Sustainability has been on the lips of everyone involved in the building industry for the last 10 old ages. However, the issue of Sustainability arouse foremost in a Report named ‘Our Common Future ‘ . This so prompted the demand for the conference in Brazil ( 1992 ) . Discussed in this conference were the nucleus rules of sustainability being ; ‘Development that meets the demands of the present without compromising the ability of future coevals to run into their ain demands ‘ Greene, D. ( 1997 )

Both ‘Sustainability ‘ and the ‘Recession ‘ are both footings in which have a scope of significances and attitudes. As the issue of Sustainability is being used more and more in the building industry is recent old ages it is imperative to seek and trap point precisely what sustainable commercial building is. It is besides paramount to find merely precisely what the ‘recession ‘ is and demo merely how they have affected each other.

In recent old ages, we have had two old recessions, one being in the 1980 ‘s and the 2nd one being in the early 1990 ‘s. This is the 3rd ‘recession ‘ that the state has been in, in every bit many decennaries. In June 2008, the state officially entered the 3rd recession, of which we are still in today,

Sustainability has become more of a job in recent old ages due to the major issue of the recession. Sustainability needs to be addressed and identified and it is of import that it is done within one of the largest industries, if non the biggest, being the building industry. In my research I will hopefully seek to clear up the footings, sustainable commercial building and the recession and demo how each one has affected the other.

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Sustainable Commercial Construction ; Recession ;


One of the chief precedences for the building industry and any building company are to bring forth Sustainable Commercial Buildings. As everyone knows, the state has been hit by a recession with the building industry being hit the hardest. It is of import to specify precisely what Sustainable Construction in commercial edifices is and precisely what the recession is and see merely how the recession has affected Sustainable Commercial Construction

1.2 Aim

In this thesis I aim to look into precisely what the recession is, precisely what sustainable development is and I aim to demo the audience merely how each one has affected each other

1.3 Undertaking Aims

To specify the recession

To specify sustainable building

To find merely how the recession and sustainable building have been affected by each other.

What barriers or influences encourage or deter companies to construct Sustainable Commercial Buildings.

1.4 Proposed Structure

1.4.1 Background

First of all the research will specify both the recession and will besides specify sustainable building and travel on to look at how they have been affected by one another. The research should so travel on and look at what barriers or influences encourage or deter companies to construct Sustainable Buildings.

1.4.2 Collection of Consequences

The aggregation of consequences will be accomplished utilizing professionals who are presently working in and around the building industry. Consequences will be collected with information sing their positions on whether Sustainable Construction has been affected by the Recession and other information sing Sustainable Construction.

1.4.3 Analysis

The consequences collected from my interviews will so be analysed so that an result can be gained to reply the probe aims pointed out earlier. They will besides be analysed to demo a comparing with past research associating Sustainable Construction and the Recession.

1.4.4 Concluding Analysis

The concluding analysis is the last portion of the research, like a decision it will measure the informations to look into and do certain that all facets of the probe have been covered. The probe will so be checked to do certain it can non be improved and revisited.

Sustainable Commercial Construction and the Recession

Scope of the Chapter

This subdivision of the thesis will find the definition of Sustainable Commercial Construction and will besides seek and find merely precisely what a recession is.

2.2 The Recession

In June 2008 the United Kingdom officially entered the recession that we are still in today. The chief country that has been affected in this state and many other states is building, which has been hit massively. Companies and concerns right across the board are being affected from large names such as Balfour Beatty, the Kier Group down to little independent companies. Any kind of work is few and far between presents with every company accepting any kind of work no affair how little or large it is. I feel that this subject as it will demo you past the commercial side of the recession. Everybody knows that the state is in the recession, but non that many people know precisely what a recession is and what damage it can do to the economic system and the state. It has a monolithic knock on affect right the manner down the board and I believe that if we are traveling to acquire out of the recession rapidly and expeditiously people need to cognize how to accommodate and work with it.

