The web site of Houston Public Library is good organized merely as all libraries ( online or non ) should be. The chief page of Houstonlibrary. org features different choices as headers on the really top of the page. The subdivisions are divided harmonizing to their map. The really first choice. catalog. is placed at the far left side of the site which would be easy seen by visitants to the site. The catalog choice is possibly the most of import and most used nexus in the place page of the library. It is easy to utilize excessively. The remainder of the links on top of the page provides entree to the other characteristics of the site.

One of these characteristics would be the focal point of this paper. which is the childs and teens subdivision. The kids’ sub-section of the Houston Library is besides well-organized and easy to voyage. On the left manus side of the page. the users would happen different links which are organized harmonizing to their map. The books and reading nexus shows an organized choice of books harmonizing to National and State Lists which are subdivided into classs harmonizing to awards. New Books and Favorite Books which are categorized harmonizing to educational degrees. and Particular Subjects.

Any other characteristic that would be helpful is easy accessible at the left side of the page. arranged. in kind of side saloon. They are arranged in jumping colourss of ruddy. yellow. and orange to divide each of the subdivisions. The hunt button provides a nexus to the hunt option where. like the catalog in the chief page. users can seek by keywords. rubric. writers. and topics. Searching is easy-based on the input the library is inquiring. Besides. Kid’s are improbable to utilize this characteristic where they have to type keywords. rubrics. or names utilizing the keyboard.

The hunt nexus provides an option where users can shop through the library by looking through classs that have images—a map known as Picture it! . If the user decides to utilize the conventional manner of seeking. they have to contract down subjects if they are to utilize the keywords. capable. or even title hunt because the consequences page would ensue into 1000s if general footings are entered. For illustration. come ining the word “Science” in the rubric would ensue into 761 entries. Therefore. users would hold to be a small more specific. like come ining a specific field in scientific discipline.

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The Teen subdivision is besides organized in about the same manner but it has few choices. The first row of choices features the links that lead to the other sites affiliated with the library. while the column beside it. placed straight to the right of it. shows a choice of upcoming books that teens may be interested in. plus a choice of books from specific publishing houses. The most of import information that the site provides is the position of the book. The position of the book shows whether the available books are on the shelf or shipped.

If borrowed. the position shows the day of the month when the book is due to return to the library. It is a valuable piece of information because it saves clip and energy. Users do non hold to trouble oneself traveling to the library to look into whether the book they are seeking is available or non. They can merely merely look into on-line. Adolescents would non hold problem voyaging the site. Adolescents and even kids today are introduced to the web at a immature age. so voyaging would be a zephyr for teens. However. the kid’s subdivision is more complicated.

Therefore. they need their parent’s aid in order to bask the site because despite the site’s simple interface. kids are merely excessively immature to grok everything the site offers. The tumble books. merriment and games. and Picture-it! maps of the hunt characteristic are the lone 1s that may be easy navigated by kids without the aid of their parents. Own Opinion about Library and Kids’ and Teens’ Section The library site is as easy and straightforward as it can be ; it does non hold a batch of buttons and advertizements that can deflect users.

Every page of the site has a hunt toolbar. which is good because it allows users to seek anytime they want. Another interesting and helpful characteristic of the library site is the text size accommodation characteristic. Users can utilize three different fount sizes: little. medium. and big. This is helpful particularly for those who have bad seeing and for kids who are merely get downing to read because larger founts are easier to read. What is surprising about the kids’ and teens’ subdivisions is that the former has a batch more options ; it has more links. more things to make. etc.

Although it is easy to utilize. I expected that the teens’ subdivision would be more complex. or at least characteristic a batch more than it does. Despite this surprise. overall. the site is user-friendly. There is no inquiry that the site is easy to voyage. Everyone who has used the Internet before would happen the site easy to voyage. but it does non intend that there is no more room for betterments. The site’s chief subdivision choice ( the 1 located at the really top of every page ) is quite bare.

The buttons are merely placed inside a white rectangle bearing the name of the subdivision. Users would hold to set the arrow straight over the word to travel to that subdivision. Children who are merely get downing to utilize the mouse would hold to be precise with it. A better option would be to add thumbnails or images to the subdivisions. For case. the kids’ and teens’ subdivision would hold a image of a kid and a adolescent or the subdivisions subdivision would hold a image of the library’s frontage.

Not merely will the image links make it easier for kids to choose the subdivisions. but it would besides do users. even kids who are merely get downing to read. hold an thought about what the subdivision is approximately. Children rely to a great extent on visuals ; therefore. “picturizing” the whole kids’ subdivision would do it child-friendly. The site characteristics reading activities for kids. which suggest that it is besides catered to kids who are still larning to read. Pictures would farther assist in easy pilotage. Work Cited Houston Public Library Web Site. Houstonlibrary. org. 2009. 29 Apr. 2009. & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. houstonlibrary. org/ & gt ; .


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