She did succeed, however, to emphasis her success, Ellen has written a book on her experiences throughout the race. Allen’s language in the book is simple, direct and conversational. From the book we are given an extract that conveys her physical discomfort, isolation and the dangers involved of taking part in the race. These are illustrated using adjectives that describe physical discomfort, superlatives, emotive language, alliteration and many more. Through these techniques, we can see her hard work, struggle and difficult success. The extract starts off with a sentence that summarizes what the passage is going to be about.

The emotive language in “worked through the night” and “agonized” of the first paragraph helps the readers to identify with Allen’s great effort in preparing for the climb. Such idiom and adjective express a large amount of dedication in her preparation her climb, not to mention the time she had spent in making sure she had all the “bits” she might need and the sacrifice of “[working] through the night”. In the second and third paragraph, Ellen portrays the dangers involved in climbing he “cold and slippery’ mast during sailing which includes “falling off’, being “thrown against the mast” and the possibility of “[breaking] bones”.

The visual imagery in these few perils makes us the readers to be concerned with Allen’s well-being or even try to persuade her to drop out of the yacht race, even though we know that this event has already happened and that Ellen had survived through the whole ordeal in end as we are reading her book. In addition to the imagery in “break bones”, Ellen uses alliteration that creates the sound of breaking something and is enough to make he readers cringe.

These few scenes of physical discomfort make us wonder why Ellen ever chose to participate even if she knows the risks. The next few paragraphs are further signs of Allen’s physical discomfort as well as mental strain. Besides her physical distress, pain is depicted by her continuing mentioning of body parts at the end of paragraph four. These vivid images puts at the readers at the very situation where Ellen “[wraps] her arms around the mast and [presses] her face against its cold and slippery carbon surface” with her “eyes closed ND teeth gritted”.

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These sharp images again make the readers worry for her well- being and anxiously wait it to pass. By the end of the third paragraph, the constant repetition of “I” sets the truth in; the truth of Ellen being all alone on the yacht. Although it was written in the introduction that Ellen competed in a solo yacht race, we do not believe it because Ellen was only 24 years old compared to other competitors who were much older then her. How does language depicts Allen’s success? (Taking on the World) By Seraphic


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