Yes, they are talented. But they are talented on the court, field, pitch, pool but they arena running our country or fighting for this country’s freedom. How about saving peoples lives? Or even education? These athletes get all that money but they don’t know how to spend it. We have so many other people who should get paid that make a huge difference in this world. The NAB has the highest paid athletes. The average salary for the NAB Is $5. 2 million. Kobo Bryant, LA Lasers, has a salary of $27. Lion and he has a contract with Mike that puts his endorsements around $19 million. Lebanon James, Mall Heat, Is currently the second highest paid athlete Is the US with $39 million In endorsements. “Three out of four surveyed think public servants should be paid more than athletes” (Droller, Online). While these athletes are playing sports for their state, there are Soldiers In Afghanistan and Iraq fighting for our country! ” Professional sports athletes receive millions of dollars for playing.

I don’t see why our professional firefighters. Police forces and even fighting military, who protect our lives, earn peanuts by comparison” (Adulators, Online). These people who risk their lives every day for us don’t get paid even a quarter of that. You need an education to succeed in life. “If they truly valued education more than professional sports, teachers would be paid more than athletes” (Anderson,online). Teachers provide education to us because we need to learn to succeed. We don’t need sports.

Teachers are underpaid considering what their role is in children s lives. The salary of professional athletes is clearly overpriced. Just imagine if they didn’t get paid that much, what we could do for this world. We could improve and make this world a better place to live in. Build more housing, help the homeless, and give water to the kids in Africa, diagnose cancer, send medical supplies in small countries where diseases are rapidly spreading. Just think about it. Something needs to be done with these salaries.


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