The travel and touristry industry is extremely many-sided and disconnected. It comprises all facets of the cordial reception industry which fulfill the demands of people which are off from place. Therefore, travel and touristry industry can be defined as an umbrella which comprises all concern which offers travel merchandises and services straight and indirectly to the wayfarer.

Malaysia is a beautiful state which comprises of different civilizations and races. The three chief races in Malaysia are Malay, Chinese and Indian. Malay was the laminitis and developer of the state Malaysia and is defined as ‘bumiputra ‘ in Indonesian Malaysia in Malaysia. A state which is free from all types of natural catastrophe, a state which consists of many races remaining together with harmoniousness and without any battles or struggles, finally will be a good topographic point for people around the universe to go to. Yes, Malaysia is a great state, but do you cognize that the travel and touristry industry in Malaysia is still confronting a large failure? Problems are acquiring worst and worst until peoples around the universe get to cognize to it. Finally, these will do the bead of the repute in our state.

What is really facing by our state? Harmonizing to the Deputy Tourism Minister Datuk Donald Lim said that there are six chief issues that is impacting the growing of the touristry industry in our state and must be addressed instantly. The six issues is cited soiled lavatories, unprincipled cab drivers, mendicants, deficiency on cleanliness on main roads, high toll fees at Second Link and personal safety wad their chief concern. Besides, harmonizing to some local peoples, transit in Malaysia besides a fact which impacting the touristry industry in Malaysia. There is non much direct flight to Malaysia from Europe. Most flight need many theodolites and they normally will direct a direct flight to Singapore alternatively if KLIA. Furthermore, some intense competition from Hong Kong, China, Japan and some others celebrated going state which consists some really celebrated topographic points to visits like Disneyland where Malaysia do n’t hold. Actually, in my sentiment, there are stairss which can be taken by Ministry of Tourism Malaysia in order to get the better of these jobs.

Tourism had become a world-wide industry and leisure experience since after World War 2. It will be a waste if Malaysia is still facing failure in this industry as it can supply a batch of gross to our state. First thing which need to get the better of is about touristry attractive forces. Did you realize that Malaysia does non hold a specific topographic point or statue which is the universe acknowledge touristry attractive force? Yes this is true. We do non hold any chief topographic point that could pull tourers. Other states like Egypt have one of the seven admirations in the universe. Pyramid, everyone is inquiring how was it looks like. Besides, Great Wall of China in China and other chief attractive forces such like Taj Mahal and Coliseums are all celebrated touristry attractive forces. The Ministry of Tourism Malaysia should discourse and develop a topographic point which is specifying and comprises all the civilization, races and history in Malaysia as our state chief touristry topographic points. This will finally give a deep feeling to the tourers from other states.

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Attractions can be defined into three types which are natural attractive forces, cultural or historical attractive forces and subject Parkss. Malaysia being really old topographic points since homo had made a foot stairss in this land since 1000s of old ages ago. A batch of natural comfortss and some historical topographic points are all available in our state. Natural attractive forces such like mountains, rivers, waterfalls and canons are all celebrated and acknowledge physical characteristics in the universe. Malaya has about had of these characteristics. We got a batch of high and immense mountain and the province which consists of a batch of beautiful and natural greenly mountain is Perak province. Ministry of Tourism should do a good start from here. Renovation, diversion on these topographic points as a touristry country must be done. More advertisement and more history about the topographic points must be included in these advertizements so that people know about it and being attracted to it. Since engineering now yearss allowing every individual one to entree to the cyberspace and are able to see every individual advertizement of a topographic points throughout the universe, the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia can carry on a particular web sites and consist all about the forte of our state and allow the non – Asiatic states people know about our state.

In add-on, some celebrated natural admirations like lakes, brooks, woods and beaches can besides be to the full exploit for tourer sight – visual perception and recreational activities. Inspiration, beauty of natural can be entice the attractive forces from the wayfarers. Besides, when comes to cultural attractive forces, Malaysia is the right topographic point where full of different sorts of civilization and artefacts. Some touchable edifice and artefacts will finally reflect the cultural value and aspirations of the peculiar group of people populating the topographic point. Malaysia got so many different races of people, finally there a batch of different civilization in it. Ministry of Tourism Malaysia can take this advantage and develop some civilization events for the tourers to see. Examples like they should set more attempt in planing and developing the EXPO House of Malaysia. Define more about the forte of Malaysia ‘s people and their civilization. This may pull some of the wayfarers which are loved to larn different civilizations throughout the universe.