The recession is non really good understood for one simple factor: There is non a universally agreed upon definition. There is a standard newspaper definition of a recession ‘is a diminution in the gross domestic merchandise ( GDP ) for two or more back-to-back quarters ‘ . There are 4 quarters to the twelvemonth and each one lasts for about 12 hebdomads. This definition is non popular with most economic experts for two chief grounds. First, this definition does non take into history alterations in other variables such as unemployment rate or consumer assurance. Second, by utilizing quarterly informations this definition makes it hard to nail when a recession starts to when it ends. The 2nd definition is from the Business Cycle Dating Committee ( BCDC ) . The commission provides a better manner to happen out whether or non there has been a definition as they determine the sum of concern activity in the economic system by looking at, employment, industrial production, existent income and whole-sail retail sites.

The past 20 old ages has been a turning realization that the current theoretical account of development is unsustainable and fundamentally, we are populating beyond our agencies. Before anyone knew anything about this current recession, one portion of building that was on the rise was sustainable development. It is rumoured that one of the cardinal factors in which the recession was brought on is that companies were being excessively selfish in that they were believing about the short term instead than the long term. Some unsustainable concern patterns were concerned about profiteering and non focused plenty on equilibrating net income with societal and environmental marks.

With the current economic crises being the manner it is, companies are seldom willing to pass money on anything but necessities to their concern. The recognition crunch has virtually halted all new development and with falling land monetary values, affordability has become more of import than of all time, thereby foregrounding development costs and the increased disbursal of following with sustainable criterions. Ultimately important issues related to sustainable development such as health care, instruction, low-cost entree to nutrient, H2O, energy and responsible harvest home of natural resources are being affected as the crisis deepens. The increasing emphasis we put on resources and environmental systems such as H2O, land and air can non travel on everlastingly.

The demand for Sustainable Commercial Development is excessively great to be ignored. Even in this recession and the province that the economic system is in it is perfectly overriding that we as a state, continent and as a human race continue to develop sustainably. Alternatively of concerns believing of their short term hereafter, they now need to be believing about their long term hereafter. Alternatively of staggering in the hard currency straight off, we need to keep out and wait for the return from sustainable edifices and development all unit of ammunition. The Oklahoman people and companies realize this, so the Oklahoman the building industry will hold left the recession and will be be aftering for the hereafter and sustainable development wo n’t be a thing upon which concerns sigh about making, it will go the first thing they think of.

3.0 Sustainable Buildings

Sustainability in edifice was wholly unknown up until around the late 1970 ‘s. The thought merely came approximately in answer to the energy crisis and people concerned about the environment. There are non many people in this state or the universe in fact who will non hold heard the word ‘sustainability ‘ but the huge bulk of them will non understand what it means. Harmonizing to Holmberg and Sandbrook ( 1992 ) at that place now appears to be 70 definitions in circulation. However, out of these 70 or so definitions that are go arounding there is no definite, set definition of sustainable edifice but harmonizing to Kirby et Al ( 1995 ) the definition which is normally deemed as the most accurate or the official 1 is the Brundtland definition ( WCED 1987 ) “ development that meets the demands of the present without consisting the ability of future coevalss to run into their ain demands ” .

Although, Brundtland did do this definition, it is an adaptation of a old definition made by Lester Brown. Lester Brown nevertheless defined a sustainable society, instead than sustainable development. He defined a sustainable society as “ one that is able to fulfill its demands without decreasing the opportunity of future coevalss ” . ( Charles J Kilbert 2008 ) It is easy to see the comparings between the two definitions made foremost by Lester Brown and secondly, the Brundtland definition.

Although the Brundtland definition is the most common and widely used, it does n’t specify sustainable building, merely sustainable development. Harmonizing to Dickie and Howard ( 2000 ) they describe sustainable building as “ the part of building to sustainable development ” . This definition from Dickie an Howard ( 2000 ) is really simple, but explains a batch, anyone would be able to understand it.

