How Do Authors Show the Hardship and Struggle the Young Generation the Young Generation Have in ‘to Kill a Mockingbird’ and ‘Nougats & Crosses’ By Realistic How do the authors show the hardships and struggle the young generation have in To Kill A Mockingbird and Nougats & Crosses? ‘Nougats & Crosses’ by Malaria Blackman is a novel, which follows how two characters, Callus and Sheep, both deal with the surrounding racially segregated community. It explores the struggles they’ve had through a arranger of events. To Kill A Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee similarly uses the perspective of a young mind to explore community and the community’s attitudes towards race and class in the deep southern areas of America. Both authors have shown in each book how young people have had hardships and struggle due to their separate societies. Gem is a brave and strong young boy growing up in Macomb. As Macomb is a small town they have a small town mentality therefore people conform to the community and their attitudes. Gem is mature and he understands this however he is still young.

Gem broke his arm, as he was the son of Attic’s Finch who was defending a black man in a court case against a white girl. Being in a racially negative town it is predictable that the rest of society will not like it especially Bob Lowell, the father of the girl against a black man in court. Due to this Bob hates Attic’s very much and therefore tried to hurt Gem in order to hurt Attic’s. It mentions in the book “they tussled some more and there was this funny noise- Gem hollered… I stopped. That was Gem’s arm. ” This quote shows the part where Gem had broken his arm as Bob Lowell who was equipped with a knife attacked him.

Gem went through a lot of pain only because he was the son of Attic’s who was rightfully and morally defending a human being. This shows that this town has a very negative attitude to change as Tom Robinson is different and the community does not like it thus everyone conforms and turns against Attic’s and also his family. This shows how Harper Lee has shown the struggle the young generation have had in the book. Similarly in Malaria Blackmail’s ‘Nougats & Crosses’ Callus is like the character of Gem. He is a young boy growing up in a racially segregated area Just like Gem from ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’.

Callus has to work harder then any other 16-year-old boy because he is white. The community also eave a fear of change and as they are a majority of blacks they are racially discriminative towards white people. Callus couldn’t get into Heatproof high school easily. It took him a lot of effort and he had to tolerate a lot of racial conflict and yet he is only a young adult. It is written in the novel It’ll be tough son, but at least it’s a start. My son is going to Heatproof High School. Imagine that! ” This quote shows that Callus’s dad can’t believe that his son is good enough for Heatproof.

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That implies Tanat Callus clearly put In a lot AT nard work to get Into tons cocoons winner nee wall still eave to tolerate racial conflict. Also Callus’s father says ‘It’ll be tough son’ by this he is preparing Callus for what may come and is trying to strengthen him and that shows as a young person Callus had to struggle a lot to try and make a future out of him. Malaria Blackman has shown how Callus had struggles and went through hardship at a young age in the book. In ‘To Kill A Mockingbird, Scout is a heroic figure for the young girls.

She is very young however she matures very positively throughout the book learning lessons of morality and tolerating racial conflict. Community affects her negatively in the book as she has any fights in school due to Attic’s’ morale actions. She had to tolerate many racial comments and offensive actions by other members of the community including distant family. At the finch landing she gets into a fight with her cousin Francis. This starts when Francis says ‘l guess it anti your fault if Uncle Attic’s is a Niger lover, besides… T certainly does mortify the rest of the family. ” This quote firstly emphasizes the racial conflict that does exist in Macomb because things like that are being said by young children shows how serious the racial conflict is. But the main point is that his is being said to Scout which shows that she has had to tolerate a lot of negative things as well and this must cause her pain so it shows that she has been through hardship and pain being so young and yet so innocent as all she is doing is growing in a conformed society.

Harper Lee has shown through the events in the novel how the young generation have been through pain and had struggles. On the other hand a different kind of struggle is that of loving someone who is in an opposite social or racial class as you. This is done in ‘Nougats and Crosses’ with Sheep and Callus. They are both young and Sheep is slightly younger then Callus however she endures a lot of pain due to the fact that society will not accept them being together. “Take me away from all this Callus… Want to be with you” in this quote it is clearly expressed how much Sheep wants to be with Callus however Sheep understands that Nougats and Crosses cannot be equal. Also the fact that no one else cares about the inequality frustrates her. She is a young girl and for Callus she has taken beatings in school by other Crosses as she was sticking up for a enough. But the community saw t wrong for Nougats and Crosses to be together which is what makes it so hard for Sheep and Callus to be together and this pains Sheep more and it upsets her.

Malaria Blackman uses this interesting concept to show a different kind of pain that some people from the young generation had. In conclusion I think both writers have shown that there are many different kinds of pain and they all affect everyone differently. They have both successfully proven that that there is pain and struggle and hardship for young people and it can have great impact at times and also lead to sometimes harsh or either positive results.


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