One of the major effects of rapid urbanisation in Bangladesh has been the relentless impairment of lodging state of affairs in metropolitan countries. The concentration of the hapless in such countries and the ever-widening spread between the demand for and supply Iand for lodging have led to the deyelopment of of low_income colonies on environmentally sensitive and hazard-prone lands. The job is peculiarly acute in Dhaka where the hapless occupants have been progressively constrained to such fringy land. in preferable sites.

The inabirity of the hapless occupants is mostly attributed to the predominating prolitical state of affairs of the state. ineptitude public as they arc unable to purchase or rent land of organisations. casual height of the authorities and marauding nature of the formal land market in Dhaka. The urban hapless ofDhaka have come to gain that they do non folm portion of the privileged group ( s ) to which the metropolis authoriries cater their service and that they have been left out to fend for themselves.

With this realization the hapless have sought to supply lodging for themselves. In such efforts. unauthorized colonies have developed in assorted fringy topographic points. particularly along and over H2O governments in Dhaka. Over the old ages development of colonies and consider invasion by private and public sector development have led to the disappearing of lakes. canals. inundation fields. etc. rhat existed within the metropolis. In thls procedure legion pools and armored combat vehicles have besides disappeared. making an ecological instability with Dhaka sing the worst inundation in history in r9gg.

Dhaka has arso rost much of its beauty and its natural heritage. On the other manus. atlempts to creare infinites or pseudo-land over and along H2O organic structures and swamps without proper planning and design techniques have produced unwanted results and ruddy to serious diminution in envrronmental conditions in the immediate and sunounding country where such infinites have been created. Life and wellness of local occupants every bit good as the metropolis occupants have put been to put on the line.

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Sing the gravitation of the job the purpose of this paper is to investrgate how the urban hapless of Dhaka are constrained to fringy topographic points and shed visible radiation on facets which bring about this state of affairs. This paper besides aims to foreground the jobs produced as a consequence of creative activity of infinites over H2O and suggests step to change by reversal such risky populating conditions of the urban hapless in Dhaka. It is assumed that unprecedented urbanisation and awkwardness ofconcerned governments have produced conditions coercing the

55 56 U rbanization in Bangladesh urban hapless to populate in fringy topographic points. The paper. therefore. begins with assessments of issues related to the urbanisation of Dhaka such as its land value and the Prospect of lodging proviso for the hapless in this metropolis before look intoing the existent job of making unplanned infinites for life. Information for this paper has been collected from both primary and secondary beginnings. The Exodus Towards Dhaka The rate ofpopulation growing for Dhaka has been.

3 per centum. 9. 4 Percentage and 7. 8 per centum dudng the 196l-1974. 1974-1981 and l98l-1991 pe Doctor of Optometries severally ( RAJUK. 1995 ) . This has produced a figure of unexpected results in recent decennaries. such as celerity of urban growing and mega-population of the metropolis. The ground for such rapid growing is the position of Dhaka as a capital metropolis and the centripetal nature of concentration of major activities and installations within the city-as a consequence people from all over Bangladesh are atbacted towards this metropolis.

Added to it are the prevalent political state of affairs of the state. dead rural economic system and casual attitude of the authorities towards decentalisation. The consequence is that Dhaka is enduring from over-population while other towns and rural countries are enduring for privation of industries. mills. etc. Informal occupation opponunities have declined in countries outside Dhaka The sheer figure of people populating in this metropolis makes any boy of concern prosper and thrive. Therefore. concerns or occupations mean opportunities for people to last.


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