O’Riorden ( 1985 ) commented on the trouble of depicting sustainability, depicting its definition as “ Exploration into a tangled conceptual jungle where alert eyes lurk at every crook ” . This description of how difficult and elusive it is to depict right what sustainability merely shows you how obscure and confounding specifying sustainability can go.

“ sustainability is like plumbing or air conditioning – it ‘s a general attitude you apply to a edifice. It does n’t make its ain architecture but it informs the manner architecture is produced ”

Slavid, Ruth ( 1998 ) uses this definition and it ‘s obvious that there are non merely different definitions but besides different significances to the definitions.

Harmonizing to Addis, B and Talbot, R ( 2001 ) “ Sustainable development is about accomplishing economic and societal aims while understating inauspicious environmental impacts ”

This definition comes from the e-journal ; ‘Sustainable building procurance: a usher to presenting environmentally responsible undertakings ‘ by Addis, B and Talbot, R ( 2001 ) . As you can see all the definitions on this page and the old page all define sustainable building, development or sustainability on the whole, and they are all reasonably much nil like each other.

Although there have been many definitions of sustainability for illustration that from the World Congress of Architects ( 1993 )

“ Sustainability means run intoing our demands today without compromising the ability of future coevalss to run into their ain demands ”

Even though all the definitions above are different you can see a definite tendency between them. I believe they are all slackly based on that from the Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development: Our Common Future. This study is normally known as ‘The Brundtland Report ‘ .

Some people may believe that holding no definition for sustainable development could be an issue because how are people meant to implement and present sustainable development and in this instance sustainable building if an official definition has non been agreed.

3.1 Case Study

To assist what is understand what is involved in Sustainable Commercial Construction, a instance survey will be used.

Whitecross High School, Hereford, England

Owner: Herefordshire County Council

Address: Three Elms Road, Herford, Herefordshire

Architect: Haverstock Associates

Building Services Adviser: Couch Perry & A ; Wilkes

Contractor: Stepnell LTD

Figure 1 Image of Whitecross High School, Hereford, England

Whitecross High School in Hereford was chiefly designed where energy / sustainability was high precedence for the client. The gross internal floor country of the school is 9160m2 and was built for about 900 pupils. The brief for the undertaking contained rigorous sustainability demands, and this became the key driver for the design procedure.

Sustainable characteristics of Whitecross High School:

High mass and thermic insularity degrees with low air permeableness rates

Excellent air quality and summertime temperature control

Heat recovery airing 90 % efficient

Very Low one-year energy ingestion

Sustainable solutions provided within PFI cost model

Natural stuffs used throughout building

Hazardous stuffs excluded from the edifice specification

Following the instance survey, we can see at the Whitecross High School that non merely is at that place sustainable energy solutions in this sustainable edifice but there have been solutions designed in the edifices. For illustration the first-class air quality and summertime temperature control system means that other expensive and undependable systems would non be needed, salvaging clip and money on the sustainable edifice.

You can state by the figure of definitions and the deficiency of understanding of an official definition about the topic of sustainability and sustainable building is confounding and complex. The chief dissension is evident around how to implement sustainable building what systems really make a sustainable edifice, sustainable.

4.0 Research Approach

4.1 Scope of the Chapter

This chapter of my thesis will sketch the research methods used to finish my thesis. It will compare the two different types of research and will besides demo why I have chosen my specific method.

4.2 Qualitative and Quantitative Research

When researching for any type of information there are different methods that can be used. There are two chief strands of informations aggregation methodological analysiss and schemes which are clearly different. ( Bryman 2004 )

Quantitative research involves the usage of structured inquiries where the reply are predetermined, this research is done over a big figure of respondents and is statistically valid while qualitative research is about roll uping and analyzing informations construing what people say or do for case a questionnaire.

