comparable to how people think and believe in today’s society. All in all, today’s society and the morals of the characters in House of the Scorpion are very much alike, and they both are influenced by a large amount of sources. The characters differ from each other Just like people differ from each other in the real world.


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