When comes to the job about our state ‘s transit, I think Ministry of Tourism Malaysia must set more attempt in holding a treatment with the other celebrated states in order for them to direct a direct flight from their state to Malaysia. Besides, when talk about transit, Ministry of Tourism Malaysia should ever retrieve that wayfarers who arrive in our state will largely take our state cab to the finish they want to travel. They should truly take serious in how our cab drivers are acting. Cab drivers should be sent for a particular preparation for those which are picking up the wayfarers from hotels, airdrome or shopping composite. And the auto which is usage as a cab must be ever maintain care and do certain it looks nice and non old and ugly. Sometimes non to state ‘human loves to judge a book from its screen ‘ but this is the fact! The related section must corporate with the Ministry of Tourism in order to supply a good first sight to the wayfarers in Malaysia.

Police forces in Malaysia must be ever watchful and ‘do non ever hang a lazy word in their caput ‘ . Robing instances are all over in Malaysia. Police forces should corporate with the authorities and discourse about how to settle this major job in order to corporate with the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia in advancing our state to the universe. Packers are all around Malaysia excessively. Why is this go oning? Economic crisis is go oning in our state. In order to get the better of this job, Ministry of Tourism Malaysia should ever reach with the contractor out at that place so that they will engage our ain people instead than engage the alien as their worker. Every individual constitution in a state must be work together in order to success a mission / vision. Without the nowadays of packers, finally the image and repute of Malaysia will be addition and wayfarers will non be afraid to see to our state.

Yes we all know that there is a batch of competition out at that place illustration like Hong Kong which has celebrated topographic points for tourers such as Disneyland. But, this does non intend that our state ca n’t vie with them. Ministry of Tourism Malaysia should ever non give up in acquiring the understanding from some immense and good known company like the franchise for Disneyland. Besides, as mentioned above, Malaysia is a state which is comprises of all different races, this is a large advantage which can be used by the Ministry of Tourism. Advertisement and stairss in taking it must be good – planned and non merely done it. As the traveling said, ‘How much you works for it, the return will be count on how much you had sacrificed ‘ .

The Ministry of Tourism Malaysia should ever set an attempt in advancing our state in different ways in order to allow the people out at that place know about our state. Money must be passing in these advertisement in order to hike the touristry rates. The slogan ‘Malaysia Boleh ‘ must be ever retrieve in every individual citizenship of Malaysia, allow ‘s work hard together to advance our state and accomplish our earliest slogan ‘Wawasan 2020 ‘ .

Question 2

What is felicity? What constitutes felicity for one and non for another?

Answer for Question 2

What is happiness? Happiness is an overall feeling of satisfaction from a individual. When and how a individual will be experiencing happy? Actually, felicity is a really common symbol or symptoms which show how satisfied a individual is towards a affair. When a individual is pleased, finally he or she will experience happy because they feel that they are being appreciate, attention, love and they are non left out.

In today ‘s universe, felicity can be constituted to a individual, but non for another. When you are happy, in the same clip, because of your felicity, it causes another one to experience enviousness, sad, or even mad at you. Everyone in this universe is trusting that they can be happy in every twenty-four hours. Happiness comes in all forms and sizes. This mean that felicity can be constitutes in many ways. In my ain perceptual experience, felicity can be constitutes through three chief classs which is through household, love 1s and our friends.

Actually, there is a batch of ways or things, which can represent felicity. The first I am traveling to discourse approximately is fundamental law of felicity through household members. From the twenty-four hours we being born to this universe, the individual who give birth to us is our greatly respectful female parent. From the minute our parents give birth to us, that is the minute they feel happy together with our household members which might be our gramps, grandma and cousins or relations excessively. A new birth in a household is a really particular things and everyone is experiencing happy. Particularly to the female parent, after a tiring and atrocious 10months gestation, the kid was eventually born out to this universe. This is such a beautiful natural things. The female parent and male parent will hold an overall feeling of satisfaction which finally leads to happy. And when they are happy, people around included the physician and nurses in charged will be happy together with them when they feel the felicity brought by them.

Besides, another factor which constitute towards felicity through household is when the babe kid has grown up. A boy or girl in a household will travel for their farther survey in some other topographic points which might be go forthing their place for months or old ages. But, after few old ages clip, when they have graduated from the colleges or universities, they will come back to their place and remain together with their household. This is where the feeling of felicity one time once more being constitutes from every individual 1s in the household. The minute their boies or girl stairss out from the aeroplane or taxis, when their household members meets them after such a long period ne’er met, experiencing of happy, losing each other and even cryings might flux out at this minute. The household members and even the boy or girl will experience really happy when they meet their loves one.