The very nature of the thesis, the different types of information needed in order to accomplish the aims and the resources that are really available like clip deductions for case affects what types of research methods will be used.

To derive a wider position about sustainable development and about the current recession period, it is ever a good thought to make some research within the populace, utilizing both primary and secondary research. There are many different types of research that you could make, some of which are quantitative and qualitative attacks. Normally research methods and manners are non reciprocally sole although merely one, or a little figure of attacks, will usually be adopted due to resource restraints on the work. The different attacks focus on aggregation and analysis of informations instead than scrutiny of theory and literature. Quantitative attacks usually seek to garner factual informations, analyzing relationships between facts and how such facts and relationships agreement with theories and the findings and of research carried out antecedently.

Qualitative attacks seek to derive and understand people ‘s perceptual experiences, both as persons and as groups. This research looks at people ‘s beliefs, apprehensions, sentiments and positions etc are investigated. The information is elaborate and rich in content because the informations gathered may be unstructed, but will be in their natural signifier. If you do utilize this method of research you would hold to be willing to be extremely arduous, affecting transcripting interviews etc. The research workers are likely to be closely involved in all phases of the work in a more active manner than normally is acceptable in quantitative surveies.

Features of Qualitative research

Features of Quantitative research

Difference in regard to:

Quantitative Research



The purpose is a complete, elaborate description.

The purpose is to sort characteristics, number them, and concept statistical theoretical accounts in an effort to explicate what is observed.

Underpining doctrine

Rationalism: ‘That human existences achieve cognition because of their capacity to ground ‘ ( Bernard, 1994 )

Empiricism ; ‘ the lone cognition that human existences get is from centripetal experiences ‘

( Bernard, 1994 )

Research worker may merely cognize approximately in progress what he/she is looking for

Researcher knows clearly in progress what he/she is looking for.

Approach to inquiry

Structured/ rigid/ predetermined methodological analysis

Unstructured/ flexible/ unfastened methodological analysis

Recommended during earlier stages of research undertakings

Recommended during latter stages of research undertakings

Main Purpose of probe

To quantify extent or fluctuation in phenomenon, state of affairs, issues etc.

To depict fluctuation in a phenomenon, state of affairs, issue etc.

The design emerges as the survey unfolds

All facets of the survey are carefully designed before informations is collected

Measurement of variables

Emphasis on some signifier of either measuring or categorization of variable.

Emphasis on description of variables

Researcher is the informations assemblage instrument

Researcher uses tools, such as questionnaires or equipment to roll up numerical informations

Sample Size

Emphasis on greater sample size

Fewer instances

Data is in the signifier of words, images or objects

Data is in the signifier of Numberss and statistics.

Focus of enquiry

Narrows focal point in footings of extent of enquiry, but assembles required information from a greater figure of respondents

Screens multiple issues but assembles required information from fewer respondents

Subjective – persons ‘ reading of events is of import, e.g. , uses participant observation, in-depth interviews etc.

Objective – seeks precise measuring & A ; analysis of mark constructs, e.g. , uses studies, questionnaires etc

Dominant research value

Dependability and objectiveness

( value-free )

Authenticity but does non claim to be value- free

Qualitative information is more ‘rich ‘ , clip consuming, and less able to be generalized.A

Quantitative information is more efficient, able to prove hypotheses, but may lose contextual item.

Dominant research subject

Explains prevalence, incidence, extent, nature of issues, sentiments and attitude ; discovers regularities and formulates theories

Explores experiences, significances, perceptual experiences and feelings

Researcher tends to go subjectively immersed in the capable affair.

Researcher tends to stay objectively separated from the capable affair.

