1. Specifying Luxury Tourism
2. 1 Luxury Travel Sectors
Harmonizing to International Luxury Travel Market ( ILTM ) . the luxury travel sector is characterized by uniqueness and trade name imagination. Singularity is the merger of quality. creativeness and a reputable civilization of cognition. accomplishment and expertness while trade name imagination is the emotional communicating that one feels with the image associated by the merchandises.

2. 2 Luxury Travel Organizations
There are chiefly four important constituents that make up a luxury travel experience – Accommodation. Transportation. Experience and Travel Agents.
1. 2. 1Accommodation
Adjustment is possibly the most important component of a vacation. and in the luxury sector. adjustment is categorized into three typical sectors – City Hotels ( authoritative luxury hotels. dress shop hotels ) . Resorts & A ; Spas and Vacation Ownership belongingss and Self-Catering Adjustments.

1. 2. 1. 1City Hotels
A metropolis hotel is found in the urban scene of a metropolis. where it is of close propinquity to transit systems. eating houses. retail and amusement mercantile establishments. Some illustrations that we have of authoritative luxury hotels would be The Ritz-Carlton Millenia. Shangri-La Hotel Singapore. and Four Seasons Singapore ; while dress shop hotels would be The Scarlet Hotel. Naumi Hotel and Hotel Fort Canning.

1. 2. 1. 2Resorts & A ; Spas
Resorts are largely found in countries of lower population denseness as compared to their metropolis hotel opposite numbers. and by and large sprawled across a broad country. Resorts besides offer extended diversion activities. separating them from standard hotel leisure installations such as swimming pools. fittingness centre. The focal point of remaining at a resort would be the diversion activities. taking advantage of the clime and natural scenes. For illustration. The Sentosa Singapore lounges over 27 estates of exuberant verdure and offers golf. out-of-door spa marquees. out-of-door badminton and volleyball tribunals. Another illustration would be Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort Singapore that houses a Sea Sports Centre. together with The Flying Trapeze and Rock Wall. giving invitees an chance to be a winging acrobat and seek their manus at stone mounting severally.

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1. 2. 1. 3Vacation Ownership & A ; Self-Catering Adjustment
Vacation Ownership allows one to buy holiday belongingss in either day-to-day or hebdomadal intervals or on a points-based system. Each unit is sold separately and varies harmonizing to a mixture of factors. from its location and season to its size and the comfortss available. By geting the unit. one gets to take a ‘lease’ on the belongings for a period of yearss or hebdomads. for a specific timeframe that could run from 5 old ages to a life-time. There are besides care fees for keeping common evidences and the units. Some illustrations would be Hilton Grand Vacations. Marriott Vacation Club and Starwood Vacation Ownership.

Self-Catering Accommodation is defined as a housing that has installations required for one to cook their ain repasts. and the constitution will non supply repasts during the stay. In Singapore. there is a scope of flats from budget ( Far East Plaza Apartments ) to mid-market ( Regency House. The Newton Residence ) to luxury ( Orange Grove Residences ) .

1. 2. 2Transportation
With adjustment being the bosom of a vacation. transit. no uncertainty. is the psyche of going. For Luxury Travel and Tourism. there are four sectors of transit – Airlines’ First and Business Class. Private Aviation. Cruise and High-End Train Travel.

1. 2. 2. 1 Airlines’ First and Business Class
With our national bearer. Singapore Airlines. being the world’s most awarded air hose. we have to continue a certain criterion of service to keep our place in the head of the air power industry. Singapore Airlines offers First and Business Class. every bit good as Suites.

1. 2. 2. 2 Private Aviation
Private air power is different from commercial air power as persons own or rent aircrafts for personal usage or concern travel. Having a private plane will let for personalization that would suit to one’s demands. besides increasing productiveness and clip efficiency as there is no demand to adhere to flight agendas. being able to go with flexibleness and direct to the finish with no way stations. For concern travelers. holding a private plane is seen as a concern tool as they are able to keep their meetings on board in a oasis of privateness. every bit good as entertain clients. It would let one to indulge while holding a hassle-free trip. Some companies that provide private air power in Singapore are Singapore Aviation and Singapore Air Charter. There is besides a nomadic application that allows users to see available planes. hunt paths ; estimated cost and petitions will travel straight to planetary offices. with Singapore’s subdivision managing Singapore. Southeast Asia and Australasia.

