How is
Telemedicine impacting patients and providers? As a fast-growing field in the
healthcare sector, telemedicine shows a lot of promise in solving various difficulties
that health professionals and patients are facing today. Supplying a range of advantages
for both patients and medical providers, it offers:

Pros of Telemedicine

the latest telemedicine initiatives can help your practice achieve numerous

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More Convenient and Accessible Patient Care

to a recent Cisco global survey, 74% of patients prefer easy access to
healthcare services over in-person interactions with providers.

Healthcare Cost Savings

analysis and monitoring services and electronic data storage significantly
reduce healthcare costs, saving money for you, your patients, and insurance

Extended Specialist and Referring Physician

telehealth, patients in rural or remote areas benefit from quicker and more
convenient access to specialists. These patients go through longer appointment travels
and have trouble accessing lifesaving consultations for specific illnesses or
chronic care plans.

Increased Patient Engagement

patients are committed to improve their healthcare goals, it aims to lower
costs and better healthcare service.

Better Patient Care Quality

offers ways to improve patient-centered approaches. This is critical to patient
care quality. Patients can address healthcare issues quickly with real-time care
consultations and learn about treatment alternatives quickly. A new study shows
that telemedicine patients score lower for depression, anxiety, and stress, and
have 38% fewer hospital admissions. 


Cons of Telemedicine

telemedicine shows no limit to its growth over the upcoming decades or so and
has clear benefits, it still poses some technical and practical difficulties in
the health sector.

Technical Training and Equipment

IT staff responsibilities and purchasing equipment cost demanding. Training is
crucial to building an effective telemedicine system. Physicians, specialists and
other medical staff require training on the new systems to ensure a solid ROI.
On top of that, your staffing requirements may decrease.

Reduced Care Continuity

up with patients’ records and visits will be difficult due to patients using
telemedicine services from a variety of medical specialist. This makes it hard
for specialists to provide health services as maintaining patients’ details is
the primary core for any health institution.

Fewer In-Person Consultations

in touch and regular patient visits to the clinic is a common activity in
health institutions. This is a recent development in the industry and it will
take time to adjust. Although telemedicine is a good alternative and the way to

Tricky Policies and Reimbursement Rules

Laws and
policies always tend to take lots of time to be implemented. Such as the
healthcare laws and rules may lag and take time to come into place. Hence this
delays technological advancements in the health sector as technology
continuously evolves very fast as compared to the implementation of the
relevant policies.


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