Analysis of informations

Subjects variables to frequency distributions, cross-tabulations or other statistical processs

Subjects responses, narrations or observation informations to designation of subjects and describes these

Communication of findings

Organisation more analytical in nature, pulling mentions and decisions, and proving magnitude and strength of relationship

Organisational more descriptive and narrative in nature

Figure 2 Table adapted from and Kumar ( 2005 )

The characteristics of qualitative and quantitative research methods along with the differences in the two methods can be seen in Figure which has been adapted from and Kumar ( 2005 )

The tabular array shows the two different research methods that can be used and their advantages and disadvantages. It shoes the characteristics of both Qualitative Research and Quantitative Research.

4.3 Research Design

There are several different ways that the research for this undertaking could be undertaken and when looking at the most suited method. There are three major factors that are the most important amongst the others that need to be taken into history. They are ;




These three factors that have been identified are all issues that could impact the consistence, therefore the dependability of the information for my thesis

4.4 Approachs to day of the month aggregation

4.4.1 Interviews

Interviews have been described by Kumar ( 2005 ) as being individual to individual interaction with specific intents. There are two chief types of interviews and these can be seen in figure below taken from Kumar ( 2005, page. 123 )

Interview Manners



Flexible interview construction

Rigid interview construction

Flexible interview contents

Rigidy interview, stiff interview contents

Flexible interview inquiries

Questions and their diction

Figure 3 Diagram demoing the two possible interview techniques

The advantages and disadvantages of interviews have been identified in the tabular array below.

Advantages of Interview

Disadvantages of Interview


More appropriate for complex state of affairss

Can be expensive and clip consuming

Interviewing has a wider application

Interviewee could be bias

Questions can be explained

Quality of information may deteriorate

Good for in deepness information

Quality of interviewee may be hapless

Face to confront interaction

Quality of informations could differ on interaction

Figure 4 Advantages and disadvantages of the interview

4.5 Research Proposal

Because of my thesis, and what it is affecting, it was non executable for me to bring forth any quantitative informations as the bulk of the general populace will hold really limited or no information whatsoever about my chosen topic. Therefore my research method was a set of ego designed research inquiries used to garner honest and first manus information, about the effects the recession is holding on commercial sustainable building. The intent of this interview based attack was to abstract through inquiries the information needed to reply the research inquiry. Tesch, ( 1990 ) defines qualitative research as “ Intensive survey of one person or a group as an entitiy, through observation, self-reports and any other agencies ” . In this instance the person was interviewed entirely, yet was besides grouped together in order to separate any inter related experiences.

4.6 Sampling

It is clear that to acquire the best information possible, a broad scope of professionals demands to be used. I hence opted to utilize professionals from different backgrounds to interview. The professions in which I used are ;

Building Surveyor

Life Cycle Director

Commercial Sector Director

Senior Design Manager

The ground for choice of the professionals is that hopefully I can derive an penetration into the different positions on the set of ego designed inquiries that have been prepared for them.

I was careful in taking the professionals in which I did. I wanted to derive the best information possible to obtain the best consequences for my thesis. I decided on taking professionals who are good established in their different Fieldss and have a broad vocabulary of cognition, and in some instances, have plentifulness of experience.

4.7 Interview Design

I decided in order to derive the best and most accurate information it would be best to hold a construction interview. Therefore I would take a set of pre determined inquiries into the interview and asked to the professionals. The advantages of such a structured interview would be that each and every one of the professionals would be asked the same inquiries so a better analysis could be gained as their responses are all to the same inquiries

4.8 Drumhead

The above chapter covers the whole procedure of roll uping informations and the agencies for it to be compiled.

5.0 Data Collection Activities

5.1 Scope of the Chapter

This chapter in manus expressions at the activities that took topographic point in order for me to successfully roll up the information. The informations aggregation activity covers what was completed to roll up the ensuing information and the procedures that have taken topographic point. The undermentioned chapter should demo the consequences collected, which be analysed harmonizing to the aims.

5.2 Data Collection

The lone beginning of informations aggregation was conducted utilizing constructions interviews. The interviews were entering on different yearss, but in the same hebdomad as I deemed it of import as it would give me the most accurate information. The professionals all gave a good sample of replies to the inquiries given to them. The interviewees were of a high professional degree and of high criterion.