1. 2. 2. 3 Cruise
With the sail sector stand foring a big market. there are nevertheless. merely a few companies that offer a luxury criterion of services. the bulk offer big ships with a assortment of comfortss and leisure services. Some of the luxury sail lines that can be found in Singapore are Compagnie Du Ponant and Seabourn. Both offer intimate scenes with Compagnie Du holding merely 64-226 invitees. and Seabourn holding 104 or 225 suites. holding a favorable staff to guest ratio. with exceeding individualized attending. There are besides butler services available on board the two sails. supplying first-class degrees of comfort for the invitees. At Capella Singapore. one would be able to cruise the Southern Islands aboard the resort’s 54-foot yacht. take a swim at Lazarus Island. and research the arresting laguna with a personal chef fixing a effete repast for your dining pleasance on the sand.

1. 2. 2. 4 High-End Train Travel
The Eastern & A ; Oriental Express trains offer an elegant and epicurean rail travel between Bangkok and Singapore. One will be transported to the Colonial epoch with Eastern divine insides. with first dining experience and a 24 hr steward service at your beckon. A merger of transit and adjustment. coupled with fantastic degrees of safety and comfort for the flush invitees. high-end rail travel blend wells with the luxury section.

1. 2. 3Experience
There could be a particular themed holiday for luxury travel. or a combination of leisure and cultural activities. With Singapore positioning itself as a Centre for luxury life. and with an aspiration to go Asia’s resort area for the super rich. there is a galore of activities that one can make on a vacation.

1. 2. 4 Travel Agents
Acting as mediators between providers and travelers. travel agents now face a challenge as more people for traveling towards Internet engagement. However. with a flourishing luxury sector. there is addition in demand for made-to-order holidaies and extremely individualized services. taking to a renewed significance for travel bureaus. with the human touch and interaction ; it will beef up a relationship with the traveler. With people going more often and acquiring better educated about the finishs. there is a demand for travel agents to step up their game in this competitory industry. in footings of the merchandise distinction every bit good as the services. in which a quality. well-read staff plays a critical function.

One illustration would be Startle. an on-line travel planning site started by Forbes Travel Guide that provides travelers with comprehensive reappraisals of activities. transit of luxury finishs. based on digests of the positions of hotel. eating house and watering place experts. In Singapore. we have Quotient TravelPlanner that does customization based on the customers’ wants and demands. For illustration. one is able to go to an art therapy programme in the Swiss Alps. be taught by a Michelin-starred chef in culinary category and create and design a aroma aroma that is unreproducibly yours. The possibilities are unbounded. doing custom travel intriguing. 2. 3 Luxury Travelers Segmentation

2. 4. 1 Absolute Luxury
Having at least US $ 30 million in fiscal assets. these Ultra-High Net worth Individuals ( UHNWI ) estimated at 80. 000 – 95. 000 worldwide. are non affected by economic fluctuations. 2. 4. 2 Aspirant Luxury

Dwelling of affluent professionals and business people. this section has an estimation of eight to ten million people globally. have in their custodies no less than US $ 1 million in fiscal assets. 1. 3. 3Accessible Luxury

Generating a minimal net income of US $ 100. 000. this group makes luxury a necessary component in their lifestyle even if they require merchandise off to run into the disbursal. besides maneuvering off from aggregate touristry and bit by bit traveling towards luxury travel.

2. Singapore’s Current & A ; Future Efforts. Initiative in Luxury Tourism 2. 1 Hotel Industry
With the gap of the two Integrated Resorts. it has propelled economic growing in the touristry sector. making by-products for other industries such as MICE. Retail. F & A ; B and non burying. the hotel industry. Riding on the booming touristry sector. hotelkeepers are seeing a great possible growing for hotels to run into demands from both leisure and corporate markets. For illustration. the late opened Fullerton Bay Hotel. wanderlust hotel and Hotel Fort Canning illustrates the demand for boutique hotels in Singapore. Slated to open in mid February 2012. Resort’s World Sentosa’s Beach Villas and Equarius Hotel are catered to the high-end invitees. further fuelling the demand for upmarket belongingss. every bit good as themed hotels. However. that is simply the tip of the iceberg. as many more luxury hotels are get downing to name Singapore place in the coming old ages.

In 2012. W Singapore will be ready in August. besides having W Residences where one will be able to bask the fringe benefits as a invitee of W Hotels. It is set to go Asia’s new tropical resort area where one will be able to work hard and play hard every bit good. Pan Pacific Hotels Group is opening a flagship PARKROYAL on Pickering. stopping point to Central Business District and Raffles Place Financial Hub. a hotel-in-a-garden construct with green and sustainable characteristics to advance bio-diversity in the metropolis. Others include Park Avenue Rochester showcasing concern suites. serviced suites targeted at exiles. and Bay Hotel Singapore that is framed by Sentosa Island. Mount Faber. wants to appeal to both concern and leisure travelers.