A matrimony of work forces and adult females is besides another factor which constitutes felicity which is under the classs of fundamental law of felicity through loves one. Marriage is a really trueness, traditionally and respectful event which will be organized when a twosome is in love to each other and promised to take attention of each other. Of class, the household members will be really happy because their lovely boies or girls had eventually found their life spouse. All their relations, friends and household members will be invited on that great twenty-four hours. Everyone will be experiencing happy for this twosome because of their willing in loving each other until it brings to their matrimony. This is where felicity from a individual brings and leads to the others.

Besides, when a twosome is acquiring married, they themselves are the happiest individual of all time than all their friends or even household. This is because their loves one has eventually want to give them a position which is a married woman, or hubby. It is non easy to happen a life spouse, and it is really difficult to acquire married to the 1 you love. Faith brought two people together, but the willing to taking good attention in each other ever depends on the twosome. A long and last relationship will ever necessitate giving. This is why when they eventually acquire married ; a feeling of satisfaction, being attention, being loves and finally will take to happiness. The minute you ‘re happy, people around you can experience the felicity in your life, and they will experience happy for you excessively. ‘A peaceable and beautiful universe ever starts from the felicity of each human being ‘ .

Happiness plays an of import function in our life. Fundamental laws of felicity through friends are the most common ways of felicity around the universe. What is average by friend? A friend which mean another individual which is being close to you, listen to what you say, give you advice when you are in moodiness and a good friend ever brings felicity to you. Besides, a good friend will ever be a good hearer to you. No affair when, and why are you cheerless, a good friend ever listen to your narratives, and advices will be giving from them to quiet you down. Positive thought will ever shown by them to you. From the physiological side, when a individual is really down or sad, if there is a individual which can convert them, quiet them and care about them, it might hearten them up and brings them hopes and all these will leads to the feeling of happy. I believe that everyone in this universe will hold one good friend in their life. Since it is difficult to acquire a true and good friend, if I myself truly found this friend, I believe that the feeling of happy will be happened on me, same to the others. A good friend ever brings felicity and cheerful minute to each other.

Other than the three classs I mentioned supra, there is besides another factor which constitutes felicity that is traveling for a holiday. Peoples who work in a feverish life manner metropolis illustration like Kuala Lumpur, every forenoon we need to acquire up early merely to avoid traffic jams and we ever force our ego to execute the best in our occupation in order to success in our life. Make you truly happy with this sort of life manner? No, it will be a No for me. But, if you know how to pull off your life agenda, it will be different. Travel for a holiday with your loves one and household will finally represent felicity to yourself and your household excessively. They feels that you did non bury them or merely disregard them even you are busy in your working. This will constitutes felicity in every one of them. And for you, taking a holiday can be defined as a diversion minute for yourself, traveling yourself out from the feverish life manner and take deep remainder at some peace state with beautiful positions.

Of class, a felicity of a individual will do another individual to be unhappy or sad. Sometimes, when you are happy, peoples around you even your friends, might go unhappy. Why do I state so? An illustration can be given is like when you know a new friend in college, but you good friend is n’t analyze together with you he or she is in another college, when he or she knows that you know a good friend in your college, he or she might be covetous or even angry, because you started to set him or her aside, and sharing your jobs with this new friend which last clip you merely portion with him or her. This is the significance of fundamental law of felicity of you, but non for another. There is besides another factor which causes this to go on be in a on the job environment. You are a hardworking employee, you got a batch of thoughts in acquiring your occupation done with good thoughts and solutions, and your foreman ever praise you and set a trust on you all the clip, finally people who works together with you will envy or even covetous on you. You are happy because your foreman congratulationss you, but this intelligence brings the feeling of green-eyed monster and enviousness to the others.

Happiness can be brought easy to you and besides to others, but it may besides represent the feeling of dejecting or sad to the others at the same clip. Remember, do non state something which is sarcastic or rude during a conversation to forestall aching the others. Be friendly to all the people around you and brings felicity to each other. For me, this is one of the intents of God created feelings to human. Be good to each other, and constitutes felicity and brings a fantastic universe.

I, LEE KAR FAI hereby confirm that this assignment is my ain work and non copied or plagiarized from any beginnings. I have referenced the beginnings from which information is obtained by me for this assignment.

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