5.3 Interview Results

I considered it was of import to right choose the sum of the existent inquiries I would be inquiring. This was for the simple ground that it would give me the best and most accurate replies about sustainable commercial edifices, the recession and whether or non they have had an consequence on each other.

Independant Variables

I deemed it necessary to happen out the age of the interviewees, the old ages of experience they have in the necessary feild and more significantly what their profession was.

Age of the interviewee

Figure 5 shows the age of the participants

Sum of experience in current profession

Figure 6 shows the sum of experience each interviewee has

What profession the participants are in

Figure 7 shows the profession of the interviewees

6.0 Data analysis

6.1 Scope of the chapter

In this chapter I will critically analyze the consequences that were compiled from the interviews that were undertaken. The consequences will measure the impact that the interviews have had upon the research completed, and will compare or contrast findings. The manner in which I will be analyzing the interviews is by looking at each inquiry, explicating each of the consequences and from at that place, I will be analyzing them.

Question 01 Analysis

Make you use in-house staff instead than specialist advisers?


You can see from the transcripts that the interviewees have answered the inquiry, with different sentiments. Interviewee 1 and Interviewee 3 both say that they use both in-house and specializer advisers. Interviewee 3 so goes on to state that the chief ground they are utilizing in-house staff instead than specialist advisers is that they are “ much much cheaper ” .

Interviewee 2 and Interviewee figure 5 both have the same kind of reply. They both said that they try to utilize specialist advisers instead than in-house staff in their companies. Interviewee figure 2 explained it was because “ contractors are seeing the demand for specialist advice that can assist them distinguish in a competitory market ; to hold an border and do certain they win the stamp. ”

Interviewee figure 4 nevertheless, said that in his company they try to use the in-house staff every bit much as possible but because the company in which he is employed by is “ reasonably little company compared to the Balfour Beatty ‘s, Carillion ‘s and other such companies. “ .


From this inquiry, I have a assorted bag of replies to whether companies use in-house staff or specializer advisers. Because of the varied replies, I believe that some companies are making better in the recession than other companies and still can afford the specializer advisers.

I besides believe from the replies that some people believe it is more of import to derive the specializer cognition than it is to utilize in house staff as they believe utilizing in-house staff hinders your opportunities of winning a contract when tendering for it so holding the best cognition possible is cardinal.

Questions 02: Analysis

Has the sum of contractors being tendered to changed since the recessional period started?


I can see from the transcripts there is a popular reply to this inquiry. Interviewee Numberss 3, 4 and 5 all agree that there has been some alteration in the sum of contractors being tendered excessively.

Interviewee 1 the Senior Design Manager is entirely when stating that there has been no alteration. He explains because Balfour Beatty is a “ large large company ” they have “ a local supply concatenation in every major country ” . He explains that at Balfour Beatty they use contractors that they have had old relationships with because “ you get better quality out of them ” .

Interviewee figure 2 is besides entirely with his reply. He states “ Tender lists are long, but I am non excessively certain at the minute if this is better or worse than before. ” . At the minute, he is diffident as to whether holding long stamp lists is better or worse than earlier. He so goes on to province a chief job with long stamp lists is that “ contractors do n’t desire to pass money on sustainability advice if they merely have a low win chance. ”


There is a common reply among the professionals about the sum of contractors being tendered excessively. The two Building Surveyors and the Life Cycle Director all believed that there has been some alteration since the recession started.

This tells me that the edifice surveyors decidedly believe that there has been a important alteration in the sum of contractors being tendered excessively.

The Senior Design Manager ( Interviewee 1 ) , whom I believe is the professional with the most experience, is wholly alone with his reply. This in my sentiment is because he works at one of the largest building companies in Europe. Although the recession would still hold had an consequence on Balfour Beatty, I believe they would non about be as affected by is as some of the smaller companies in the industry.