In 2013. Sofitel So. a boutique hotel is the prototype of fashionable and modern life. making a merger of Gallic elegance and local temptingness. catering to those who seek the ultimate luxury. comfort and civilization. Others include Holiday Inn Express Singapore and Modena Changi Business Park Singapore. In 2014. under the Starwood trade name. a new Westin will be introduced in Marina Bay. edifice upon bing Asia Square Tower 2. an urban oasis with suites inspired by Mother Nature. With Singapore’s two casinos looking to excel Las Vegas Strip’s bet oning grosss. holding a predicted US $ 6. 4 billion for 2011. casino baron Steve Wynn is puting his sights on constructing a hotel in Singapore. With Singapore’s lodging industry prompt and attractive development. hotelkeepers are hotfooting to hold their portion of the pie. 2. 2Entertainment & A ; Lifestyle

2. 2. 1 Singapore Grand Prix
With voluminous events and activities go oning all twelvemonth unit of ammunition. one will ne’er run out of things to make. The return of Singapore Grand Prix sees high-velocity action with world-class unrecorded amusement and alone corporate cordial reception services. giving one entree to the Paddock where they can bask first-class services and race positions.

2. 2. 2Fashion
For the sartorialists showing their individualism through dresss. we have Asia Fashion Exchange which encompasses track shows of international interior decorators and labels such as Missoni. Emanuel Ungaro. a trade show which acts as a concern chance platform for purchasers and design endowments. a conference for industry professionals to portion penetrations and web and a regional manner design competition to detect fresh endowment. An Haute Couture Week Singapore was held in 2011 to turn to Singaporeans turning involvement in haute couture. showing eight aggregations from Paris. This heightens consciousness of Singapore’s grade in the planetary manner industry. The inaugural Men’s Fashion Week 2011 and 3rd in the universe. is doing a return with another in 2012. trusting to reenforce Singapore as a coveted finish
for celebrated menswear in Asia. With the birth of several luxury promenades late such as Scotts Square. Mandarin Gallery every bit good as The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa’s Luxury Fashion at The Galleria. and non burying Louis Vuitton Island Maison that offers a Travel Room devoted to go baggage and accoutrements.

2. 2. 3Wine & A ; Dine
World Gourmet Summit is an one-year gourmet extravaganza with distinguished chefs. observing premium spirits paired with extraordinary vinos to make a juicy roof of the mouth for your gustatory sensation buds. Savour is an synergistic culinary event that allows one to taste taking chefs’ signature dishes. try an mixture of merchandises from international exhibitioners. java grasp. doing cocktail mixtures. and attend maestro categories with a state-of-the-art kitchen. Other than being celebrated for our peddler stables. our local fine-dining scene has been earning world-wide attending. with two entries – Iggy’s and Jaan at the Swissotel – on the list of 50 Best Restaurants. and another two – Les Amis and Gunther’s – for top 100. The gap of IRs has seen the likes of famous person chefs Tetsuya Wakuda. Wolfgang Puck. Guy Savoy and Joel Robuchon opening mercantile establishments here. with Joel Robuchon planning to open extra three diners.

2. 2. 4Waterfront Lifestyle
With epicurean yachts and esteemed marina club ranks. Singapore is maneuvering itself closer to going the region’s boating hub. With the building of new luxury belongingss such as Caribbean @ Keppel Bay and Reflections @ Keppel Bay. Singapore is fast set uping her repute as a important seafaring finish in Asia. pulling ultra-high-end yachts. Developers are besides looking to increase or heighten installations as a response to demand for positions and esteemed ranks. Boat Asia 2012 wants to exemplify an experience of a waterfront life style with fashionable and sleek canvas boats on show. besides moving as a phase for luxury trade names and Marine participants to socialize and research fresh market chances. A 2nd Singapore Yacht Show is to take topographic point. edifice on the success of the inaugural event in 2011. hosting a bevy of acclaimed yacht builders. interior decorators and naval designers. Dedicated to high net rich persons and in a joint venture with Sentosa Cove. it is a societal platform to mix and showcase luxury yacht power trade names to lure possible purchasers.

2. 3 Transportation system
2. 3. 1 Airlines
Singapore Airlines has reconfigured a figure of their fleets to for a more broad First Class seating. about 50 % wider than regular First Class seats of other air hoses. for a most comfy winging experience. To provide to high terminal riders who expect nil but the best even at 30. 000 pess up in the sky. the seats have been upholstered with acorn leather. finished with mahogany wood fixingss and supplying designed by luxury manner house Givenchy. For those who need their beauty remainder or a good night’s slumber. Singapore Airlines offer a standalone bed. the first of all time in air travel. with all right linen and plush pillows complete with a sleeper suit. sleeping room slippers and bedclothess designed entirely by Givenchy.


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