The Commercial Sector Director ( Interviewee 2 ) does n’t truly give a unequivocal reply to the inquiry ; he merely states that the stamp lists are long.

Question 03:

What fiscal agreements have been put in topographic point depending on sustainability?


When inquiring this inquiry you can see from the transcripts that there was a really popular happening of and around the term ‘BREEAM Excellent ‘

Interviewee Numberss 1, 2, 3 and 4 all mentioned the word BREEAM. Interviewee 1 said “ I think if affected by the recession but it ‘s really likely a really positive clip for us ” he besides went on to state “ if you look at commercial undertakings whoever is constructing a commercial undertaking has got to believe about their renter and renters frequently look for ; is it a sustainable edifice? So it is really a selling tool that we are utilizing now you know to give us an advantage against our oppositions so sustainability instead than holding to take a back place is really at the head of a batch of the things we are making ”

Interviewee figure 5 did non advert anything about BREEAM but mentioned that he did n’t believe fiscal agreements have changed since the recession and besides said “ our company and I know for certain a batch of other companies have tried to construct every bit sustainably as they can with the money they do hold. ”


There is evidently a really popular tendency amongst the professionals with BREEAM marks. Four out of the five interviewees mentioned something about BREEAM, whether it had been BREEAM excellent or the BREEAM makings, it was mentioned.

By repeatedly acquiring the same kind of reply to my inquiries, it is really clear that hitting the necessary BREEAM mark is overriding within all of the companies the interviewees worked for.

Interviewee 1 says that at Balfour Beatty they use sustainability as a ‘Marketing tool ‘ and besides says that recession has had an consequence on the building industry but “ it ‘s really likely a really positive clip for us ” . I believe that since the recession hit the building industry at that place has been a demand for sustainable commercial building even more than earlier, so I think the recession could possibly be a good clip for sustainable building?

Interviewee 5 did non advert anything about BREEAM excellence or makings or anything about BREEAM for that affair. He did nevertheless state that his company and others are seeking to construct every bit sustainably as they can with the money they have. This besides backs Interviewee figure 1 ‘s statement that the recession is holding a positive consequence on sustainable commercial building.

Question 04

Has the C decrease committednesss become an issue when covering with energy and C decrease?


Between all of the five interviewees there is a really common tendency amongst them. The Building Surveyors, Life Cycle Director, Senior Design Manager and the Commercial Sector Director all reference C decrease tonss. Interviewee 1 negotiations about “ hitting C calculates ” . He so goes on to state “ you ‘ve got to better the energy efficiency twelvemonth on twelvemonth ” .

The Commercial Sector Director ( Interviewee 2 ) said “ C decrease committednesss have merely a little fiscal impact on proprietors and residents ” . He continues so to state “ the reputational hazard of holding a bad CRC mark is seen as unacceptable in a recessional clime ”

Interviewee 3 provinces I believe that it has had an consequence on companies who own older edifices as a batch of the older edifice have bad C decrease committedness scores therefore it looks reasonably bad on them if their edifices are non executing really good. ”


You can see from the interview transcripts that the C decrease committednesss are evidently really really of import. Interviewee 1 negotiations about “ hitting C calculates ” . Every company large or little demands to do certain they hit the marks that have been set. Interviewee 1 besides says that you have “ got to better the energy efficiency twelvemonth on twelvemonth ” . Since the recession started, it has made everything that has got to make with the building industry tighter and on a smaller budget so everything has got to be improved.

Interviewee figure 2 said “ C decrease committednesss have merely a little fiscal impact on proprietors and residents ” . I think

7.0 Decisions

7.1 Scope of the Chapter

This chapter looks at the research and will measure if the purposes and aims that were set out in the first chapter have been achieved. The decision will besides look into the findings and measure the restrictions and future patterned advances into the topic

7.2 Decision

This portion will measure whether or non the purposes and aims that were set out in the first chapter have been achieved

7.3 Undertaking Aim

To demo the audience precisely what a sustainable edifice is, what the recession is and to look into whether Sustainable Commercial Construction has been affected by the current Recessional period

7.4 Undertaking Aims

To specify the recession

To specify sustainable building

To find merely how the recession and sustainable building have been affected by each other.

What barriers or influences encourage or deter companies to construct Sustainable Commercial Buildings.

This chapter will hopefully pull some decisions from the information analysis and will seek to run into the research aims and objectives shown above.

Objective 1

To specify the recession

Within all the research a set definition for a recession has non been found for a figure of grounds. The definition of a recession is wide and complex because of all the different factors than can do a recession. You can inquire any Tom, Dick or Harry what a recession is and the high per centum of them will give you the reply to the amendss it can do. They will all answer ‘loss of occupations ‘ , ‘plant closings ‘ and ‘tough clip for households ‘ . All these replies entail what a recession can do, but non precisely what a recession is.

Through the research procedure it is understood that there is a ‘standard newspaper definition ‘ and a definition from the Business Cycle Dating Committee ( BCDC ) . The two definitions are non the same, and it is improbable that an agreed upon definition will be formulated.

Possibly the definitions should be non merely what a recession is, but besides possibly what a recession poses to economic system and the danger that lurks from being in a recession. If all this is put together into a definition so possibly a wider figure of people will understand it and hopefully gain precisely what a recession is.

Objective 2

To specify sustainable building

Within all the research a set definition for sustainable building has besides non been found. This can be because there is much confusion associated with sustainable edifices. Research and information from the interviews shows that the most normally used definition of a sustainable edifice is that from the Brundtland Report which defines a sustainable edifice as ;

‘Sustainable development is development that meets the demands of the present without compromising the ability of future coevalss to run into their ain demands. ‘

Although it is the definition that has been widely accepted, it can non be viewed as industry accepted or a universally agreed upon definition.

Every hebdomad, you will see something mentioned in the media about sustainability or sustainable edifices / building but it is still comparatively vague. To acquire an industry accepted or universally agreed upon definition, a disciplined group or organisation will necessitate to make more research and so they will be able to come up with a definition.

Objective 3

To find merely how the recession and sustainable building have been affected by each other.

One of the purposes of the research was to find merely how the recession and sustainable building have been affected by each other.

7.5 Project Aim Conclusion

The purpose of the undertaking was to look into whether sustainable commercial building has been affected by the current recessional period. To some extents the purpose has been met. I set out to besides seek and bespeak to the audience precisely what a sustainable edifice was, and precisely what the recession is along with look intoing whether they have had an consequence on each other.

In decision, it can be said the recession has had an consequence on the building industry on a whole. It is evident through analyzing the interviews that the recession has besides had an consequence on sustainable commercial building. However, to my surprise it has been a positive consequence, with the recession beef uping the demand for sustainable commercial edifices. Companies are looking to the hereafter, seeking to bet on what would do them top Canis familiariss and differentiate from rivals when everything picks up once more and the reply is sustainable building, particularly in the commercial sector. I may be deemed huffy by stating this, but I believe from my research and aggregation of informations, the recession is really beef uping the demand for sustainable commercial building and it has given it a boot up the rear.

7.6 Restrictions

This portion will look at any restrictions that could hold affected or influenced the consequences of my findings. It will look carefully at the aims and overall survey and see whether this could hold been improved

7.7 Sample

There could be an statement that the sample of professionals interviewed could be deemed as excessively little. To better this survey, a larger figure of interviewees could hold been used.

7.8 Research Methodology

As my thesis topic hindered my pick in research, there was nil in which I could hold done to alter the method of research.

7.9 Recommendations

In hindsight, a greater figure of interviewees would be used, and possibly vary the professional field they are presently in. This would beef up the research collected as a wider position from different professionals in the industry would be gained.


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